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What starcraft 2 matchmaking not working have

Starcraft: Remastered FULL Showcase - Graphics Comparison, Matchmaking, All Races

Use the "Filters" menu across the top to tailor the content here. Use RES to customize even more. Green verification check mark guide and verified users list. To hide spoilers use format: Other New Matchmaking and Logging on Problems? I have not seen any posts around reddit yet regarding this so im going to assume that it is not a known problem by blizzard yet.

Kudos to blizzard for fixing it faster than I expected. Still lots of other bugs though. In terms of chat channels, why aren't we thrown into some lobby as soon as we log in with the hundreds plus thousands? I agree it's not as communal as I'd expected. The profiles are all sorts of bungled at the moment, portraits, APM count etc. More ladder games seem to be registering now for whatever reason at least. The engine is a bunch of workarounds on top of workarounds to achieve the desired effects you see in-game, so tampering with one thing can have undesirable side effects somewhere else.

This is evident for example when they tried to fix dragoons getting stuck and the valkyries stop attack glitch, but they had to revert it because it affected unit behavior in other parts of the game this was at the beginning of 1. Maybe it is too much to ask them to remake the game from the ground up without affecting the gameplay, so they HAVE to stick to the old engine and this makes it hard to exact changes. Also, they recently said that they are changing things server side you will see differences in profiles, mmr changes, matchmaking, etc.

When you join a custom game, the default race is Terran. It used to be Random before pre R it's absolutely amazing. When dragging the mini map to the right side of the map there is dead space where the cursor can't go further.

SC:Remastered Issues, Bugs, Fixes, Help Thread

On the left side this distance is less and is almost flush against the edge. R beta the mini map let your drag your mouse all the way to the edge of the mini map. Cloaked units are still too invisible.

Lag still seems to be occurring more so than past battle net. Probably due to L2 latency which is better than old bnet. I think most using don't have UPnP enabled in their routers.


The team game thing is more complicated than you think because there are more players involved, more ratings to track, and most importantly a UI for supporting group queues. It's the same as classic Bnet. You start in a local country channel. And there are plenty of people chatting. Live Events Next event in 1h 49m. NaDa Snow Mini Rush Winstrike Team vs Team Spirit. Team Vitality vs North. Luminosity Gaming vs FaZe Clan. Renegades vs Aequus Club. CyberZen vs Grayhound Gaming.

Team Envy vs Team One. BSL6 Ladder Tournament 3.

GHL - Grand Finals. BW Jeez weekly 3. OSC Team Championship EU Nexus Contest BW Jeez weekly 8. BW Jeez weekly 7. BW Jeez weekly 6. BW Jeez weekly 5. BW Jeez weekly 4. World Electronic Sports Games All Hallows Cup - 3.

Starcraft 2 matchmaking not working

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Starcraft: Remastered FULL Showcase - Graphics Comparison, Matchmaking, All Races

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Hey Reddit, I have not seen any posts around reddit yet regarding this so im going to assume that it is not a known problem by blizzard yet. Want to add to the discussion? BSL6 Ladder Tournament 3.


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