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Antioch college dating rules right! Idea excellent

Why I Am An Anti-Feminist - The Fiamengo File, Episode 1

How passionate could making out in a dorm be if you had to keep your legal brain engaged the whole time? And you know what? Consent is defined as the act of willingly and verbally agreeing to engage in specific sexual conduct. The following are clarifying points: You can see a telling little message board discussion of the SOP here. Tagged as antioch college , antioch rules , is it date rape , nirvana , p. Remember Riot Girl, and then remember how the media ran with it and twisted it and made it into this crazy thing?

I attended Antioch during the final year before closing, and took part in Nonstop Antioch as well. My observation was that the SOPP was probably the most popular program on campus, even among students who questioned other affirmative action programs on campus. In rhetoric and in practice, the campus community was very sex positive at the time. For myself, as a straight white male who has always had an interest in feminism, the SOPP came as a revelation: It probably changed my life.

Antioch college dating rules

Reblogged this on How to be a better husband or boyfriend and commented: This policy, when distilled down into its essence, provides an excellent framework for improving communication and intimacy within a couple. The issue that single men, on that campus, were Unicorns on the campus it developed on, and it was for their protection as much as Shayla noted.

However today, single men as rare is the general rule on many campuses, because they are outnumbered heavily by single women 1. It is presumed that it would always be men initiating, even though sex drive among women is as or nearly as great, and men have much broader opportunity. It is the effective assumption that it is only and ever men that need to get consent that is a huge part of the issue.

As it is, young women are in effect being taught regardless of who did what, if he did not have your consent when you jumped him it is his fault. Rape and Confessions Sherry F.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Consent is required each and every time there is sexual activity. All parties must have a clear and accurate understanding of the sexual activity. The person s who initiate s the sexual activity is responsible for asking for consent. The person s who are asked are responsible for verbally responding.

Each new level of sexual activity requires consent. Use of agreed upon forms of communication such as gestures or safe words is acceptable, but must be discussed and verbally agreed to by all parties before sexual activity occurs. At any and all times when consent is withdrawn or not verbally agreed to, the sexual activity must stop immediately.

When this piece aired in , I was in graduate school in New York City, trying very hard to leave Antioch and the policy behind. When I watched the skit, I felt misunderstood and defeated, but also kind of excited that we had hit such a nerve.

Our work is being established as a best practice in colleges nationally just in time, by the way, for Antioch to win back its accreditation after sadly closing its doors in Of course I am thrilled that such competent women are picking up where we left off, and in their own honest, direct, and compelling ways. Why is she so sympathetic and we were so not? Just look at the way the New York Times covered both eras of the movement.

It is so simple: A woman with a mattress, refusing to keep her violation private, carrying with her a stark reminder of where it took place.

Antioch College

Sulkowicz is making is strict and lean, yet inclusive and open ended, symbolically laden yet drastically physical. All of this determines its striking quality as art, which in turn contributes substantially to its effectiveness as protest. Antioch is trying to address a real problem.

No student guilty of rape, for instance whether date, acquaintance or stranger rape should be allowed to remain on campus. But adolescence, particularly the college years, is a time for experimentation, and experimentation means making mistakes. No policy will ever be able to protect all young people from those awful mornings-after that are accompanied by the dreadful feeling: What have I done?

Adolescents will always make mistakes sometimes serious ones. During the fall of , I was in my third year at Antioch College, a tiny campus with students and three original, spired buildings, surrounded in every direction by a wide-open horizon of corn.

Back-to-school was a bluster of connections and promise, seeing friends who had been away, picking classes, begging professors for independent studies, vibing each other out. But soon after school started, the rumors began that women were getting raped at Antioch.

Confront and Stop Rape! During the meeting, one of the women who had been raped told us, in detail, about her experience and how powerless she felt because the man who raped her remained on campus. And I was pissed. Though I was not one of the women who was raped that quarter at Antioch, I had, like one in three American women, experienced my share of sexual violation, mild by comparison but harsh enough to confirm what I had always felt that being a girl was to be in a position of powerlessness marked by a complicated knot of sexual longing and victimization.

Ever since I can remember, even before I had the words or the concepts to explain it, I was determined to untie myself from that knot.

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The Antioch Review has always avoided narrow academic debates and tried to suggest that although professors may be for the academy, their commentaries can bear on larger social and intellectual processes. The Review has always tried to be a forum for new writers and ideas in poetry and the short story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Antioch College Motto Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. Yellow Springs , Ohio , U. National Register of Historic Places.

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