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92 reasons to ship Tatsumi & Mine

This now takes place Right after Tatsumi joined night raid and going to be different from the original story but not entirely. Despite being the shortest in the group she had a low temper and was always yelling and hitting him. It's just for today. It's just for today" he kept telling himself over and over again. Hopefully she'll be nice today and not attack him this time.

Lubbock uses his Imperial Arms Cross Tail, a reel of strings that can be manipulated, to form a spear and stab Toby in the chest. Trooma tries to attack Mine from behind, but Leone intercepts with a surprise attack and kills him with a single blow. Stylish's paralytic poison injected into the foot soldiers. Najenda rides on an Air Manta and dispatches Susanoo , who easily defeats the foot soldiers.

Stylish injects himself with a vial that transforms him into a Danger Beast, and he consumes Hana, Me and Mimi to become stronger. Stylish's human body inside the Danger Beast. Meanwhile, Esdeath comforts Seryu over the death of Dr. Tatsumi and Leone take out a horde of Marg Dons in the forest. Chelsea uses her Imperial Arms Gaia Foundation, a cosmetics box that allows her to take on any appearance, to change into a cat and steal cake from Mine, who becomes very angry. Chelsea later berates Night Raid for being incompetent, mentioning the deaths of Sheele and Bulat.

Mine convinces Tatsumi and Lubbock to teach Chelsea a lesson for what she said. Lubbock tells Tatsumi to sneak up on Chelsea while she is bathing in the hot springs bath. It turns out that Chelsea used Gaia Foundation to take on the appearance of Susanoo to confuse Tatsumi at first. She reveals to be the only survivor of her former team that was massacred in the past, hence why she berated Night Raid in the first place.

Elsewhere, Esdeath is told by Run about a list of lookalikes of Tatsumi, but she declares that there is only one Tatsumi whom she loves. Honest assigns Esdeath to track down various Danger Beasts, which have appeared in forests and mines. Bols saves two merchants from being attacked by Humanoid Danger Beasts, but Wave witnesses the merchants being terrified of Bols due to his fearsome appearance.

Later, Bols explains that despite his nice personality, he used to be an executioner and burned down many infested villages. Bols is visited by his wife Kije and daughter Logue, who are very well aware of his line of work.

While training with Susanoo, Tatsumi considers him as a companion rather than just a tool. Stylish's human experiments, therefore the Humanoid Danger Beasts must have somehow escaped their containment.

While patrolling the mountains at night, Tatsumi learns that Lubbock joined Night Raid to get closer to Najenda, though his love is unrequited. Tatsumi travels alone to the summit, where he suddenly encounters Esdeath, who is shocked to see him. The reunion of Tatsumi and Esdeath is cut short when Honest's son Syura appears and uses his Imperial Arms Shambhala, a pendant capable of spatial manipulation, which teleports the two to a remote island.

After Tatsumi and Esdeath explore the island, they find out that they were teleported by a trigram circle symbol created by Syura. Esdeath reveals that she lived by the law of "survival of the fittest" and became a general in the Imperial Army, as a result of the northern tribe killing her late father and her former clan of Danger Beast hunters.

She also selected the Imperial Arms Demon's Extract, the blood of a Danger Beast which she drank in order to create and manipulate ice. When Syura's portal reappears, Tatsumi and Esdeath pass through and return to the mountains. Tatsumi uses his Incursio to hide before Esdeath has the chance of seeing him.

Akame ga Kill! Chapter 51 Discussion

Najenda prepares a strategy meeting for Night Raid after they sit down to eat. Meanwhile, Wave confronts Seryu for murdering three thieves suspected as members of Night Raid. Najenda tells Night Raid that they will launch attacks against the Empire during an uprising caused by Path of Peace, a pacifist religious organization.

Night Raid is assigned to assassinate Bolic , the assistant to the leader of Path of Peace while working as an agent under Honest. Bolic has been drugging members of Path of Peace to become his slaves and prevent them from an insurrection on the Empire. The members of Night Raid have fun at the beach before carrying out their mission.

Kurome uses her Imperial Arms Yatsufusa, a katana that turns her victims into zombies. Tatsumi becomes overwhelmed by Apeman and Henter, until Chelsea later disguises herself as a tribesman to distract and kill Henter with a poisoned needle to the head, leaving Tatsumi to finish off Apeman.

As Akame combats Wall and Bols at the same time, she tells Bols that she joined Night Raid because she believes it in her heart to be the right path. Mine is swallowed by Kaiser Frog, but she manages to pierce through Kaiser Frog and escape. Susanoo uses his trump card, transforming into an armored form gained from Najenda's life force, to kill Death Tagool.

Tatsumi and mine dating

Since Rubicante is damaged from the battle, Bols throws it upward and detonates it, causing a massive explosion around him. Akame and Leone survive the massive explosion. Bols meets a crying girl while walking in the woods, treating her bruised shin with a bandage. The girl is revealed to be Chelsea in disguise, and she pierces his nape with a poisoned needle.

What chapter do mine and tatsumi start dating

After Chelsea requests Lubbock to call for backup, she disguises herself as Bols and pursues Kurome. In the past, Akame and Kurome were trained together to be elite assassins, but they were separated due to their reliance on each other.

Kurome was experimented with various drugs to enhance her fighting prowess. In the present, Chelsea as Bols finds Kurome and uses this opportunity to stab her with a poisoned needle to her back. In the past, Chelsea worked as an apprentice to a viceroy, who accepted bribes and hunted people for fun.

She killed the viceroy after acquiring Gaia Foundation for the first time. In the present, Kurome somehow survives the poison, ordering Natala and Doya to kill Chelsea. During a downpour, Tatsumi and Akame reach a town square, where Chelsea's severed head is displayed on the top of a pole. Then, Bolic sends them on the offensive. Wave is surprised that Kurome quickly recovers, but he realizes that Kurome is putting on a facade so she could stay as a member of the Jaegers.

Tatsumi and Mine explore the busy marketplace. At a cemetery, Akame takes on Ibara, using Murasame to chop him into pieces. In the city streets, Lubbock fights Sten and Mez, using Cross Tail to crush Sten's heart from the inside and to stab Mez's back with knives. On the outskirts of town, Tatsumi and Mine quarrel as they encounter the Lord, the leader and founder of Path of Peace. Night Raid plans to infiltrate the palace during the anniversary festival of Path of Peace. Susanoo cooks favorite meals for the members in preparation for the mission.

Tatsumi and Mine wear disguises as a diversion to get out of the city undetected, but Seryu spots them and attacks them with a barrage of missiles.

As Suzuka also arrives and attacks, Tatsumi averts her away from the area, while Mine fights Seryu and Coro alone. Tatsumi defeats Suzuka by crushing her under nearby ruins. After enduring Seryu's rapid punches, Mine musters up her strength and uses Pumpkin to slice Seryu and Coro in half. Seryu retaliates by setting off a suicide bomb implanted in her hand.

Mine's legs become exhausted when she tries to run away, but Tatsumi ends up saving her from the blast. Meanwhile, the rest of Night Raid storms the palace. Although Esdeath advises Bolic not to leave, he later attempts to flee, only to be killed by Akame and Lubbock. Wave and Run worry when Kurome collapses. Tatsumi and Lubbock covertly meet up with the palace maid working as a member of the resistance.

At the entrance to the palace, they soon find themselves surrounded by Syura and his elite unit. Great General Budo of the Empire appears and uses his Imperial Arms Adramelech, a pair of gauntlets that generate electricity, to attack Tatsumi.

Lubbock struggles as Syura repeatedly warps himself on the ground and in midair using Shambhala. When the palace maid restrains Lubbock, she is injured by Syura, who is blindsided when his right hand holding Shambhala is cut off by Lubbock. However, the palace maid stabs Lubbock in the back. Lubbock kills Syura by crushing his heart from the inside, which then sends them both to high above the palace.

After Cross Tail breaks, Lubbock falls on the swords of Syura's men, being stabbed to death. Tatsumi, after being captured by Budo, is sentenced to death by Honest. I''m really sad for Esdese. She didn't deserve that. Poor Rabac and Main.

I kinda feel sorry for Esdese.. She just got rejected straight in the face Damn you Tatsumi! How could you just destroy her feelings like that! If anime characters were real, i'd probably be the happiest person alive! And here I thought that Tatsumi won't rise Mein's death flag. Oh how wrong I was Rabac is trying so hard not to fall into despair. I'm sure that at the end of this manga only Akame will survive. Why are you so sad? Esdese will win Tatsumi love! But i think we can say BB to Rabbac He will be killed right after saying everything.

Two almost sure death flag in one chapter. He can still attach them with strings, lol. Well, honestly, I don't know how to react. Why did I have to choose Rabac and Mein as my favorites?

I don't want either them to die, but I know at least one of them is I don't mind any deaths from chapter This chapter was great, sad for Esdese, she's really the best girl. And poor Rabac, I think he will betray NR. I was like "Oh god, oh god" during the whole chapter. I cried when he got his ball crushed.

Akame ga Kill! Chapter 78 Manga Review: Farewell, Night Raid ??????!

At this point, it might be better for him to commit suicide. And Tatsumi has fucked up. Ouch, that tortune scene. I can't imagine him caving in because of his allegiance to Najenda and the rest of Night Raid but That's the face of someone who's just snapped on the inside.

I wonder if she'll go full psychotic mode and try to kill Mine and then get Tatsumi back. Things aren't looking good. Well it seems that esdese will kill mine and akame will kill esdese and take tatsumi for herself. By the way, is that Suzuka girl dead?

The way Esdese handled her was quite funny xD. I wonder if the anime will reach these parts? Imagine the biggest troll ever Really felt bad for her this chap D:. Mine death flag confirmed: Mine death is too predictable to be true, I can't help but to think that this is some form of troll.

Tatsumi is an idiot. Apart from the obvious choosing Mine over Esdeath, he shouldn't have said that he was dating someone. He should have said he felt uncomfortable having intamacy since he had just almost been raped. If this chapter has taught us anything it's that Esdeath would have have been considerate of that. Now not only is Mine most assuredly dead but Tatsumi can't manipulate Esdeath to escape the capital.

On a side-ish note I don't think Esdeath will go yandere. She doesn't seem like that kind of person she seems to rational if she kills mine it will coincide with destroying night raid. It would be a shame if all her character development went out the window and she became yuno gasai. Also I felt sorry for her in this chapter because Tatsumi is a prick. Also Syura is right it is all his fault I guess it's fitting that Mine is going to die now since it was because he was rushing to save her that he didn't finish off the masochist woman.

Also if Mine is killed by Esdeath Tatsumi can't blame her ; it's her job and it was his fault in the two ways said above. Also at this point I agree EsdeathxTatsumi ain't happening: I read the whole manga in 1 day. Not that it was that much only 51 chapters The deaths flags are there from chapter 3. When she was reminiscing about here past and saying " I will survive no matter what". Even after that it's been countless times that I was like "she is gonna die soon".

I was sure she would die before she would confess to Tatsumi but i got it wrong once again. Fuck it feels like the author knows that everyone knows Mine will die and keeps toying with us. I really wish she will somehow survive till the end. Esdeath and Wave won't happen lol. If Wave ends up with someone It's gonna be Kurome. Well not that it's likely either taking into account she will die from drugs or something. I'm really curious to see how they are gonna escape this shit they are into.

To be honest it feels like there is absolutely no hope unless someone helps them from the inside. Rabac will talk and no one should blame him for it. The pain he's going through is unimaginable. I hope the rest of Night Raid has the good sense to relocate.

Tatsumi, props to you for your loyalty to Mein, but that was rather stupid. You could have bought some time with Esdese and then looked for a chance to escape and set Rabac free. Now, Esdese is going to be royally pissed, you're locked up, and Mein has the biggest death target in the known universe on her breast. I somehow expected this though from Tatsumi. I bet Esdese is going to snap hard now after just hearing Tatsumi tell her he is going out with someone.

Esdeath is going to claim Tatsumi now. I have this feeling and not just a fantasy that she's going to rape him next chapter. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Don't kill Mein pls ;w; Please do.

Death to yanderes as well! The new guy is solely carried by the rule of cool. Went back and checked the beginning of Esdese's obsession with Tatsumi, it's a comedic plot point later realized because it is said so. But this isn't a deep romance, and as everyone else is speculating it's just re-enforcing Mine's death flag.


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