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When I first started collecting vintage costume jewellery, I was somewhat surprised at the popularity of the Sarah Coventry range that is so widely available today. When I look at the massive collection of pieces released by the Sarah Coventry designers, my feeling is that they were aiming more for everyday wear and versatility, meeting the current trends of the day. When I looked into the history of the Sarah Coventry brand, I started to understand how it became the juggernaut it was, with the women who the jewellery was designed for, selling the product. After World War II, thousands of women were forced out of their jobs by returning veterans. These women were keen to continue earning their own money as opposed to just being "housewives" and so when the opportunity arose from Sarah Coventry Inc. Demonstration kits were offered with no up-front cost, comprehensive training was given, and very generous incentives were on offer.

Dating sarah coventry jewellery

Sarah Coventry was created in by the C. Charles H Stuart first started out working for his father, Charles W Stuart, who had commenced his business in selling fruit trees direct to the customer. The son was quite the entrepreneur, and developed the business further with many other enterprises.

When Charles commenced his own business, he focused on selling door-to-door products. Stuart's grandson, Bill Stuart became president of the company and soon launched Caroline Emmons Inc. There are various stories that relate to how the name "Sarah Coventry" came about, some people believe "Sarah" was C. Stuart's granddaughter, others believe that "Sarah" was taken from Bill Stuart's niece who was born in From - the business continued to grow and become a hugely successful and recognisable brand.

The offices were located in New York, and later expanded internationally with Sarah Coventry International opening offices and manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Belgium.

Vintage Sarah Coventry Jewelry

Unfortunately, by the early s sales began to drop, and the women who were relied upon to sell the jewellery in their homes were now returning to the workforce. In the business was sold after filing for bankruptcy, and the manufacturing of the jewellery moved to China and India. The Sarah Coventry name continued and whilst the party plan method had been successful in the past, this was no longer the case, and there were a number of attempts in the coming years to revive it, including when Lifestyle Brands Ltd acquired the business in The company ceased producing jewellery in November and the Sarah Coventry Trademark was removed from the Trademark Register on 10 February Various signature marks were used by Sarah Coventry Inc and my understanding is that these markings will not help you date the pieces as many other makers marks do.

Sarah Coventry changed their markings, depending on the pieces, in an attempt to stop duplication by other companies. Examples of signatures are pictured below.

The elegant vintage jewelry collection spans the late s through the mid s. Find out more about the appeal of Sarah Coventry and where to find the jewelry today, even though the company is no longer in business.

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Stuart, came up with the concept for the collection of jewelry that grew to be known as "Sarah Coventry. Sarah Coventry was sold exclusively at home parties and never sold in retail stores during the company's operation from to Although the company did not design or manufacture the jewelry, Sarah Coventry was involved in determining which designs worked for the line.

The vintage pieces show the history of the jewelry company.

Each piece of jewelry bares the identifying marks, which varied over the years. Sarah Coventry jewelry bore the following identifying marks:. Many of the identifying marks overlapped.

For example, both "Sarah" and "SC" were commonly used throughout the years, even when other marks were introduced. There is some debate about whether jewelry marked with "SAC" is authentic, since the mark seems to appear on jewelry from the mid s and s without a documented record of when the company used the marks.

Is Sarah Coventry Jewelry Still Available?

In , Sarah Coventry was sold to a Chicago-based firm that produced jewelry for P. The Sarah Coventry vintage jewelry is often of a higher quality than the modern pieces from the s, so the vintage pieces tend to be sought after by collectors.

Since the vintage jewelry is no longer being manufactured, each piece is rare. Prices vary from cheap costume jewelry rates to collector rates.


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