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That necessary, dating someone with the same star sign as you not

People Go On Blind Dates Based On Their Horoscope

Dating and committing to a relationship with someone who has the same zodiac sign can be a match made in heaven or the making for hell on earth. And yes, even though you are individuals, some of your best and worst qualities will be reflected in your partner. How will your love life change over the next 12 months? Scroll below to find out if your same zodiac sign compatibility will result in a relationship made for marriage, or if you should avoid an intimate relationship with the same zodiac sign at all costs. When two fire signs meet, prepare for fireworks in a good and bad way!

Scroll below to find out if your same zodiac sign compatibility will result in a relationship made for marriage, or if you should avoid an intimate relationship with the same zodiac sign at all costs. When two fire signs meet, prepare for fireworks in a good and bad way! Aries partners can be incompatible if they constantly but heads with each other, struggling for power. A Taurus pair can be quite compatible, as both tend to have a homebody nature.

These two Earth signs represent stability when joined. Look out for arguments that will disrupt that stability though, most likely, about money or goals. A fling between two Gemini signs can be a whirlwind of passionate pillow talk and adventure. The long-term compatibility is unlikely. With no stable sign to tie the relationship down, the two are likely to drift apart when one or the other gets bored.

What kind of lover were you in the past? The emotional cup can run over in a Cancer relationship. A pair of Cancers can be compatible only if they each finally learn to appreciate having a sensitive partner. And unfortunately, when these relationships fail, they often end with a tearful blowout. A relationship between two Leos can be incompatible simply because one or the other feels the need to take the lead at all times.

And while this power can be traded back and forth for a bit, true equality is a rare occurance with this explosive combination. Two Virgos can be a match made in heaven. Each of you has high expectations of the other and while this can sometimes lead to strife, it more often leads to the two helping each other become better people.

But my click with them was always terrible. Since I am already very strong in Sagittarius and Libra. So we keep trying to impress each other with our depth of thought and breadth of travel Sagittarius , whilst waiting for the other person to raise a new topic before launching our counter view of it Libra.

It never worked out - we could not maintain an interesting and stable conversation.

Yet with my wife, that issue has never occurred once. We approach life from completely different angles and constantly stimulate each other because of it. I read most of the answers.

There are really nice advice from different approaches. Although it is possible to give some Astrological guidance on relationships, to me in a modern world this is one of the most stupid things imaginable. It is not an exact science.

Dating someone with the same star sign as you

Rather like arranged marriages. No theoretical knowledge can be better than Personal Experience. It is necessary to experiment. We have another example nowadays with a high number of people asking about marriage when their chance of meeting someone is extremely remote because they are sitting at home playing computer games and surfing the web.

We also need to realise that Fate or Destiny plays its part too. We tend to relate to people we have met in past lives. However good we Astrologers might be, a Birth Chart with 10 planets is the most complicated thing to analyse - especially with regard to the high rate of Change nowadays. My grandfather was a postman, my father was a postman, I was never a postman. It is also important to realise that when we are born we relate more to our Moon Sign than Sun Sign, the change-over tends to occur in our 30s.

You will therefore need to be aware that relationships will change as time goes on. Usually people develop and grow. So if the Sun Sign Lessons are not compatible, relationships are not likely to last beyond this time unless there is some form of mutual support, a shared goal, or shared interests. Relationships tend to last until they have fulfilled their purpose. Although it is ridiculous to assume that humanity can be divided into 12 easy "parcels", the Sun Sign IS important as indicating the basic Spiritual Purpose of a lifetime.

The more practical details as described by the other planets in a Birth Chart may vary considerably. In early life the main focus is the need to become financially independent, separating from the parental home, and "putting down roots" of our own.

It is people that make relationships, not Astrology. We do not even need to like somebody if we are working toward the same goal.

What happens when Same Zodiac Sign people Marry or Date each other!

For example, for businesses to succeed they need different people with different abilities. A football team only needs 1 goal keeper. Everything depends on what goal we are trying to achieve.

Early on in life this is to separate from our parents to get our own home and family. Once this is achieved there needs to be a new joint goal otherwise the relationship, having achieved its task, will end. However, if people share the same Spiritual goal, they are more likely to stay together. It helps to be clear about what you are trying to achieve. You share your most intimate secrets with your search engine without even thinking: All of that personal information should be private, but on Google i But when I started realising something was wrong with this relationship, I began reading about mine and his zodiak signs compatibility and I understood I would not be happy with him, so we broke up.

He was a Virgo. Virgos are not very compatible with Leos.

Is Dating the Same Sign As You a Good Idea?

Now I am in a multicultural relationship with Muslim. I am a Catholic. He is an Aries. So theoretically we are a perfect match. This is what I thought. But there are also other zodiak signs: Zodiak signs compatibility is not the only thing that matters. Sometimes interests and life style may be a more important factor. It's likely that personality gets influenced depending on the zodiak signs of the parents. Zodiac Sign Compatibility in Romantic relationships are given below. Horoscope, Numerology compatibility also needed.

Molecular structure, DNA, etc. Astrology helps me understand the inner nature of someone. I fit well into the stereotypes of my Zodiac sign. It helps me understand my inner self and how to connect with others. No; it's as good to as to date someone who thinks Harry Potter is a real character.

If she believes in Zodiac sign but it's not a matter of do or die for her, then it's fine.


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