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Online Dating Scams - A Must Watch!

A well-meaning church congregation in Nebraska was duped out of money after receiving an email from their pastor requesting iTunes Gift Cards for a parishioner with cancer. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, wrote in the email. Bauwens never wrote the email asking for the iTunes Gift Cards. It was a scammer. Thousands of people have been scammed out of their hard-earned money thanks to iTunes Gift Card Scams.

Mike Mozart via Flickr. Of course, the vast majority of scams play on such worries. And there is a way even the relatively tech-savvy could be fooled into purchasing gift cards. Let's take a look at exactly how each of them works and who can use them. Contactless payments have become more popular, but are they secure? What threats surround this new financial fad? More importantly, should you sign up? It immediately seems an odd case of fraud after all, criminals are just left with loads of codes.

Criminals have other uses Who Are The Scammers? Where is the money going? Look beyond the "Nigerian advance fee fraud" - you'd be surprised where the money really leads. Read More for those digits. They can simply sell the codes on for a fraction of their retail price. Naturally, however much cash a con artist can get is pure profit.

How much are you worth? This is considered the underbelly of the internet, a place where criminal activity is a day-to-day thing. The positive thing, for scammers at least, is that they can convert these codes into untraceable currencies very easily Bitcoin being the most prevalent.

Knowing about this scam is half the battle. So spread that knowledge! Blake Patterson via Flickr. The company might be able to cancel the card before funds are drained. Criminals have streamlined the process so you need to be quick. Be aware of this scam and let your peers know about it. It might be worth asking managerial employees to put a sign up about it in the staff room. That way, if a customer is purchasing a suspect amount of cards, you can feel confident about finding out more.

You could save someone from being a victim. Here's how to confirm that you haven't, without giving away your details to cybercriminals. Read More , check out this helpful article:. Your email address will not be published. I got texted today from a "30 year old girl" studying nursing, and she says she needs a dollar itunes gift card or her internet will be shut off and she won't be able to text message hahaha. The number is a texas area code. Don't fall for it! My story is similar to many.

I met a guy on Words with Friends. He texted me for 26 days! No request for anything before that. Just chat and all lovey dovey. Also overseas - in an Ohio-class nuclear sub, good one! I didn't get him the cards, but I was surprised at the scammer's stamina. Who puts in 26 days of work for a scam? He also called me several times after I declined, trying to "save the deal" I suppose. I've had a scam email through at work today which initially had me hooked but I pretty quickly realised it was fake.

I'm a Buyer for a company and my boss is on holiday vacation for my non-British friends. My boss is dyslexic and his emails can often be poorly written with bad spelling, punctuation etc.

Anyway, today I had an email saying it was from him and saying he wanted to treat all of our staff to I-tunes gift vouchers a bit unusual but pretty plausible.

The email was poorly written so I didn't think anything was particularly off. I started looking at how to do it, even rang Apple Customer Support for advice on how best to do it which was a pretty useless exercise no surprise there!

I emailed 'my boss' back saying I was having difficulty and wouldn't Amazon vouchers be better as not everybody has Apple devices. I then had a reply saying I was to go to the nearest Tesco store and buy physical gift cards then email them to him! So I sat there and thought, he's gone off his rocker! So I called my boss who, not surprisingly didn't have a Scooby what I was talking about lol. So for the last hour or so I've been having an email conversation with my fake boss ha ha.

I told him I have the gift cards and now he wants me to scratch off the pin panel, photograph them and send him the photos. I keep saying wouldn't it be easier if you just hang on until you return from holiday tomorrow, but he's insistent I send them. I've now told him that I have to go back to Tesco and buy a disposable camera because my Great Dane sat on my phone and cracked the screen.

I've got a nice picture lined up to send him when the right moment comes ha ha. Joking aside, this actually isn't funny. You've got to be constantly on your guard as the scammers get more and more imaginative.

But after talking for a couple of weeks, he keeps asking me to buy him itune cards. Of course red flags went up. I talked to someone via this hangouts app via google.

I met him on social media on meetme. He went by Pete Myers, but literally someone could scam you via any name male or female. Anyways, he wanted me to do him a "favour" spelled that way. I asked what it was he wanted and eventually he said that he wanted to buy music via a card.

I thought it was random. I declined before he asked because something about him seemed fishy and he had all these delayed responses. He even tried calling me before at like midnight I told him that he sounded like he was from Nigeria which is a common place a lot of scammers are from. He tried buttering me up, but I saw through his act and quickly said I had to go. Erin, there is a site called twoo. They have a lot of those scammers.

I met dozens and all were scammed asking me for Itune card. When i saw too many asked me for Itunes Card, I start google it. I was lucky to find that site. So many lf them out there. I was approached by a woman on Facebook from Sweden who said she was a soldier in Afghanistan.

Has an online love interest asked you for money?

She said I was on her recommended friend's list. We exchanged emails several times then switching to Google Plus to chat. Her Facebook profile looked legit. She said she was a nurse at the joint armed forces base. I probably chatted with her for about two weeks until she asked me to send her an iTunes gift card. I searched her name on Instagram and it came up as someone in Nigeria.

As soon as she mentioned an iTunes card I knew it was a scam! I confronted her about it and she denied everything I told her She tried to contact me a couple more times but I just ignored any messages after that. This happened to a man i know.

In my country you are conned into buying cellphone airtime and then he phones you to give him the pin, all the while claiming to have a breakdown on his machinery and totally desparate for help.

SCAMMER WANTS ITUNES GIFT CARDS? [fake cmd] (Tech Support Scams - EP. 11)

My friend only lost R,00 when i twigged. My mother fell for this but we were quick to telephone Apple and have the cards marked as fraud! However, a week later when we phoned to check on the return of monies we were told by our representative that a new employee at Apple had somehow "unlocked" the cards and the money was now gone! She said there was nothing she could do about it and the employee would be reprimanded. There is this guy named Russell Nickles last name May be spelled wrong has been trying to get me to buy ITunes cards in the chance to get a large sum of money from the United Nations and the Bill and Melinda gates foundation.

Says they are for activation to get this money. He told me not to tell anyone. I think he even cloned one of my friends so he could talk me into buying these cards.

I haven't given him anything.

About Gift Card Scams

I am reporting him to messenger. I thought maybe it was my kids but they never had my debit card connected to their accounts.

So what do I do? Like I've done many times before I Google the phone number for iTunes customer service to call them and straighten out the situation. Long story short, I called the number and was told that my bank account was used to make fraudulent purchases with Apple.

They said they had to transfer me to a specialist in their fraud department to start the reimbursement process. Since I made the call to them I wasn't skeptical at all. I mean, why would anyone feel like their being scammed when you've actually initiate the contact? They literally had me go to the store to purchase cards so they could "safely" credit my account without any additional compromises to my bank card. They said this was the only way to give me the cash back.

Well, the joke was on me! To this day I have no idea how those scumbags accessed my debit card to make two purchases and somehow knew that I would Google a fraudulent iTunes customer service number and fall into their trap. Anyway, two pieces of advice I just read your story and my jaw hit the floor. This just happened to me today. I'm so pissed that I could be so dumb falling for that.

If this posts I want people to see the number that appeared on google when I searched for iTunes cusyomer service. Mary, you have my sympathy. It happened to me, too, and I am still kicking myself for falling for it. It's kind of like we were hypnotized, isn't it? What happened to me was that I got a phone call from someone claiming to be from Apple saying that I had a virus on my computer.

Because the phone number on my phone was the same as Apple's help phone, I thought it was real. But like the IRS, Apple never calls you if there is a problem.

They'll send you a letter, I believe. The scammers were "ghosting" the phone number. They even ghosted the URL of Apple's website. I stupidly let them have access to my computer to "check for viruses".

They claimed I had a serious virus and wanted me to buy iTunes cards to download software to fix it. They then talked me into buying a couple of those damn cards. Fortunately, the hypnosis wore off.

Itunes gift card scams online dating

I changed my user names and passwords for my online accounts and had my computer virus checked. I have a freeze on my credit records, which also helps. I put all my sensitive data like tax records onto an external drive and from now on will only have it on my computer if I'm working on it.

If it's important, they'll leave a message. Dating site got me too. Before, scammers would ask people to send money via Western Union or other wire transfer providers. Ohlhausen said last year. And to top it off, scammers found a way to target people receiving the settlements by posing as representatives of Western Union.

He was a victim of an iTunes Gift Cards scam and sent money he thought was intended for his niece. Until they find a way to fix the iTunes Gift Card scam, people just need to use common sense when dealing with people online and never take someone at their word. Always confirm with the company before sending money and no love interest is going to ask for money to come visit you. The iTunes Gift Card scam is one of the most common ways people are conned out of their cash.

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