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World of warships matchmaking rigged have kept

World of Tanks rigged games - Wargaming and their Warnings :-)) Off topic

Here is the undisputed visual evidence that matchmaking always puts the bad players on your team. If you have bad teams every single game, it might be you. I'm a not native English speaker, so, sorry for any mistakes or maybe the autocorrector trolled me XD. LordManaz, on 04 June - That enemy team was really really bad.

MM is not rigged. You can tell at the start of the game sometimes. Also it has happened every time i've hit a certain number.

When I got to I never have the same massive win streaks.. In these streaks statistically it would be better to be AFK. The algorithm is your ability Sure it may be unpredictable at times..

The teams you get do depend on the "luck of the draw. That is, if you want to consistently win, and you don't play in a division, you must be good enough to carry. I haven't had time to division in over a year. Let's check that win rate: You need to play a total of 5 battles to post in this section.

Posted February 20, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sometime you should just play 1 or 2 game to evaluate the team and leave if it's bad.

thx wg pigs 4 rigged game!!! mm and rng

By your own account, you play them selfishly, by ignoring caps and trying for torpedo strikes. Your lower win rate reflects that. I have less average damage than you on Yugumo but more frags and half of those coming from artillery. The simplest explanation for your poor win rate is your poor performance, not rigging.

Your claim is no different than all those morons on Reddit crying how bad teams are pushing down their stats. Also please note that my XP is above average and XP is the way the game tells how good you are. Your ranked Kagero was playing against very bad players.

Low rank, towards the end of the season. Lastly, you only played 42 games, making the stats somehow unreliable. Neither is capping, which is actually a multiplier of XP. MM is conspiring against me despite official WG statements to the opposite My claim: Ranked players in low tiers at the end of the season are bad because the good ones are already gone to the higher ranks.

Yet you claim that they are worse players than the big average?

World of warships matchmaking rigged

Bottom of the ranked is below average. The other thing that seems to work against the rigging is just the math of it. There are people waiting in queue, and there is Gevlon and a few others, who are due for a knockdown due to superior performance.

So now the matchmaker has to not just try to match people up according to MMR, but also execute a complicated algorithm based on recent victories, and try to surround a few good players with a bunch of bad players. This topic Forums Help Files. Undeniable proof that matchmaking is rigged. Please log in to reply. After watching this, there can be no further arguments. I can just see the flame train coming your way.

World of Warships random matchmaker is rigged to make you pay. Donít!

There's an official matchmaking thread you can post this on. LordManaz 4 Posted 04 June - Maybe the worst noob in NA.

DanAnsomeHansome 5 Posted 04 June - Hang back and conserve hp to win. The only problem with this is when you throw platoons in the mix, esp the tier 6 unicum platoons I saw yesterday.

It may be time for toons to go away. Subtlepro 6 Posted 04 June -


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