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Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man A Match Between Opposite People

Philosopher and statesman meet here for a world tour. Together they make up a Philosopher King. These two may seem to come together for any number of reasons but underneath it is the desire to form and share an intelligent viable world view. This is bound to be a two-career couple. Just do it respectfully.

On the other hand, the Sagittarius woman sometimes wishes she could settle down and spread her roots, despite her free nature.

If the pair appreciates these differences, they can learn a lot from one another to create a balanced pair. The Sagittarius woman will almost always make the first move in this relationship. Then she will make it her mission to help him overcome his shyness. Talk to a love and relationship psychic on Keen for more insights!

Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

One of the biggest things that Sagittarius women and Capricorn men have in common is that they are both extremely goal oriented. He is focused on his ambitions, while she seeks something just beyond her reach.

If their goals align, the couple can work together to achieve their individual goals whether that is as friends, co-workers, or romantic partners. Success primarily depends on how willing the Sagittarius woman is settle down. While this may sound like an impossibility, most Sagittarius women will eventually settle down when they are ready.

After all, as a mutable sign, she can be quite adaptable and flexible when she wants to be. If the Capricorn man wishes to keep the relationship going, he must show her that he is worth sacrificing her freedom for.

Any relationship between the mutable Sagittarius and rigid Capricorn will undoubtedly have issues to face in the long run. The beginning of the relationship is easy the Sagittarian woman wants to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor and the Capricorn man loves a damsel in distress.

But what a Capricorn really wants is a stable relationship. Giving, caring, eccentric, kind, compassionate and hella crazy but I love that about her. After 3months is woah. Though Im pragmatic enough to know that thats not some instant ever after it makes me strongly consider fatherhood. The catch is, she has old feelings for ex partners that constantly get in the way ay - constantly.

And they keep in touch with and torture her life. This is hard on a Cap man I mean I'll admit Im a jealous vindictive man when I wanna be I just know that will push her further away from me. She feels the need to placate everyone involved and is easily taken advantage of in this respect, when Im the one trying to offer her something solid, with integrity.

In a strange turn of events though I got tired of the games so I called her out and tried to shut her out of my life. Even said some really really hurtful shattering things to her which Im not proud of at all. It had the exact opposite effect??? She came running back almost?? Checking up on me everyday and running into my arms when we finally met up. I am confused - even after we talked seriously about matters she still looked longingly into my eyes like longingly - "that" look.

Now that things have cooled off considerably like we haven't been intimate for awhile but I can still feel its quite charged between us when were in the same proximity. I love this girl - she's amazing in every sense and she's told me that she loves me too but I don't know how sustainable it really is. Thankfully there's evidence on this page that it can work. Its still not easy though but hey. It makes life interesting right? I'm a Sag and just met a Capricorn guy at a company football game and He told my sis I was cute asked for my number from my sis aka his coworker and we text from time to time he's busy with school and work I don't mind tho, I find him attractive but at this time I wanna just be his friend.

Plus he told me He's not trying to find anything serious Maybe my story will end up like all these stories since they're so similar hahaha who knows, but anyway I've been around Capricorns before and I'm good friends with them.

The guys seem to chase after me though not so much the other way around. I don't find them boring and they're pretty social not very open tho and laid back too they are workaholics though haha not that that's a bad thing I find my self being like that too. But I have nothing bad to say about them. As a sag I know we can seem a bit much, with our optimism and outspokenness, but we can help bring the cap out of his shell and show him how to have a great time and they can help us be more aware of reality and responsibilities.

I think this sense of opposites attract is great for a relationship because we can learn so much from eachother. Im a sag woman who fell in love with a stubborn closed off cap. We new each other for many many years. I felt electricity shock my entire body.

I made an appointment to abort.. I asked him to spend the night cause I lived closer than he did to the place and he said no but that he would be at my place early. I called him over and over again to make sure he was on his way..

I got in my car went to church and talked to my priest for hours I went to starbucks, got a caffeine free coffee he still doesn't know it was decaf and met up with him.. I tried so hard to express to him how much he had hurt me and my fears but he never would talk to me about it I was induced cause they found I had preeclampsia. I couldnt believe my ears. I smiled bigger than ever just cause he showed that he actually had the ability to maybe just maybe care about my feelings..

I brought him his favorite oysters I wish he would actually take the time to get to know me and not just assume he has me pinned.. I have not a clue what to do.. I know the kind of guy he can be and wants to be but so many times he sells himself short and its hard not to get upset with him..

I guess I just need to continue with my great life cause I am happy. I don't need to be with him but im still not over him enough to move on. I'm a sagitarius female and I had a crush on a Capricorn male. Wouldn't look at me twice. He talked to me but that was only in our courses and as aquiatances. He realised I liked him because I was friends with his girlfriend and she read my texts to my other friend.

She's a leo, no offence to anyone Leo though. The only thing that happened was that he dumped her for doing that. Now its one year later. Me and him play guitar together and we get closer every day. He asked for my phone number: And for christmas he gave me this beautiful rose quartz which I beleive is the crystal of love?

What does that mean? I'm starting to like him again, but this time it's love.

But it's so hard to get close to him. He never shows his feelings, but he's always making me laugh. I don't know if he likes me back. I always get this urge to kiss him and start making out but I can control myself. I really like him and I want to make him fall in love with me. I also heard the sex was amazing. I need help to make him fall head over heels in love with me.

I'm acting childish now, but I really want him. More than anyone else. Anyways he just recently got a relationship with a friend of mines 7 months. What should I do?

Are Sagittarius & Capricorn Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

Stay being friends with him or try and become more then friends. Im a sag woman, and my cap and I have liked each other since first grade! I know that sounds a little crazy considering most people say " little kids don't know anything about love" but its true! We are both in high school now juniors and since 8th grade we have been on and off.

I told myself that I did not need him but I thought that maybe he had realized he was wrong for what he did. I still had strong feelings for him so being the sucker that I am I flirted with him back, and we had a fling going, but he was starting to change. I didn't want to be another girl, so I stopped talking to him. Months would go by and we would talk, flirt, and all that. Stupid me, I gave him another chance right before I find out he already has a girlfriend.

I wanted to see if he would be truthful so I asked him if he was sure he didn't like anyone one else at the moment or have a girlfriend. Yet I always had this feeling that he really did care for me and just didn't know what to do or how to truly tell me how he felt!

I always felt that he was always holding something back from me, never completely telling me how he felt! Awe, I am sag. And I agree with a lot of the people posting, sags are very free spirted. But I think I can learn a lot from this boy. I'm excited to see where it goes. I'm currently crushing hard on this Sag chick. Ive never seen a chick thsi sexy that wasnt in a movie or something. We havent found time to go out on our first date yet but I think this could be fun lol.

I met a cap guy over the internet we had our first date and the connection was instant. He was a man for sure he made feel so comfortable and relaxed as if I had no worries, extremly touchy feely but I did not mind with him for is so sexy and touched all the right spots. I liked him so much so I wanted to take things slow but he was very aggressive. We had our first conflict and after that he has been very distant, he is revengeful and holds on to things.

He is a workaholic which I don't mind, which allows me my space but I feel such a connection with him even when we are apart. He told me after our thrid date I was his girlfriend and he wants only me but I feel so neglected, everyone says be patient but I cant wait any longer what is his problem I'm a sag girl.

Just got out of a relationship with a Cap. We instantly hit it off and for about 8 months it was great. However, overtime it declined. I'm free spirited and open about my feelings where he was to reserved with his. It drove me crazy because I just wanted affirmation that we were either on the same page, or if he wasn't falling for me too then for him to stop wasting my time.

Sags tend to have insecurity issues and I was having a meltdown. We broke up, I needed him to be open with me and he just simply refused. To quiet and nonresponsive for me. I was with a cap for almost 4 years. We were married, had a son together all within a year and a half. The most tumultuous relationship I've been in, in my life!

The reason I believe we lasted for as long as we did was because of our son, the blind love I had for him, and I had changed the person I was to be the person he saw fit for himself. Though we had our great times, the negative definitely outweighed the positive. He was very controlling, obsessive, and ridiculously jealous.

Cut off all my friends, monitored all my moves because he was with the constant belief that I was cheating when it was actually him who was busy with his whores. Breaking free from that relationship was the best thing that could've ever happened to me. It was such a take, take, take situation, it left me drained. I love cap men! I don't know what it is about them. But ive dated a Sagittarius male and I think I love cap men more. I don't know , thats juss me.

We were passionately and madly in love. We stayed together for four years and eventually ended our relationship as we were too preoccupied with each other and not taking care of business in other areas of our lives. We were 25 and 26 years old. Sag girl seeing a cap male on and off for a year and a half. Started out hot and heavy right away, instant connection aand chemistry. We have stopped seeing each other about 4 or 5 times, sometimes not speaking for a month.

Then either of us will start it up again. He is a true cap, needs his alone time, just like a coconut hard on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside , shuts down and doesn't speak to me when he's mad, afraid to commit, says he loves me after he's been drinking but never sober, jealous, romantic as can be, great lover but doesn't need sex as often as most guys, devoted to family and his inner small circle of friends, hard worker, worrier, dreamer, sensitive, slow to open up, slow to trust.

I have learned I have to keep my Sag sharp tongue in check. I can snap, saying things I don't mean, but will shut him down for a week or more. My patience has been tested beyond its borders, but I keep coming back.

I forgive and forget too easily be ut love him more than anything. I hope he is not wasting my time, I hope we end up together, making each other happy. Never paid much attention to astrology before but am intrigued and surprised how it has opened my eyes to my personality , good and bad. I'm a Sag dating a Cap man for a month. I liked him from the beginning but was a little pit off by his texting me everyday and wanting to do everything with me. I love being social and doing things together however I need days that are just mine.

Anyway fast forward to now we are both crazy about each other, he tells me he has been looking for me his whole life, he wants to help me with my money spending problems: I have never had such amazing sex and the thing I keep reading over and over is that the Sag let's the man don all the work. That blew me away , it's so true! I'm working on it thou and he makes me want to please him just by being so giving and loving.

This is the second weekend in a row that he has completely cut off communication with me. The 1st time he wa s hurt because he wanted to me to stay all night with him. We made love twice , it was. Amazing and I was all prepared to spend the night with him. Brought all my things that night to stay. After we finished making love he held me for a little bit and then rolled over to go to sleep saying he had to get up early.

I wasn't sleepy, couldn't just lie there , to complicate matters he has a 17 year old son that lives with him so I was uncomfortable getting up to watch tv or anything else. I told him it just didn't feel right and I needed to go home. He became cold and indifferent. He has sent me a text everyday since our first date telling me good morning and hoe beautiful and special I am.

No text the next am though. I sent him a text later in the day and then I called him. He told me that he was upset that I said it didn't feel right. To him that meant I didn't feel right being with him. I explained that I love being with him and it was a poor choice of words.

I was just not tired and not comfortable with his son being there. He said he would call me later and we would see each other. He didn't call me at all. The next day I sent him a text saying I missed him. Finally he gavei had the opportunity to see him in person and we worked things out.

The following week was amazing our relationship seemed liked it was growing stronger than ever. This past Friday he bought me a doughnut for breakfast made me hot tea and told me to come by his work on the way to work for my am kiss.

Ordinarily he text me all day long telling me he is falling for me can't wait to hole me , etc. I called him late that day to see if he was ok, he said he had a terrible day at work and had to go but would call me back,. He did call but was still in a hurry, we talked briefly and then after work he called me and I missed the call. He didn't leave a message first time that has happened I called him talked for a couple of minutes nothing important but I could tell he wasn't himself, then he had a call come in from lark and said he had to go.

I didn't hear from him again that day or night. No text no calls. Important to say that after making love the night before he ask me about my finances and I was honest with him about my debt and that I want to get stable financially before could live together. The living together was his idea not mine, anyway he said that the money thing scared him because that was why he and his wife divorced she was nit responsible with money. This was on thursday night and then the Friday shut out really stirred up any insecurities I might have.

So I sent him a text on Friday night before I went to sleep saying that I felt disposable. No text from him the next am y esterday he called around 10 am asking me what that was supposed to mean. I was so emotional and tired didn't sleep the whole night so I said I needed to wait and talk to him about it later that day. Well shut out happened again he said he would call me and we could talk in person, he didn't.

Finally thus am he called Sunday and is working today but ask if I want to go eat tonite and talk. I said yes but I am just about ready to call it quits. I think I am in love with him but I can't do the mood swing thing. I was married to a man that would be fine one minute and mad the next and it would be days before bespoke speak to me and even tell me what he was upset with me about.

Don't want to go through this again. Need advice as to how to get through to this Cap man tonite that I am crazy about him but if he won't talk to me I can't continue being with him.

I was with a Capricorn man and I use that term lightly for 16 years and it was and will be the worst experience in my life. Even after leaving him 11 years ago, I steer clear of Capricorn men.

Sagittarius woman dating capricorn man

He was abusive, controlling, manipulative, money hungry, cut me off from my family, arrogant and I would say to any other Sag. Capricorn men are NOT a good match Cap guy here message to all cap guys stop trying I repeat STOP trying to be with your sag girl it's true they're known for being truthful but they prey on pity so they can also be full of shit.

Althouqh he doesn't like to show his feelinqs , he tries to sct like he don't care , but later on , he admits how he really felt. Its like everytime we kiss , its meant tah be. He is all about his money money this money that l0l , but I love that about cap men. They are qreat providers. He makes me lauqh a lot , but sometimes I think he can be a little mean. I am a sag woman,i have dated 3 cap men in my life time one of 25 yrs ago I will never forget,i am 35 ,he 37,i moved to another state and he claimed I broke his heart,it did'nt stop him from having children with other he had 4 babymama's due to the gift of being a great lover, he the type of man you will never ever forget his touch, and strokes.

I have tried so hard, I met so many people and every time I get more and more disappointed. I feel like only some kind of a miracle can save me. I want to be free, but I don't want to admit my defeat. I am so unhappy because of this. Im a Sagittarius woman , and ive been dating a Capricorn guy for almost two years. We've been through ups and downs and he started talking about me behind my back , and I just felt like he was playing with my emothions. I honestly think he loves me , but he doesn't know how to??

He doesn't express his feelings and its annoying sometime. Now we've broken up for about three weeks now , and he calls almost everyday. He doesn't apologize , he's one of those guys that just give you a little time to yourself and just call you out of nowhere like nothing happened.

I feel like I cant talk tah him about anything like I use to , but our love is strong though. I guess he can t let me go because he did say I was his first love. But we still love each other and talk every now and then , but I don't get him somoetimes. I started losing a little interest in him , because all we talk about on the phone is his lame ass mixtape. But me and him have had a lot of good times. Thats one of the best things about our relationship.

He's very funny to me , even when he doesn't try tah be funny , and he does the cutest things , like he'grab my cheeks. I truely think that if a Sagittarius female and a Capricorn man have trust in each other , thats one way it could last forever. We also work good together for some reason. I could really see me and him having like a business together or something.

I can officially say that I am a believer in astrology after reading all of your stories. Secondly, he's white and I'm black Our relationship is so intense and the connection we share keeps revealing more and more strength and security.

My Father just passed away recently and I was afraid that he would stray away because of how emotionally unstable I was at the time.

Originally I tried to break up with him in fear that the heart attack over the loss of my Father would consume me and my inability to be in a relationship, but he told me that we were in this together, reminded me of how much he loved me, and that he would be there for the ride to help me through He gives me the perfect amount of affection whether we're in public or in the comfort of just us two.

He loves a lot of hugs and kisses. Thank God Summer is over because he's famous for cuddling. He seems to always want me around his friends, which is a great quality in any man! I feel more comfortable around him than I ever have with any guy. They agree on with a difficult combination but she dating professor's son not to achieve her. I feel kinda cautious about the most mysterious.

Deep down inside, each of us special and capricorn man and capricorn man and elegance. All about your not to. What happens when you love. Hi i'm a visitor forum page.

What to attract a builder, which a. As her emotionally and sexually? A couple of security from her emotionally cool capricorn man likes you match two.


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