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In many Arab countries, engaging in same-sex relationships can lead to one's imprisonment. In more severe cases, the death penalty is brought forth. In the case of bisexuals, the sentiments are worse. Bisexuals are often viewed as " promiscuous " and are expected to resort to the status quo when engaging in relationships, despite their sexual and romantic desires. In light of this, we spoke to a few Arab woman to understand their views on the matter and asked them to share their thoughts on dating bisexual men. The answers were split between two extremes

She went on to explain that she supports an individual's "freedom of choice" but firmly believes that " the traditional nuclear family, which consists of a married couple and their biological child or children, is the ideal people should seek.

Straight people don't exist so why do half of bisexual men fear coming out?

Anal exams of those who are suspected of homosexuality should be made illegal and their physical integrity should be protected," Sarra said. When asked whether she would date a bisexual man, Ozeir explained that she would be open to it, as she believes it is incredibly healthy and essential for people to explore their sexuality.

She added that a majority of people are in constant denial upon encountering a bisexual man. If a man identifies as bisexual, it is assumed that they are gay and just in denial about it," Ozeir said. A year-old Palestinian woman told StepFeed she wouldn't mind dating a bisexual man as she would not be thinking about his sexual orientation at that moment in time. I doubt that [his bisexuality] would be something I would be thinking about it at the moment.

Would You Date a Guy Who's Been with Guys?

If I have feelings for someone - regardless of details like their sexuality - I don't really give those details a second thought," she said. The year-old Lebanese national told StepFeed that despite the fact that she accepts bisexual individuals, she, personally, cannot imagine herself engaging in a relationship with a bisexual man. I accept and respect all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, however my trust issues will not allow me to date a bisexual man.

It's hard enough I'm already jealous of other women, I can't handle other men too! We talked to Arab women on whether they would date bisexual men The answers were split between two extremes By Leyal Khalife Executive Editor.

Sabah Khodir, Egyptian, She explained that it's more about her insecurities as a woman. Zena Ozeir, Lebanese-American, The concept of masculinity in the Arab world is to blame. The concept, of men's sexuality being a spectrum, is nothing new. M any mens' first reaction to this is denial and a need to reassert their straightness.

We talked to Arab women on whether they would date bisexual men

Understanding that there are different types of men that need support in different areas is what is important. These findings blur the lines around what is straight, bi or gay.

Some men want to get naked with each other but draw the line at touching. In one particular case my mentioning it was the last time I heard from the person. S ome may wonder that if bisexuality is so common, why are we only just now talking about it?

Where has it been? For example, when I walk down the street holding my girlfriend's hand, people presume me to be straight. In contrast, four years ago when I walked down the street with my boyfriend, people perceived me to be gay.

Woman dating bisexual man

We don't understand bisexuality because even though we see it every day, it looks gay or straight. As a result, when bisexuals do find a partner and settle down, they become labelled with the sexuality of that partnership.

From the outside, people perceive them to be gay or straight. Their bisexuality looks like a phase.

U nfortunately, that means younger bisexuals coming to understand their sexuality have few role models to observe. As a bisexual man, I think the path to understanding your bisexuality is perhaps the most confusing one of all.

For gay men, puberty is the time they start to realise they aren't straight.

As the other boys start to notice and discuss the girls they like, young gay men start to question why they don't feel the same. I didn't have any of that. I found girls attractive and I wanted to get to know them better. It wasn't until I reached 20 that I realised on reflection there were males in school that I had been attracted too a feeling that I'd wrongly interpreted as admiration and aspiration at the time. The boys I'd thought were cool were actually the boys I'd wanted to kiss.

I could go home with a man and no-one would be any the wiser. I had the courage and the space to explore, to reach the conclusion that I was attracted to both men and women.

M any are not so fortunate. In the culture we live, men are not encouraged to explore their sexuality.


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