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Consider, that ok taecyeon dating guigui confirm

Ok Taecyeon meets his We Got Married ex-wife Gui Gui after 3 years

Viewers of "We Got Married: Global Edition," think that singer-turned-actor Taecyeon and his pretend wife, Taiwanese singer-turned-actress Gui Gui make a lovely couple. Taecyeon and his pretend wife had such a good time on the show that he was convinced he wanted to date her in real life. But he had not yet gotten around to asking her out. And maybe that was a good thing. In the last episode, the couple were visited by some of his friends, ZE:

Ok taecyeon dating guigui

However, his fans assume that the rumor has no credibility because she had a boyfriend at that time. The rumor came because they wore pairing rings, however, they denied those rumors and said that the rings were different. Ok Taecyeon is also known as Taecyeon, a member of 2PM.

Introduction He is a rapper, a singer, a dancer and an actor in South Korea. Both agencies denied this rumor though. The singer also stated that figure is not very important for him.

He was only 27 years at the time. He says he is a little afraid of losing affection if they date for a long time before marriage.

Taecyon Would Date Gui Gui But Maybe She Prefers Nickhun

He believes that marriage will be the first and last biggest event in his life. Since he likes to eat, he says he wants his girlfriend to eat a lot.

And then finally he wrote her a romantic letter. In the letter he said that when he first saw her, he felt a connection. He was pleased at how happy he made her when he presented her with the shoes.

taecyeon 2PM & gui gui-we got married

When they played together in the snow, he felt as happy as a little kid. Did she feel something for him?

Did the fact that she could not look directly at him or laughed when he got close to her mean she felt something for him? I think this proposal was the key to opening each other's hearts.

Would such a marriage really work? Taecyeon is quiet and reserved.

2PMs Taecyeon Says He Would Date Gui Gui in Real Life

Gui Gui is spontaneous and enthusiastic. When asked earlier in the show if he would date her in real life, he said yes. She could not see them dating due to cultural differences, but that did not necessarily mean she was not attracted to him. When asked if they could imagine skinship with each other, he said no, and she shocked him by saying yes.


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