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Excited christian single moms dating thought differently

Finding LOVE when you're a SINGLE MOM!!! - My Story

S hould a Christian single mom date? What does the Bible say about marrying a single mother? And what general dating advice is there for a Christian single mom who would like to be married one day? There is so much to say to Christian single mothers. So please know this article is not mean to be an exhaustive study on this topic and the advice offered here will not apply to all. Also, if you want to know more about out of wedlock pregnancy, click here to read an article on that specific topic.

If you have no responsibility in life, it means you have no impact and influence in life. If we want to live a life of significance, we will have many responsibilities in life. Dating and social activities are good and should be pursued whenever they do not hurt the health of your children. When mom is living a healthy life, this benefits the kids.

You will need the support of loved ones to help watch your child so you can pursue social activities and dating. I wish I could give you a concrete answer on what is too much social time and not enough mom time, but each situation is unique. The age of your child, the support system you and your child have, and the importance of certain social events and dating opportunities must be factored into each decision. You must walk with God, prioritize your child, while also not forsaking your God given desires.

Because you love your child, it is obviously painful to see him or her without a dad. God created us to be raised by a father and a mother.

Christian Single Moms and Dating Tips

Both mom and dad play a different role in our lives growing up. So obviously a single mom wants to do what she can to remedy this problem. One mistake that often comes out of good place is when a single mom thinks she can be both mom and dad to her child.

She will need to discipline, for example, when it would be more ideal for a dad to do this at times.

3 Christian Single Mom Dating Tips That Will Transform Your Love Life

This is a must! But you can also cross the line here and start trying to act like a dad when in reality God has made you to be a mom.

When a single mom tries to be both mom and dad she ends up being neither.

In an effort to fill in the gap for the absent father she ends up creating another void when she stops fulfilling the role of the mother. I know that is deeply painful to hear, but I say it because it is essential. You child needs a mom and a dad. But when mom starts acting like a dad, then the kids are missing out on having a full-time mom too. They need your comfort, your love, your encouragement in summary, your child needs your godly femininity.

If you forsake your femininity for masculinity, all you are really accomplishing is giving your child a diminished dose of both. You cannot fulfill the role of dad because God made you a mom. No matter how hard you try, you are feminine at heart and you will never have a true godly masculine identity. So as hard as it will be, you have to accept the void that the absence of dad will leave.

This is not meant to be a parenting article, but the better solution is to try to offset the absence of dad with other positive male role models and father figures. Sports, church, and family members will not be able to replace dad.

Christian single moms dating

Your child will need to be healed later in life of the wounds the absence of dad has caused. But these other men can really help along the way and lesson the damage. So why am I saying all this in a dating article for single moms?

Likewise when dating, show your date who is aware of your kids , that they do not rule your entire universe even if they do. He wants to feel appreciated too, not second fiddle while on a date. Trust him to know your priorities.

He is already willing to go out with you. I am 30 with a 3 year old daughter. I know I need to take time to heal and work through these emotions, but I am also struggling with the fact that if I wait too long my daughter may never have siblings and so on.

If my daughter needs siblings God will provide them. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Then ask yourself some difficult questions: Are there Biblical grounds for not entering a dating relationship? Do I still need some mending from a broken heart? Will my next relationship be a rebound relationship? Find Your Target Huh?

How do dating single moms do this? If your soul-mate does arrive on the scene then he or she will understand, and in fact desire, that your relationship with your children be the priority during your dating relationship. A quality person with honorable intentions and a strong moral fiber would want to preserve the sanctity of your relationship with your children and not compromise any stability in your home for their own needs or desires.

That soul-mate will work with you to provide a safe environment for everyone and will want to join you in your efforts to raise your children in the best possible way!

Christian Single Moms and Dating (Advice for Single Moms and Guys Considering Dating a Single Mom)

My decision was to take these years to parent and to develop myself. I decided to invest in myself before I take the time to invest in someone else.

I am doing that by putting the needs of my children first and by pursuing a graduate degree, publishing The Sea Glass Hunter, Living a Productive Life as a Christian Single Parent, enjoying my position as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization and learning to golf. I want to know that when my children leave to go to college in a few short years that I taught them everything I could, I was the best role model I could have been and have no regrets about the choices that I made.

By making the decision not to date while raising my children I also know that I will have taken the time to become the best person I can be and that will make a difference in any relationships that come down the road! Make your choice intentionally, prayerfully and deliberately and put yourself and your children first! Krisi lives in Southern California with her two children and their pound Newfoundland, Sheba. Krisi is a full-time student, executive director for a non-profit corporation; and a chauffeur, tutor, chef, coach and confidante to her children.

She is working on her next book, "God's Parenting Plan for the Single Parent" and she collects sea glass as often as she can!


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