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#TI may be dating #BerniceBurgos! MODEL and ex girlfriend of rapper #Drake may be the new woman

At the time, the rapper had just wrapped up his three-day tour stop in Boston, and had a few days off before taking the stage in DC on Wednesday and Thursday. However Harris, an year-old model and the daughter of songwriter and producer Jimmy Jam, has denied the reports in an Instagram post. Just over two weeks earlier also sparked relationship rumors after cozying up together on social media. You snooze, you lose. You know what I mean?

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Drake dating Bella Harris? Model warned to stay away from rapper by trolls

Switch to Mobile Site. Drake is apparently now dating an year-old This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy. You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site.

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Contribute to this story: Please select the reason for reporting this comment. Please select your reason for reporting The two met in Australia and the Stranger Things actress will soon see him in Atlanta. You can check out the full interview below. Brown even said in her interview that "just the other day", they texted each other saying they miss one another. With an age gap of 17 years, this sounds so normal. The Internet definitely had a lot of thoughts on this matter.

Some of the reactions have been hilarious people sure are creative on Twitter. Check out some of the tweets below. Now that I think about it, didn't Drake used to hang out with Kylie and Kendall when they were underage and it came out that he was smashing one of them?

Get him away from Millie Bobby Brown. Drake resisting himself until Millie Bobby Brown turns 18 pic. Many pointed out other underage girls he had hung out with before and called this friendship "creepy". We definitely did not expect Drake and Millie Bobbie Brown to be such great friends, but we also didn't expect him to be dating an year-old that he supposedly meet when she was So who knows what new discoveries about Drake will emerge next?

What do y'all think? Learn more Like almost every website, cookies are used. That is simply not true.

Drake and Stefflon Don Spark Dating Rumors After Getting Drinks Together

The chances are slim and smaller than other types of inter course but heterosexual men can catch HIV from female partners. A 20 year study was done with couples where one had HIV and some of the men caught it from their female partners.

The chances increase of the man catching it if he had sores, Herpes, or weakened immune system. Are the chances slim? Microsoft Research and Emory study. I found out about it when that Charlie Sheen stuff went down and he said his women all were on Prep.. I'm starting to realize that. I've been watching Youtube and it doesn't take much to turn a man on.

They don't care about race or body type. I get what you're saying, but it all goes back to people needing to have sex with their spouse or one person. Unfortunately, i dont see that happening in thr foreseeable future, so if you living that lifestyle you'll never have peace because you'll always have those questions in your mind or you can do like charlie sheen and others who live by "whatever happens just gon happen.

There's not too many fathers out there who are OK with a 31 year old man dating their 18 year old daughter. He is a professional actor. He is looking for his self esteem in the bed of all these women. No one with decent self esteem would risk their health like that. Don't Gucci Mane's wife have a few kids too. Chile, whatever woman is thinking because she has no kids is going to get chosen before the woman with kids is delusional.

Men like what they like. A lot of men think women with kids will actually treat them better and be better caregivers. Claims they never used protection If Drake's features are favored in this world as you put it, why is that he used to always whine in his songs that chicks weren't even checking for him until he became a famous rapper.

I love Drake's music but don't act like women were chasing after him back when he was on that Degrassi show. Whatever works for him. He seems very messy. This won't make him settle either. He's had every eligible women in the world. Some men need to really date down due to their profound insecurities. Women too, but we're talkin Drake here so don't me. Chiiile don't bleeve dat I know her i seen her work shes gorgeous.

I wish she wouldnt let king fuck boi play in her fresh barely touched cat but hey, gotta learn the hard way. I dont want to call you ignorant, but your ignorance is unacceptable at this age. Thats why mofos out here burning He has a fresh face chick no baby daddies no out of wedlocks no obesity.

Probably Broke the heart of some closeted men too..? He's just nasty to me. A man looses his sex appeal after theyve slang their ding a long all up and through!

What do you mean? I am not trying to be mean or arrogant. I am not a huge fan of his looks, just his music but his complexion is seen as non-threaten in this society.

DL men love to use young, pretty girls as cover-ups. They think they are fooling the chicks cuz of their youthful innocence. I've personally dealt with some of those men in my life. If they ever mention going to ATL in multiple occasions, run away! Yall have been warned. Truth, George Michael talked about how he would sleep with aaaallooottt of women before he came out as gay.

Freddy Mercury did too. Elvis waited for Pricilla to turn 18 to go public.

Rapper drake dating

Tyga waited for Kylie to turn 18 go officially public. Jerry Seinfeld waited until Shoshanna was 18 to go public.

It seems waiting until 18 to go public makes it ok to go with minor girls. I also believe Jay Z said he fell in love with Beyonce when she was 16 but waited until she was 18 to pursue her. To play with but not to bring home to mom and marry and bear children in wedlock. No accountability for his own lack of self control and disdain for monogamy. How do your grown self go snatch a baby fresh outta high school? He need his ass whooped.

Stop trolling the high school play grounds for dates I think you need a gold 'ole MILF or better yet I guess we will see how this "relationship" fairs out for you He needs to end up with a big fake booty stripper who will bum flick N split of his dyck, spend most of money, he cheats on her she cheats on him and leave the chirren alone, set up a scholarship N fyck off.

Didn't say they could and HPV can absolutely end up killing you!

Oh lord so this is what people think.. I mean your not serious are you? Please tell me you aren't that uninformed.. That is reflected in the higher rate of hetro women getting it opposed to hetro men. Women are being deceived by the very ones you speak of. And the ad shows alll walks of life for coverage of it so no one is immune from it but ok live your life sir.. My doctor told me that yes hetro people are at less risk but there is not a zero risk. But thats the commercial.

I researched it and you have to take it everyday basically as if you have HIV.. It say that they are easier for you to pick off than a established woman. So the line for the bed is long.. They aren't begging because yall thowing the money at them for their bodies.. Well i research medical topics as a hobby and like I said I had been marketed to gays and black women.

This may not even be true. However, Drake sits up and dates and praises various sisters. Yet, they aren't good enough to make babies with.

Rihanna & Nicki Minaj React To Drake's Secret Baby - Hollywoodlife

He went out and produced with this non-black porn star nothing against interracial who has been linked to some of everyone. It's just kind of contradictory to me. I still like him, but it's kinda crazy to me too. Look at it like this From a triple board certified physician: Bc they are more likely to take it statistically.

HIV vs gonorhrea or chlymadia which can go undetected snd leave you Infertile. None of them are good but i doubt one is better than the other. How can someone this young even hold his interest?

So they are taking this pill and still having unprotected sex? I just don't get it. I really don't like that commercial because to me it promoting unprotected sex and you can take this pill and you will be okay. Yep its a double edged sword. It is supposed to be used in conjunction with a barrier like condoms but they are being buck wild with it.

And that also open them up to people who are already infected trying to talk to them and have sex. I can see the person saying after they did it, Im HIV positive but its cool because your on Prep so you'll be fine If a person of interest's age ends in teen and yours doesn't you are either too old for that person of interest.

Oh this is serious. She is definitely the one. He couldn't get someone 21 or over? Because nothing says "forever and ever" like the blue heart emoji. I was gone say R Kelly, but maybe that's a bit harsh Anyone else care who Drakes latest bust down is??? Robert lee Bennett OG. No man want an old ass dry miserable woman who think you owe her He has to hold his bust this time around.


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