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Nicki Minaj Says 'Yes,' She's Dating Eminem

It reached number one in twelve countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland and Australia. Dido's lyrics are a remix of the opening lines from her song " Thank You. Coincidentally, both songs were released as singles in late In April , Complex magazine put together a list of the greatest Eminem songs, ranking "Stan" at 2. The song tells the story of a person named Stanley "Stan" Mitchell voiced by Eminem who claims to be Eminem's biggest fan.

Instead, they read a lot - Dido recalls ploughing through War and Peace at the age of nine more, she admits, to prove a point to Rollo and her dad, who insisted she wouldn't finish it, than out of any real enjoyment. A close-knit family, they lived, she says, in a kind of fantasy world - something she needs to watch now, in the enclosed fantasy world of the music industry.

Her parents always treated their children more as friends. When Dido got into music, her mother enthusiastically plunged into it too, taking her to concerts, learning about music with her, and eventually taking singing lessons herself: She remembers a night in her early teens when she arrived home drunk at 5am, and her mum - who had been up writing poetry - simply ran her a bath. She could disappear for days without a question being asked, but then she'd come home and there'd be a row about her not wearing slippers.

Nothing was done in a conventional manner. When she was 15 or maybe 16 - she and her mum's memories differ on this , Dido was asked to leave home. She's hazy as to why. She goes on to explain: I didn't want to go; I was absolutely mortified to be thrown out. But I was also very stubborn. So when it got to the stage where I probably could go back, I didn't. She lived with her best friend's family, returning home for a couple of months just before her A levels when her parents realised how little work she'd been doing.

For the first time, she even had a curfew. Angry at her lack of self-discipline, her parents refused to pay for her to go to university as Rollo had. I just smoked myself silly through school, went out every weekend partying. I had no money. Shirley Conran, one of her dad's authors, gave her the best advice: It'll take three months of your life, and then you'll always be able to earn money.

I just enjoyed making money and having a job too much. What she missed out on, she muses, was the time to decide what she really wanted to do with her life. Which is perhaps why she ended up working at the literary agency by day, studying for a law degree at night and hanging out at the studio all hours in between.

Even on their holiday, she made Bob lug a keyboard along so she could write a song. The panic attacks started after her last gig with Faithless in Dublin in Towards the end of their set, Dido would go offstage while the other singer in the group did her solo, and on that particular night the road manager told her they'd have to wrap up quickly because six people in the audience had been stabbed.

She then had to go back on to sing the last song, knowing what had happened. It wasn't the best way to say goodbye. That night, in her hotel room, she thought she was having a heart attack.

How Dido did it

She had enough money saved to last her a year, so she spent that time writing songs, finding collaborators, recording demos and making contacts. In October , just before the money ran out, she signed a publishing deal for her songs with Warner-Chappell. The company took her out for dinner, and she came home with a cheque - then sat in her flat for over a week, heart pounding, afraid to go outside. It was my escape. Whenever anything was bugging me, I'd just go and play my music and it made me happy.

And there was something about them giving me money for it that, to me, symbolised it being taken away.

Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

I felt like I no longer had the thing that made my life worth living. She pulled herself together by writing a song 'Slide', which appears on the album.

Dido eminem dating

But the attacks became a regular occurrence. So it was quite a challenge at first to get onstage. And although she sometimes feels one closing in, she hasn't had an attack now for two years.

By the time her brother began to concede she might have some talent and offered her a deal with Cheeky, other record labels were interested, too.

But his was the only deal that didn't make her panic. Rollo couldn't offer much money, but he did give her complete artistic freedom, the chance to make the record she wanted to make.

The music industry is a pretty hostile place, and I wasn't having a good time. It proved a wise move. Rollo, she says, has always been her harshest critic, and it was he who added the darker, more poetic edges to her lyrics at a time when her life was starting to fall into place and she was finding it hard to write songs which were anything other than blissfully happy. I do my thing, he does his, but we can come together and do something together which is worthwhile and good.

That's an amazing thing to share with a sibling. But just as the album was due to come out in , Rollo decided to sell Cheeky to BMG, and put his release schedule on hold for over a year while the deal was negotiated.

Arista proceeded with the release as plan-ned, and so Dido had little option but to go to America, doing all the travelling, play- ing, hand-shaking and sheer hard slog that British acts usually find difficult or too demeaning.

His rhymes and stuff, I mean, they're genius. Anyone who's prepared to totally say what they think and not care, and know that it's not all deadly serious, and do their thing and do it completely unique -- I think it's just so refreshing to have [a] number one doing that.

Eminem is not the first to discover the year-old's ethereally soulful music. At age ten, Dido was skilled at the piano, violin, and recorder, and years later she began singing in various bands on the London music scene. She eventually hooked up with her brother Rollo's musical brainchild, Faithless, appearing on the trip-hop group's albums to date 's "Reverence" and 's "Sunday 8 PM" and touring with the band as well.

Clive Davis signed Dido to Arista in as a solo artist, at which time she began to embark on recording and. Currently, Dido is holed up in London for a quick breather before she heads back out on the road armed with a few new songs she's written during her travels.

Wander down Upper Street in Islington, north London, or pop into the local Waitrose and you never know, you might just bump into a pop superstar. Dido, with 38 million album sales and a Greatest Hits album coming out this week, is one of the biggest-selling artists of the 21st century, but mansions, private planes and entourages are not her thing. Even now, 14 years since she shot to fame with the album No Angel, Dido is still demure and softly spoken.

She's worth millions, but Dido was racked with chronic insecurity - until having a family and turning 40 gave her the confidence she craved. What have I been doing?

Dido has actually been devouring books all her life, coming from a literary family. They felt like outsiders growing up, but Dido feels this left them with a rich legacy.

We both love reading and creating things, so whatever our parents did, it worked, whether it was intentional or not. Having not seen Eminem for eight years, Dido got an unexpected call from his people earlier this year asking if she would like to perform Stan with him at the Reading and Leeds Festivals pictured in You have to be a rebel in some way growing up and I was quite a difficult teenager.

Dido speaks of her battle with insecurities

But whatever got me here I feel lucky to have had. Is it good now? She went for lessons at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music in London, played violin and piano and toured Europe in a classical music ensemble.

After her A-levels she worked at a leading literary agents while studying law at night. I just wanted to use my brain in some way. I was just trying to work out what I wanted to do. I was in a band and we did gigs. She was emotionally fragile in those early days. She suffered panic attacks after signing with song publishers in October It was the way I expressed myself.

But I got over it. The result was the album No Angel, which she took on a three-year tour round America and went on to sell 21 million copies. Part of that is getting older. Turning 40 you get this wave of acceptance'. After its release she was surprised to receive a letter from notorious rapper Eminem requesting permission to use part of her song Thank You in his song Stan.


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