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Dating in new york vs san francisco for the help

Dating in San Francisco is like...

I realized that it had somehow, unbelievably, been a decade since I was in love. I love being alone. I can, often to my own detriment, fill hours, days, sometimes weeks, with actives of complete solitude without a speck of loneliness. There was no rush in my twenties. Intent on my career, being single felt more like a badge than a blemish. I watched friends from high school, then couples from college, pair up and settle down.

For me right now, I'm not dead set on finding something serious just yet. If that comes along, great, but I'd be fine with just having some fun for the next few years. And sorry about it being worse in NYC for women. As a girl, I have never met a guy that wants to settle down here, since they basically have a buffet of all the parts of the world they wanna try before settling down. Partially this is just selection bias. A guy who wants to settle down is going to only date a small number of women before settling down.

A guy who wants to play the game and hook up will probably date a huge number of women casually over time. There is also demographic information that strongly suggests that in environments where women outnumber men, nearly all men spend longer playing the field - which is the case in NYC to an extreme.

Like you said, people have a lot of options. So they might click with someone but why not try to find someone who you click with just a little bit more? There are endless options and opportunities which seems good at first but many times just leads to dead ends. I'd take dating in NYC any day. Seattle can't compete when it comes to culture, energy, drive, clear communication, volume, or diversity.

The only reason you might prefer Seattle is if you're really into outdoorsy things and passive aggressiveness. NYC native who was stationed in Lewis: The competition here in NYC is nuts compared to Seattle. Interesting to hear the opposite experience of most.

Sorry, I'm not too familiar with Lewis is that a military base in one of the five boroughs? I'm gay, so I don't know as well as some people, but straight women tell me everything Straight women in NYC are the worst I think women interested in the arts love a man who is creative and interesting, someone who likes concerts, museums etc.

Dating in NYC as a professional straight white male is much better than in Seattle. If you like classically attractive women that are feminine your chances are much better in NYC. In Seattle the numbers are against you and the quality is just not there. Too many single mothers, obese and seemingly unaware they are obese , low class tattoos all over their bodies, weird hair, old cat ladies, degenerate values and just horrible feminist attitudes.

Of course if those qualities are attractive you, you might have found your dating Shangri-La. I lived most my life in NYC.

I now live in Chicago and Seattle. I go back and forth as my work requires and maintain homes in both cities. Seattle is in a beautiful area and offers a lot because of that, but a good selection of quality women is not to be found there regardless. I do all my dating in Chicago. Not as good for single straight males as NYC, but close. Understand this, NYC and Seattle are both rather expensive. You need to have money in either city to have a good love life.

So where ever you decide to move Date, but put your well being and happiness first. Pussy is just pussy and the only true gift a woman can give you is use of her body while she is young before I know the opposite is starting to hold true where successful men will only date successful women as well because they know they have the option.

You seem to have already made up your mind about me so I don't know if there's any point in explaining, but no I haven't lived in any of the three cities yet so I'm not blaming any of them for my "dating woes".

However, based on numerous anecdotes and statistics about the gender ratio, it sounds like it's harder for a straight man to date in Seattle and the Bay Area. Some of these anecdotes specify that they've seen non-tech bros or tech bros that are tall, fit, and personable still struggling. But I'm not cynical enough to assume this about every single one of those anecdotes as well as deny the statistics.

My bad, should've been more specific that I'm thinking about Manhattan and maybe Brooklyn since those are closest to my job.

Well for me, I'd be okay with all three cities so I need something to break the tie and dating is something that I consider important, hence why I'm asking about it. You think you might be OK with all three, but have you ever set foot in them? Upper Manhattan is farther from midtown than LIC. Not only are you dumb, but you're an asshole, too. Trust me when I say this, but even single women in NYC who'd love a relationship wouldn't stoop so low as to date someone like you, especially the women who are total packages.

Male early 30s in NYC. Finding dates is easy, as I would expect it would be similar in SF. You just need to be clear about who you are and what you are looking for, so you don't waste time with people who are not looking for the same thing. I fully expect this comment to be downvoted but your dating experience in this city will vary depending on your race. Not impossible but you'll have to try a lot harder.

Tbh that's probably universal in across this country so note sure if SF or Seattle would be that different. Ultimately this sort of thing boils down to the individual. You could arguably in an area "better" for dating but still be a total piece of shit and it's not the area failing you or anything.

Also I agree with people saying how you really should seriously consider other factors when making a move. I feel like I see a lot of people get all whiny and bent out of shape saying how "oh I moved to this big city where there's so much social stuff to do, but why don't I have friends or serious romantic relationships? Expectations is another angle where mileage will vary should you be looking for something more casual or more serious.

I think another factor is the overall vibes of the areas and again comes down to the person if it's something you can tolerate or find any relief in. Yeah sure there's plenty of transplants in all these places that can undermine and negate some of the local feel but I wouldn't say the cities are without their unique environments.

Ultimately your experiences aren't going to be other people's experiences. That all being said, I'm from NYC and while I didn't live there for a massive amount of time and I think the area is pretty but people from Seattle can be a bit insufferable for my tastes. The Seattle Freeze is real and the passive aggressiveness is through the roof, if you're one to have no patience for it, it'll drive you insane. I really hate to rip so hard on people there because they're not all bad, but some people there act like total robots who almost feel afraid to get convey normal emotions to people and situations in fear of looking impolite , so there's this kind of awkward sugarcoating of things that goes for such lamebrain copouts to avert confrontation and telling someone what's up.

It was frustrating to plan dates and meet new people with this factor in play. Am male, lived in Seattle then moved to NYC. NYC dating is miles better, at least for men. I know that is probably not universally true and everyone's experiences will be different, but I feel pretty confident in thinking that the vast vast majority of men will find dating here easier than Seattle.

It really is that different. One thing I will say though is that I find it harder to form large, tight-knit friend circles here, as compared to Seattle. It's easier to make acquaintances out of random people I meet, but harder to bring them into my greater circle of friends.

But that might just be me. That's quite interesting, I've always heard about the infamous "Seattle Freeze" so I'd assume it's harder to make friends in Seattle compared to NYC which seems to be a much more diverse city full of transplants from around the world.

Needless to say, we disagree 1, fold. Wait… That is the exact same comparison. The following people will enjoy Man Francisco: The following benefits of Man Francisco: Lets go ahead and kill this topic as the only benefits have been outlined above.

This will be long as there are practically no benefits at all. Lets start with the people. The vast majority of people living in San Francisco are cheap. No surprise… this does not bring in attractive clientele and leads to the next problem…. The people are not cheap and they will spend at will for a good time. You do not have to worry about calculating checks to the exact dollar and cents on a group dinner.

When you leave healthy tips, the bartenders and bouncers will remember you forever and will show appreciation for it. They are either married or have low standards which makes them turn a blind eye to the extreme obesity and disgusting bodies of people in the city.

You are more likely to find an overweight gluten free vegan than an attractive female. If someone eats gluten free, sugar free, vegan poptarts for breakfast how did they get fat?

Add it to the list of unexplained world mysteries. On that note, you are also more likely to find overweight homeless people than an attractive female above the 6 range.

There are general door policies. While there are fat people all over the place, there are ground rules for being in shape and attending nicer venues. Bring something to the table.

This is called having standards. On the topic of homeless people, they run the city. They are also fat. The problem is so large we would like our readers to read this quote: Pause for a second. We are not trolling, here is the article. Since we are comparing people and dogs like its no big deal it is fair to say the people also look like dogs as well. There are homeless people and it is extremely unfortunate. The women is Man Francisco have the worst attitudes you will ever see relative to their looks.

The standard joke is that the city is full of 49ers fours who believe they are nines. The joke is true. In general, you can tell if a city is good based on the delta between the girl and the guy. Typically a girl will be at least a point more attractive than her man because this is how the world generally works. In Man Francisco, it will be reversed. In the rare situation where a guy is roughly equal in physical attractiveness to the girl… Make no mistake, she is the exact same age as him or within a couple of meaningless years.

In short, your dating options are exactly the same as Stephen Curry. There are too many industries not to find a group of attractive people you enjoy hanging out with. This is a joke of a topic since NYC is actually more diverse in terms of cultures, however, if you want to date a female who is not overweight your only choice will be Asian women. Therefore you can see that the only type of person who would be okay from a personal life standpoint would have to be either 1 married or 2 interested in Asia or both.

There are so many people in the city that you will inevitably find a group or section of town that is enjoyable. Not everyone can live in SoHo in a decked out apartment. San Francisco is feminism ground zero. Please see for yourself we apologize for the eye damage. That is chest hair…. The city is generally more left leaning, however it is within reason. You can even have debates on the topic and still get along just fine.

Dating in San Francisco vs New York: It’s not Just a Numbers Game

In New York City a girl will tell you straight if she is not interested. Everyone is afraid to offend everyone else so they end up getting on their iPhones and sending cryptic passive aggressive nonsense behind your back. Everyone walks on egg shells to avoid offending any specific group which then makes it impossible to have standards. People are extremely to the point and blunt. This is actually a great feeling. If you have thick skin you will love NYC as people will tell you up front if they are interested or not.

No time is wasted here. Sure… Technology is a great way to make money. The vast majority of engineers are Aspies with no social skills and are terribly boring.

There is no Technology culture in NYC. There is a bit, however it is contained. We have mentioned this in the above but it deserves a full paragraph. The people who live in San Francisco dress like absolute garbage. They will commonly wear hoodies, flip flops and do disgusting things to their bodies such as neck tattoos, chest tattoos, septum piercings and create large holes in their ears.

The UGLY Truth About Dating in New York City

There is a large fashion community and girls know how to dress. This also pertains to getting into bars and clubs. It takes less than minutes to make sure you look nice and that is a quality that goes a long way in the city that never sleeps. The jokester above would never be allowed into any venue worth entering.

There is a large community of homosexuals in the city. If that is your thing you will enjoy Man Francisco.

Dating in new york vs san francisco

It is unlikely as large as San Francisco. The people in San Francisco are just terrible compared to New York. If you are offended by everything and are a weak human being then you may prefer the people in SF. In addition, assuming you meet some of the stranger metrics vegan, yellow fever, boring personality who has never done drugs or drank in his life then you just might find a niche with all the autistic people in the Tech Capital of the country.

Sure nightlife is a bit more expensive than SF… the catch? Trying to break into a group of people in San Francisco is like robbing a radioactive nuclear power plant. It is incredible that you broke into the plant with such skill. Now you have cancer. You can go out during any day of the week. That means Monday through Sunday and find absolutely outstanding venues.

It is not even worth talking about this topic anymore, it would be insulting to the city of NYC to do so. San Francisco has several great tourist attractions. There are great places to have a fun day trip, the problem is it ends there.

Your choices of consistent day time activities starts to fall. The difference lies in the choices for theatre, plays, matinee sports games Brooklyn, Madison Square Garden all of these venues are not even seen in San Francisco… They have one sports team and that is all.

Complain all you like about the crowded subway systems in New York but they are better than anything San Francisco has to offer. You would think that SF would have an elaborate city that allows for you to move about the town at all hours of the night Tech Capital! Unfortunately, you do not. BART shuts down around midnight and we have no idea what the bus system is about… it is too crowded, slow and complicated to bother with.

Sure the subways are crowded but at least you can move about town seamlessly. Union Square, Sushi and huge burritos. You can walk into hundreds of areas alone and spark up conversations within minutes. The one category that San Francisco dominates.

You can find organic everything made by elves from Ireland if you wanted to. They have it all. Unfortunately, the options are not comparable. You will have to risk your life and eat food that is not purely vegan all of the time and you might even have to buy a non-organic banana once and a while. This was by far the most entertaining post of all time for us. The only people who will enjoy San Francisco are mentioned above: Before the hater comments come in, we do not care about the ten people who will enjoy SF above the minority.

Anything over a couple of years deserves a medal. What does 20 years get you? I guess a purple heart will do haha, Born and raised there but moved to Florida 2 years ago. Palo alto is even worse than SF with almost nothing to do at night. Liberal PC culture, ridiculous rent prices, oversaturation of males. I live in DC great place for game by the way….. This might be your most hysterical post yet! San Francisco and California in general are loaded with self-hating ethnic women Asian and Latina who absolutely despise men of their own race and want absolutely nothing to do with them, will often take a white guy who is a 6 over an Asian guy who is an 8.

On top of that, the white women in the area are fairly close minded when it comes to going for ethnic guys.

With that said, I believe that Miami and Chicago can compete with NYC when it comes to nightlife and quality of women. After that I knew it was time to go home. I was saying that guys who are Asian, Indian, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern any race but black or white would be wise to avoid San Francisco because:. Women of their own race there are sell outs that go crazy over white guys, especially true for the Asian women there.

San Francisco is beyond awful. I was there on a business trip about a month ago. Would be great to see your take on New York vs. You are more likely to interact with a walrus on Pier 39 on San Francisco than an attractive woman. Hilarious as well — I felt like I was reading a greentext. Love every single one of your posts, this one especially so. Everything you wrote is true about all of California, just more so in San Francisco.

California should probably just drop into the ocean and quit being a disgrace to America and to itself. Blog is just a hobby hence sporadic posting.

California has just fallen off big time. I am going to sound somewhat like a racist saying this but the truth is, women in California used to be of much higher quality in the 80s and 90s when the state was known for having the hot blonde Baywatch types. Now the entire state is mostly poor ethnic immigrants whose women are generally not that attractive. Reason for that is because the immigrants the state received were largely illegals, lower class workers, and H1b visa fraud types.

Now the state is just a lot of ethnic people everywhere. Florida is the new California when it comes to women and nightlife though. Tons of hot Latinas and pretty looking white girls to go around. Yes, San Fran does suck.

Anyone to tell you is most likely a liar. New York is also headquartered with old money, business money, where SF is tech and startup money. More of an illusion than anything. I would have said LA but unfortunately there is a 2: Post had me crying. After 5 times I asked if they could cut that shit out. There are plenty of attractive women in SF who are looking for love and a good time. Therefore, if you are normal or above normal, you do very, very well.

Anyone forced to live there can attest to it unless they are okay with ugly women. If you are forced to visit San Francisco your best option is to do a bunch of work. If forced to live there go to Miami, NYC, or Texas and get a long-distance girlfriend unless you want to date disgusting women.

San Francisco is the arm pit of the world. I lived in the Bay Area my whole life and finally escaped last year. The girls are horrific and have terrible attitudes. The guys are pathetic hipster faggots. I just wish I escaped sooner. Anybody who thinks San Francisco is good for men needs to get out more. Low — Testosterone and had sex with a grand total of 15 lifetime partners or already married.

Just stumbled across this blog website? San Fran is a great city, but yes, NYC is better. But, I am not hating on San Fran. San Francisco sounds like the American equivalent of Toronto for us.


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