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OFFICE ROMANCE ADVICE: The Pros & Cons Of Dating A Coworker - Shallon Lester

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I can do whatever I want. Of course I have limits but it has never been an issue. You, dating men like them, can explore, discover, travel, etc. You can be the best version of yourself because you are free. They want you to grow, to be happy. They will be your number one supporter, even your number one fan.

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But being the man that he is, and being the woman that I am, it gets exasperating at times. Surprisingly, there are perks too!

And we will eat. I'm also quite gassy. Comes with the eating delicious things territory. I am super communicative and positive about sex and expect the same from people I have sex with, so if there's something you like to do, we'll probably talk about it and do it.

Likewise, you will never need to worry that there's something I secretly want and am not getting; I will tell you. I have sex toy connections and can get you free stuff. I'm a generally communicative person.

If I'm mad at you, I'll tell you why.

If I need your attention or validation, I'll ask for it. If I'm sick of you, I'll ask you to leave me alone for a while. There are no games with me. I am qualified to edit your writing and help you with any writing-related projects you might be working on. I'm stubborn and prefer to get my own way. I'm introverted and shy and probably won't want to spend much time hanging out with your friends.

I have depression and anxiety issues so I need serious emotional support from time to time. I've actually already found a partner though. I'm good at cuddling. I have good money management skills. I rarely get angry. I steal the blankets at night. I don't trust easily. After all she is from Alaska! Would we hypothetically end up at war? But you would be fighting a losing battle.

I will love you more than you have ever been loved. I will never, ever stray. I really love taking care of you.

I make fantastic mac and cheese. I'm really great at head scratches throughout the day.

I enjoy just sitting in bed on my laptop watching while you play videogames. I will bring up past times when you have hurt me without meaning to. I will need to talk through many things. I get jealous easily. Although I trust you, I do have a hard time trusting other women around you. I don't like spontaneous plans.

I need to be able to get ready and like how I look before I go anywhere. I will want to sleep with my covers sideways, so we need separate blankies. Oh this is such a big plus. I assure you my cons very often outweigh the pros. I have a giant muppet of a dog that I'd let you cuddle with. I have no family drama. My independance would be a con to some people.

I'm a US sz 16 though in the process of losing. I don't have any family I'm close to. I don't want kids. This could be a plus to some people though. With the exception of the kids and birth control Cons, this is me. Some of the cons are troubling, but I think it would be well worth it. Not everyone can handle my awesomeness. I've been told I'm "smart, funny, and attractive" Love having sex I'm an avid baker and cook I've been described by multiple people as "a cool, crazy chick" Con: I have been told my humor can be "terrifying" if you are on the wrong end of my jokes A co-worker said I "seem like the kind of girl who calls a guy out on the first date" The same person who called me "smart, funny, and attractive" also said I am "not charming" due to being too blunt I've been described by multiple people as "a cool, crazy chick".

I'm not very attractive I have horrible self esteem I sometimes have trust issues I have a bit of a temper I'm socially awkward and sometimes have panic attacks about being in public I'm pretty sure I annoy most people. And I'm pretty adventurous about it I give back massages Cons: I am almost as amazing in the kitchen as I am in the bedroom.

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I am loyal, supportive, and a good listener. I am introverted, and do need some time alone every now and then. You sound very caring and that is super admirable. Loyal, caring, communicative and independent I love cooking for other people.


Financially stable, good job Lots of sex. If I'm with you I pretty much want it all the time. Hard to get to know. I'm really private and can take a while to open up.

I can go through weird mood swings, particularly in winter. I need a lot of alone time. Sometimes a con for some people. I've got my shit together.

5 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Grown-Ass Man That Women Need To Be Aware Of

My employment, financial and housing situations are optimal. My friends are kind and loving and awesome. My family relationships are peaceful and drama-free. I get along with the people I need to get along with. I'm competent at all the skills I need for day-to-day life. I don't think I've been in a situation that I didn't know how to handle in years. I can't resolve every situation myself, of course, but I know where to turn when I can't do it myself.

I am congenitally monogamous my brain is incapable of being sexually or romantically interested in more than one person at once and fiercely loyal.

I don't speak ill of my partner to others at all, ever. Even after they leave me. Because I'm so introverted, I'm not especially demanding on my partner's time. I'm perfectly content with a quiet evening in. I'm even content staying home alone if my partner has to do something that doesn't involve me. But, because I work from home, I'm also quite happy to go out because I get my necessary dose of alone time during my workday.

Because I've been taking care of everything for myself since I was a teenager, I have no problem with taking care of everything myself.

If my partner is having cash flow issues or doesn't know how to fix their computer or is intimidated by comparison-shopping for a new TV, it's fine, I got this. But, at the same time, I'm not particularly attached to taking care of anything myself apart from things that affect my own person , so I'll gladly cede the floor in whatever matters are most important to my partner.

I'm of above-average attractiveness, and clean up to show-offable when I put on full kit. My attractiveness is on an upwards trajectory as I become more skilled at various beauty processes, and I'm aging superficially at a slower rate than my peers. Apparently I'm likeable and have a good sense of humour. Not something I can evaluate for myself objectively, obviously, but friends and colleagues and family members and acquaintances seem to seek out spending time with me and specifically tell me they enjoy my humour.

I'm not particularly skilled at sex. I still have significant room for improvement haven't put in as many hours as you'd expect from someone my age , but if you're looking for a sex goddess I'm not it.

Between my intense introversion and the environment in which I grew up, I have the dual challenge of normal social conventions not coming to me naturally and having a skewed understanding of just what normal social conventions are. I've been making a concerted effort to remedy this and I believe I'm up on the theory, but I still have to make a deliberate effort and not everything is second nature yet. So every once in a while I might blabber on about how my day was and forget to ask you about yours, or lead with one-upping instead of empathy.

I'm terrified of anything with more than 4 legs. If you get involved with me, you're in charge of bug killing. Or they shouldn't be: Adventurous partner in crime Cons: They need to be needed. I'm always there for you when you need me and dedicated, loyal to a fault, work with You will have to share me and my time with my boyfriend and my partner?

It seems like that might be a struggle for some people. I've done loads of super-cool, interesting stuff in my life, so I'm never short of things to talk about. Baking makes me happy, so often I'll go off for an afternoon to whiz up a chocolate cake or something.

I'm generous, so I will also give you lots of said chocolate cake without you needing to ask. I'm an amazing kisser. I'm impulsive and up for shorter than short term decisions. It's a sunny day and you want to try out kayaking? Actually you've decided you'd rather stay in for sex? I'll go with that option, too. Pretty much all of my relationships have been intense short term flings and ONS and I'm 28 , so I really want a long term thing but I'm incredibly fucking nervous and inexperienced about them.

I'm not needy, but I like attention being paid to what I'm doing or talking about. My life is super SUPER busy right now for all sorts of reasons, so I'll try my best to fit in time for you during the week, but I'll probably struggle and you might get annoyed about it. I need physical and verbal affirmation to counter con 1. I hope one day I can find a lady as cool as you though! I'm unjudgmental and open-minded about sex.

Want a finger up your butt? Have a foot fetish? I'm willing for the most part to help you out and am eager to do what I can. I'll be thinking about you. I will pick you up a coffee while I'm waiting for you after class or write you a love letter. I don't like extravagant declarations of love, I just want you to hold my hand. I love staying in and watching Netflix or going out for a walk. I'm extremely playful and upbeat.

I am someone who is good at cheering people up. I will want to go apple picking, have snowball fights, and attend concerts. I love doing things. I give good advice, say the right things when we have important talks, and will make you feel like you're loved. I like to think I have quality taste in everything and will probably convert you to something cool.

Whether it's a tv show, a type of food, beer, or book, I will probably show you something you didn't know you liked before. I always smell wonderful. I'm loyal and would never cheat on you. I don't believe in gender roles or dating rules at all. I will pay half the time we go out, I will ask you out, I will initiate sex.

If you want to be a stay-at-home dad? All good with me. Let's just work out a good system. I'm a bit of a snob. While I don't entitled or snotty, I tend to dislike chain restaurants, boxes of chocolates you buy at CVS and those heart necklaces I see all the time on Kay Jeweler commercials.

I have ex-boyfriend baggage where I've felt rejected and will worry you may leave me for no reason. I will sometimes be needy and ask for a hug. I'm currently dealing with depression, but am being medicated for it. I see a psychologist, too. I'm working it out, but I'm still anxious and somewhat moody. I am messy and a procrastinator. I like a lot of time together. If we aren't together, I want to be texting you.

If I'm angry, I cry. If I'm sad, I cry. If I'm frustrated, I cry. I cry a lot. It might be part of the depression thing, but I deal with things by tearing up. Amazing sex - with me and my girlfriends. I will ignore you more than you like. I am an excellent cook and feed people as a way of demonstrating my love. I'm not financially high-maintenance, so dating me will certainly not break the bank I have fairly man-friendly tastes in music and television. I am well-educated and enjoy interesting conversation.

I am extremely loyal and love helping people - if I care about you I'll go out of my way to do things for you. I like to think I'm pretty funny. As long as you make me feel loved and prioritized, I'm not jealous at all. I am not outdoorsy whatsoever. I have absolutely no interest in sports. I rarely shut up. Once I have my mind set on something I can be stubborn and inflexible. I am not on the birth control pill, so condoms are mandatory. I'm moving soon, so I can't offer anything long term although this could be a pro, depending on the man!

I am over the top. You can have intellectual conversations with me. I'm usually always horny. Last night I got a piece of glass in my foot, a tiny piece, and freaked the fuck out when my SO held my foot still and tried to pull it out with tweezers [and when I say freaked the fuck out, that was an understatement] I am highly emotional.

I love cuddles and managed to find a guy who is only cuddly at night time. I don't play games, I'd rather just flat out communicate I own a vehicle, live on my own in a pretty city, and have financial stability I have a lot of hobbies and interests Big social life! I'm extremely independent - I need lots of space and I'm not good at sharing it often I could probably be more hygenic.. But alas, I am lazy I'm a failure in the natural beauty department.

I'm intelligent and love learning, your parents will be very pleased with my accomplishments and I will be THRILLED to learn anything you can teach me I am kinda a mother hen so a clean house and quality food etc is something you'll get used to. I will go to the gym and participate in sports with you. I can be neurotic and spazzy when under stress or tight deadlines and sometimes will ask to be left alone I worry about a lot of random stupid shit that is generally irrelevant and may eventually piss you off I had an eating disorder in my teens and am still bad with food I attract attention from men constantly because of my job, if you are the jealous type, the relationship is fucked.

I'm level-headed, mature, and full of common sense. I'm clever and well read. I'm good at recommending movies, tv series, books and games to people I know.

I base most of my opinions on fact, not emotion, and can back them up with examples. I'm good in bed.

I have a very strong work ethic and I take my job and obligations very seriously. I'm nowhere near as lazy as I say I am. I almost certainly have ADD, anxiety, and on-and-off depression. Convincing me to leave the house for social events can be a chore, but I usually enjoy myself. Things that are neither pros nor cons but deserve mentioning: I'm trans, and I hate it. I'm a huge, huge nerd. I have a cat.

We might burn out quickly but it'll be the best choice you made, if you decide to make it. I have awesome cats. The taco stand is closed. I procrastinate like a mother fucker. I don't like to deal with or show emotions a whole lot. I hate folding laundry. I forget to text back. I want to learn everything! I want to know how to do everything.

I'm kinda a Jill of all trades. I'm not too shabby with a hammer. I have a two and a half year old daughter.

I have a good job an support my child and myself. I enjoy stuff like the venture bros and starwars and king of the hill. I can grow the shit outta some plants. I'm good in the sack. I can cook an clean. I'm kinda a dirty purv. I will always feel you up. I am truly beautiful, inside and out. I love laughter and banter. I am cool as fuck. After a long time of being single on purpose, I'm recently back on the market. I require intense loyalty and devotion in order to even think about committing.

As your girlfriend, I fully intend for you to wake up every day and decide that you're devoted to me, and that our relationship is important to you. I extend you the same courtesy. This is a con for some men. It's your job to be "chasing" me always. This is not meant to be exhausting, but as a long-term, consistent wooing.

Again, not some people's style. I expect constant communication. I don't drink or do drugs. But it doesn't bother me that you do.

I've had a interesting, action-filled life. I am complex and larger than life, and so is my family. You will have to deal. I've been told I make guys work really hard to get to know me, date me, and keep me. I expect you to always be willing to pay for things. I'm not particularly expensive. I'm a vegan but not shitty about it , I do a lot of yoga, meditate, go to free local concerts and events I am a writer. Some people don't like dating those in the arts. Not a prude, just over it.

I have depression and it truly makes me feel like I'm worthless.

Pros and cons of dating me

I'm fucking hilarious Cons: I can't think of any. I share what's on my mind I'm open and like to try new things when it comes to sex I'm pretty funny, or I think I am. Maybe people are just laughing at me I like to learn and be taught new things on the daily Cons: I'm too nice I tend to like 'me-time' sometimes more often than not; maybe not a con, I don't know.

I will make you lots of things, I'm very crafty. I bake and cook well. You will never be bored. I can be kind of annoying. I have a lot of health issues. Including being quite depressed, which can cause me to be a crap person sometimes. I am endlessly patient, kind, supportive, and thoughtful - I listen well, and I give very good gifts I cook.

A lot If I am dating you, you'll probably be the type to appreciate my wit, which is well-honed and quick. I am among the least jealous people I know, and I have no temper to speak of. If you don't like baseball, you will be missing out on an enormous facet of my charm. We can be silly together. We can hyper analyze things together. Excellent cook and baker Love sex Intelligent Have a lot of lingerie could be a con, cause of the money I spend on it, lol Cons: Follow her random musings and sarcastic rants at hillarybautch.

If you are the one that made me sad I will not let you eat any of them. I have a big girl job. I actually enjoy video games. I love my job. I am in no hurry to meet your parents. Sometimes it will take me more than 20 minutes to get ready to go out. I love to travel. I usually lay like a starfish in my bed.


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