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Accept. The dating someone not over ex think

Am I Just A Rebound?

Especially when it feels like your current S. Even for the most self-assured among us, this can be super intimidating. Some of those stories might be how certain past relationships affected them. Use it as an excuse to talk about what you want from a relationship and swap war stories. Even in decent relationships, everyone leaves with some bad habits. Getting into a new relationship can be really hard for some people, especially if the last one was a doozy.

Making Her Choose You Over Her Ex

Also they could randomly be unable to move and a message "you feel weak from too much disconnecting" would appear and the internet guy could beat their ass.

Make them fight a tough single player fight if they disconnect too much and have the other fighter taunt them about not being able to quit etc, have the NPC do fake disconnects then come back and knock them out with a knee to the face etc.

Need any more help.

Pretty much true of all games.


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