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3 Tips For Being A Successful Corrections Officer

Correctional officers often search inmates for weapons and other illegal items. Correctional officers oversee inmates of jails and prisons, and are responsible for enforcing the rules of their confinement. As a profession, corrections work is one of the most stressful in law enforcement. Officers must remain continually alert during eight- to hour shifts to avoid being attacked or killed by the offenders that they supervise. The intensity of these environments often prompts officers to shut down emotionally, reducing their ability to function effectively within the institution. Correctional officers face constant risk of being assaulted or maimed by inmates turning common objects into unconventional weapons. These materials include broken glass, locks, safety razors and toiletries.

Counting several times during the shift. Armed and unarmed transports. I learned that a lot of the folks that assist with putting out fires throughout the state are offenders.

The most enjoyable part of the job was having a positive influence on some of the offenders. People always think that its the inmates that make a job bad in all honesty you work with some very corrupt people that didnt have respect for themselves or other staff.

Pros and cons of dating a correctional officer

The supervisors on the shift I worked were great. We didn't allow the inmates to dictate how the prison operated while we were there. We were a close knit bunch. I would strongly recommend the department of corrections to any one it is a fast pace work environment that will challenge you they have skill that are transferable.

Can be a great place to work. Great job I was a supervisor for ten years prior to going on the guard force to enhence my retirement. The promotion process is done by examine with the highest score retaining the promotion. DOC was a good place to earn an income and provide for your family. Johnsbury, VT November 16, Dealing with inmates on a constant schedule. Learn better communication skills.

Learn how to deal with inmate behavior and problems.

Short break times and mandatory overtime daily. Includes a lot of pat downs and searches; paperwork and long hours if co workers don't show up; good healthcare and benefits; have to do security checks multiple times a shift.

New prisons are being built each year to accommodate the large number of inmates. Because of this, new job opportunities and positions as a corrections officer are becoming available. Correctional officers in local jails admit 13 million people a year and oversee the , offenders held in jails. Correctional officers in state and federal prison facilities guard the 1.

What's It Like Being A Prison Guard In America?

Initial training is long and requires an extensive amount of time away from family. Newly hired trainees typically receive instruction in a multitude of subjects, including institutional policies, regulations and operating procedures, as well as general custody and security standards. New correctional officers working in federal facilities are required to undergo hours of formal training within the first year of employment. Also, they must complete hours of specialized training at the U.

Federal Bureau of Prisons residential training center at Glynco, Georgia, within 60 days of their appointment to a facility. Experienced officers are expected to attend annual in-service training to keep informed about new developments and changing procedures.

Though every precaution is made to ensure the safety of staff at facilities across the country, being a corrections officer is dangerous. Every year, correctional officers are injured in physical altercations with inmates and subsequently have one of the highest rates of nonfatal on-the-job injuries.

Violent offenders pose a threat to other inmates and corrections officers alike. Those in the corrections field have been known to carry an extremely high statistic rate of suicide, alcoholism and depression because of the nature of their job. The pay is a joke. The schedule is pathetic 6 on 3 off. Terrible management culture there.

The Disadvantages of Being a Correctional Officer

The Human Resource manager is a joke. If you like disrespect from management and inmates by all means apply. Job security long stressful hours. It was good for experience, but pay was extremely low and ultimately why I left. Had very good staff. The training was extensive for what is expected of you. Great place to work. The Pay wasn't great but the benefits were.

It was a relaxing atmosphere to work in. The management team were great and promotions were available with hard work. The turn over rate was high so positions were always available. Correctional Officer in State prison, long hours sometimes double shifts. Sometimes 7 days a week at 9 to 17 hours a day. State of Tennessee- Corrections. Working for the Department of Corrections allowed me to learn the importance of providing a safe and secure environment inside and outside the prison.

Management played an essential part of my daily routine in order to assist them with major reports, memos, and critique current ideas and policies. I enjoyed be able to assist those that were in need and helping them to come up with an effective solution. Assisting Lipscomb University upon their arrival and departure to the institution was very rewarding for me, as well as assisting the teacher's on an as needed bases.

Change is good depend on circumstance. I started a correctional Officer worked as transportation, property, visitation, and security in classrooms. Assist youth in there living area proper hygiene care, and keep secure unit. Transport youth all over Tennessee. Assign property out to youth coming in. I was able to teach Career Management for Success, and taught some academic classes when teacher was out.

Follow lesson plan, grading, filing, and student evaluation IEP.


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