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Expats are transient by nature. Even those who have committed to their new homeland for life are often surrounded by those who have not; as strangers in a strange land, settled expats too are pulled into the orbit of itinerants. These truisms add up to a bad reputation for expats when it comes dating. And yet I believe that expat life is conducive to finding love to a higher degree than dating in my home country, the United States. When at home, a lot of people tend to spend an awful lot of time with people of their own race, their own socio-economic status, their own political persuasions, their own experiences.

We ate out together — a lot! This was hugely entertaining, but more importantly it was through our many dining experiences that I came to understand the central part that food plays in Chinese culture.

We had many fascinating conversations about life under Mao and how much things had changed in China — almost without exception, she considered the changes over the last twenty-five years or so to be for the better. Spending Chinese New Year in Beijing with Lila and her family was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my entire time in China.

Watching very elderly men and women delightedly messing with extremely lethal firecrackers in small, confined courtyards, and the sheer terror I experienced when a rogue firework almost took my head off will live with me for ever. As will the food — the seemingly endless food — and the variety-style programmes on television that everyone was glued to and that seemed to go on for days.

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I owe her a great deal. Dating and Marriage in Hong Kong. Dating and Marriage in Singapore.

The Gay Expat Experience. Mark Angus is the online editor of Expat Essentials. When I lived abroad, it was imperative to me to not only be on my best behavior, but to persuade the foreign masses that Americans are the real deal. Not the best, not the worst.

So, when it came to dating as an American expat, I was on a mission to have as authentic of an experience as possible. I learned quickly to take off the little Stars and Bars emoji from next to my half-naked front torso profile name and replace it with something more culturally apropos… like the bicep emoji….

Many of us already have fixated types in mind. On top of that, pun intended, lots more gay men have one specific desired position that they are often convinced they cannot stray from: When I ended up dating in Australia and Europe, being versatile never felt like a problem. Maybe I am mistaken, but Europeans and their Aussie counterparts just seemed to be more open to the idea of sexuality and owning it.

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In the United States, in my humble opinion, I find a definitive line that many gay men are just not willing to cross. They are either bottom or nothing. But in Europe and Down Under, sexuality just seems to be a lot more fluid. More fun, less drama.

American expat dating

Dating dating abroad as a gay expat has plenty of amazing quirks as well as some, at times, serious drawbacks. On the negative side, for starters: I dated several guys in Sydney and England who were very non-committed for this reason: What was really emotionally difficult was coming to the realization, in some instances, that they were correct.

My mother always says: A Brit and an American can fall in love, but eventually, someone has to leave their previous life behind to move to be with their bird. Or reconcile to live in both. I found certain nuances of dating people from other cultures to be quite charming. I would never go water skiing on a date in America. In other countries, going out dancing means going out all night long and into the morning hour: In the end, what really matters is the company you keep while abroad.

I would make the assumption that dating is easier for someone who has permanently emigrated from the US, but in reality, dating is difficult for everyone.

I ended up moving back to the United States every time, each for different reasons, of course.

There is a lot to think about when getting serious with someone while living abroad. If I had any advice to give, I would suggest that anyone wanting to date as an expat should be open to any and all possibilities that come your way. You could meet the man of your dreams or just simply learn a lot about other cultures, and yourself, along the way.


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