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You dating phone scams can paraphrased?

NEW SCAM + 5 Common Phone Scams to Watch Out For

Scammers are lurking on dating sites looking for their next victim, warns forensic investigator Dr David Klatzow. Klatzow has cautioned women using dating sites not to fall prey to a fraud scam which has come to the attention of the Hawks. Klatzow says the predators often target well-off, single and lonely women who are looking for companionship. He says the scammers usually claim to be in South Africa doing contractual work for a prominent organisation. Once their 'contract' ends, the fraudsters supposedly return to the United States and enter a long-distance relationship with the victim. The fraudster then proposes that he permanently relocate to South Africa to live with the victim.

They might even promise to refund the money when they meet you. Should you provide them with the requested money, they may either disappear or request that you send them more money. If you don't give them money, their messages will often become more desperate and persistent in an effort to convince you to give them money.

In recent scams we have seen scam artists go as far as proposing to victims over the internet and then asking them to send money to assist with setting up a home that they will live in once they are married. A lot of fraud stems indirectly from identity theft. And many victims only realise their identities have been misused when they apply for credit. Protect yourself with these tips. Phishing, smishing and vishing are all attempts to defraud you through email, mobile, and telephoning scams respectively.

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Dating phone scams

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Older singles lose millions in online dating scams

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