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Do Musicians have a Dating Advantage?

The two were spotted grabbing lunch together in Los Angeles on Aug. Malek and Boynton walked arm-in-arm as they left the restaurant together. At one point, they were even seen kissing while sitting next to each other at lunch. Noah Cyrus is off the market! However, just weeks after making their PDA-fueled public debut at the MTV Video Music Awards, the pair called it quits in a messy and emotional series of Instagram Stories, in which they both accused the other of cheating on them. Twigs in late after dating for more than two years.

On Monday, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony at their home in Los Angeles. We can surely say that Diaz surely has a thing for musicians, as she also dated Justin Timberlake for nearly four years in the past.

They got engaged in and married in January A few months after the marriage Josh was allegedly cheating on Fergie with a stripper, while on the other hand, Fergie came out as a bisexual. But all seems well with this couple as they are seen enjoying parental bliss with son Axl. Pink is one of the most popular music artists in recent time. Songstress Pink met professional motocross racer Carey Hart in In , they went through a brief separation period.

In , Pink proposed marriage to Hart and they wed in In February , Pink announced that they have separated and in the couple got back together. Since then, Pink has had two children with Hart. Justin Timberlake was the lead singer of one of the most popular boybands 'N Sync and a very successful music artistActress Jessica Biel began dating one of the most hottest musicians in the world, Justin Timberlake in After four years of dating they got engaged in December and married in October Besides acting, both the celebs share common interests -- fitness and their love for dogs.

Chris Martin is the lead singer of British band Coldplay. Everybody mingles, you learn the words sort of and you have a great time. You have to go to the shows in the basement at Jewish Community Centers at 5pm on a Sunday. You have to sit in the back of a van and unload a drum kit in New Jersey on Tuesdays. You have to stand behind a merch table in the back of a crowded club and dodge flying bodies from the mosh pit true story, had bruises and got punched in the face.

You spend the night with the lead singer of a band. He makes you dinner, you drink wine, you talk secrets all night. The next night you see a random friend at one of his shows… she sees you. Having him leave and come back, or having one of his most awesome songs be about her? Heeeey look at me!

There is possibility for VERY embarrassing things As embarrassing as it is to have a mediocre boy band song written about you, it can get worse. Sometimes you find yourself totally overcome with the urge to sing along at the top of your lungs and there are never more than 5 people doing this. You begin to hate every female in the room, you get so overcome with jealousy that you turn into a crazy person. Someday you may even find yourself in Germany where you accidentally kiss a lunatic who happens to be the lead singer of a band.

Dating someone who is talented and artsy is a totally reasonable thing to want to do.

It all seems so exciting, but believe me it gets old fast. A musician will do the same thing over and over each night and you have to BE there! Just keep it a fantasy, your heart will thank you. While I have written a song for someone I have thankfully never written a song about someone.

Okay, so I read this about half an hour before leaving work, and it cracked me up SO HARD, I forwarded it to my girlfriend, so she could read it before we left work, and we could discuss it.

Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and more stars who dated musicians

I also remember the picture. I dated a musician, too, at one point What! It was LOVE, mom! What we had was REAL! Until summer was over, and I went back to college… and this? Except for the CBGBs part. He was never THAT cool. In my experience of dating rock stars, movie actors, musicians, whatever, the person I date always cheats on me, they would rather make love to their music than to their lover.

Im just kidding, but you know it doesnt take a rocket scientist to be a musician it requires luck, skill, and commitment, but it doesnt require faithfullness to anyone. So if you want to find your true love, just marry someone who is like you meaning they look attractive to you, but you still see them on a daily basis, if you dont follow my advice you will be cheated on by someone who does follow my advice, I dont know who random viewer , but it is a universal truth that it is better to see your lover on a daily basis, and for your lover to love you on a daily basis, than it is to have a long distance relationship.

It is possible to have a long distance relationship, but it is Hell just take my advice, and you will suffer less anguish over thinking someone is cheating on you. I am giving away free wisdom, if you dont take it and you suffer, and look back at this text, then imagine my face laughing at you.

Let me tell you, they are not my cup of tea. All that stuff about being able to spend quality time via attending practices and shows?

Actors dating musicians

I have no memory of us doing anything the way regular couples do. Girls want to date musicians because they are sexually attractive, sexually charged, and seem like they would be dynamite in the sack. They are sensitive, sweet, and know exactly what they are doing. But in my experience, that seems to be the case.

So I often wonder if, on a much larger scale, this phenomenon might be true. I highly encourage women to consider dating writers, thinkers — men who are more involved in literature and performance art.

They still have that charisma that draws an audience to them whilst on stage, but they are not as egotistical, they actually have a brain, and their free time is way more dedicated to their loved ones — including you. You can help do makeup, create costumes and build sets. It is very rewarding. And there are not any groupies. Just a bunch of artists and performers — very interesting people to talk to.

I come across these things every now and then, out of whim, I search this kind of stuff, and never have I not been surprised by what I read.

Victoria the Justice Pirate - On Dating/Marrying a Musician!

I disagree with just about everything this says…Everything. My love is in a semi-successful band. Honestly, i dont even know what they consider themselves in that aspect…but anyway.. I have never ever been included in anything having even slightly to do with the band. I attend shows as support from time to time, but usually its just when they play with a big name. My boyfriend, and his band mates, are all the same, they DO NOT get the girls involved at all…ever…With the exception of maybe one of them, but Im not so sure.

If your guy being in a band is a plus to you, you shouldnt be together….

I know the lyrics to maybe one song, and only because my little sister loves the band. My boyfriend would hate it if I actually liked their music. I also have never had a song written about, nor for me…But I would like it…either way. The only complaints I actually have are those that seem selfish. Everything is about music, and its almost impossible to agree on music taste. Everything goes towards the band.. Its work, make music, and band…thats about it.

They make enough to live, and everything else goes to music.. Oh…and about being good in the sack… Haha…it is not the same for everyone…Thats for sure. Yeah, that one sucks. So, basically, you have to be cut out to be with a musician…or it will never survive. You have to get the right one, just like with any other guy. I have more to say, but, this is already too terribly long. LOL… this made me laugh. Lo and behold, the only link I find to that song is yours. I dated a musician on-off for some years Is there ANY other way for them?

Musicians are selfish infants who cant wrap their head around the fact that there is a world beyond and outside their own egos. Their lifestyles if they are true to their passion and THAT devoted is just not meant for a stable relationship. We are not arguing here that they are bad people, like any non musicians there are good and bad ones but AS A WHOLE, the artistic type of guy and in this case musicians, dont make for great boyfriends.

I really loved him. I went to all of his shows. I designed his promotions. I promoted his music on the internet. I worked the door collecting money. Well, last year I caught him for the 2nd time writing love poems to another woman. I got very upset and he said that I am too old fashioned and that HE is an artist.

By the way, I am an Art Director. We broke up and guess what? He wrote an entire set of poems and songs for her.

His new album is coming out and all the songs are about her, but she is not interested in dating her. All of the people I thought were my friends swoon over his love poems and music and could care less what he did to me.

This guy is not a touring musician. He has a small local following. Long story short version. I dedicated 16 years of my life to this dude and came out with absolutely nothing. Probably so he can flirt with girls.

As someone stated above, he seems very sexually charged on stage, but not that interested in pleasuring me or being very interested in sex.


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