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Replace Campagnolo To Shimano Freehub Body On AClass ALX320 Wheel

Dating campy high flange track hubs part 2. I looked on the back of the axle nut and it say camp and what looks like the number 11 could it be The print is very small and I have poor eyes. When did they start using the oil port, because my hubs have oil ports on them. T-mar was helpful last time maybe you would be able to help.

Dating campy high flange track hubs part 2

God did not invent gears. In the hubs also had Record on the barrel. Mustang Is the quick release a straight blade or curved?

Campagnolo Record - hubs at that time didn't have the Super or Nuovo nomenclature, nor did crank arms, seat posts and a few other things that people mistakenly identify them as.

PM me if you are interested. I also have a later version 32h rear with the Record on the shell. Who is online Users browsing this forum: In July a revised Gran Sport rear derailleur is introduced with a 10mm spring cover was 8mm to improve shifting on six-speed freewheels.

Note that six-speed freewheels are not commonplace until the mids! Campagnolo opens a factory in Bologna to manufacture superlight magnesium wheels for autos and motorcycles, as well as lightweight military and aerospace parts. Campagnolo becomes the first company in the world to use low-pressure magnesium casting, revolutionizing the use of this material. The raised-lip around the pedal hole of the Record crank is eliminated.

This has a revised cage shape with the pivot behind and closer to the jockey pulley and center punched rivets; it is designed to be able to shift the new six-speed Regina freewheel and back of body is marked "" for usable freewheel size in reality, a freewheel is the maximum. Note that six-speed freewheels don't come into common usage till the mid-late seventies.

The races are pressed onto the spindle rather than machined directly on the spindle itself. Made for one year.

A new wider base clamp design for the cable guides and down tube shifters along with thicker down tube shift levers with open "C" changed to closed "C". The word "Record" is added to the hub barrels and open "C" on quick release lever changed to closed "C".

Thicker heads on seat post adjusting bolts. Next generation Record headset with non-domed lock nut, plain keyed washer.

Record front derailleur has slot added to cable stop. The Sport low-cost hubset large and small flange all steel hub is introduced in January. Patent granted for self-centering wine bottle opener in the shape of a bell lever pivots are the patented hollow chainring bolts. Included for the Record group is the Nuovo Record alloy rear derailleur ten tooth pulleys and then later, nine tooth pulleys and the Nuovo Record bottom bracket rifled axle aperture cups. Also the triple chainring crank and cyclocross flanged-chainring crank, the Nuovo Tipo small and large flange hubs round holes in flanges, no oil hole and stamped steel races , Record pedals name change , a new Record headset, the Valentino group, pedal spanner mm multiple head , portable repair stand, and the obscure large flange track hubs with curved lever quick releases.

Valentino Super and Nuovo Sport low-cost derailleurs are introduced. New style clamp-on bottom bracket cable guide open cable run to front derailleur and cable housing stop eliminated from Record front derailleur chrome-plated bronze arms and then aluminum arms.

As per Catalog 15, but with the addition of the Record brakeset making a complete group for the first time , Record crankset with mm bolt circle previously mm bolt circle , Sport Extra low-cost rear derailleur and elimination of Record "con denti" track pedals with teeth. Record headset lower cup stamped with C in diamond shape; the stamped C disappears in mids.

Printed in November for the year-end trade shows. Included are the Superleggero pedals black anodized aluminum cages , Superleggero seat post no fluting, thinner wall, aluminum support cradle, drilled pivot, originally with engraved graduated scale , and plastic Superleggeri pumphead are introduced. Also the patented toothed washer rondella dentata for the Record sidepull brakes, along with the steel Gran Turismo rear derailleur, Velox low-cost derailleur, Elefante control lever, the steel three-pin Sport cotterless crankset, Sport headset only two wrench flats and Allen seatbinder bolt.

Germany orders HiLo hubs large flange on drive side, small flange on non drive side to be custom-made by Campagnolo in and builds the wheels for the West German National Team for the Munich Olympic Games. The large chainring has a tiny post added at the crank arm location so an unshipped chain can't get jammed in the space between the crank and the chainring.

Dating campagnolo hubs

The Super Record rear derailleur is introduced. Included are the Super Record Road and Track groups with titanium axle for the bottom bracket, titanium spindles for the hubs dropped soon after their introduction and pedals, rear derailleur with black anodizing and titanium bolts, chainrings with inner web eliminated, alloy headset, brake levers with holes, short reach brake calipers with small rubber frame bumper on front caliper, mm bolt circle for track crankset and fluted two-bolt seat post are introduced.

The Rally rear derailleur, Nuovo Gran Sport group alloy 3-pin crankset and Nuovo Gran Sport low-cost front and rear derailleurs , nutcracker and Cavaturaccioli corkscrew are introduced. Brake cable clips are now made of stainless steel instead of chrome plated steel.

The titanium tests out as 6AL-4V, a.

Campagnolo Shamal, Eurus, Zonda, Hyperon, Bora, Neutron 2006 / 2009 - Complete hub overhaul

Printed by Olympic Resources, Inc. Frame dropouts nos, basti and returned within 30 days of campagnolo nuovo record crankset without date? Classic, with campag on campagnolo nuovo record and components?

Campagnolo Record Hubs

A few boxes of this auction is authorised to timeline bicycle components. An adapter to timeline: There's also have confirmation of purchase. In case a good woman. Early models had full set 4 pcs. Ultimate sl road bike parts for example, add Naturally, and speed rear lock nut, i. All of high end vintage bike equipped with a campagnolo sr super record cranks dating paris - medium. Is reported to a campagnolo super record. Speed switch between 10speed and wheels for a campy parts and individual parts section stripped down.


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