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Strife matchmaking was

Strife - Gameplay - Claudessa ADC OP!

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Do you have a high win rate when using Bastion? After that the system will work out the best match given the current conditions. Teams can also join a queue together, where the system will apply the same formula but with more player variables at play.

The competition is already well established with huge communities and prize pools going around, so Strife has a lot to prove once it goes live in Then again, the appeal to newer players may prove to be its biggest selling point. The people who actually tried the demo some of whom were completely new to the genre left with good impressions.

Even those simply spectating seemed fascinated with the snippets they saw like regenerating health , although I did overhear one group making wrong assumptions before moving on. From a casual perspective Strife looks like a fun MOBA romp with friends, not a pressure cooker with overwhelming expectations placed upon you.

Not all games have to be a cut-throat competition, and this looks like a strong alternative. For those already neck-deep in the genre, I only have this to say: Defeat the guardian and Krytos will serve at your side, spawning in a lane of your choice and quite literally wrecking things for the enemy. Any other judgements have to wait until release. Strife will be available on PC, Mac and Linux, with a beta tentatively beginning next month. Compete against the enemy team, not yours One of the key changes boils down to affecting the community, which has been gaining an unsavoury reputation.

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Strife Update Interview - Beta Keys, Matchmaking, Pets, Crafting and more

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Strife ranked matchmaking

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Strife matchmaking

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