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Valuable piece percy jackson and thalia grace dating fanfiction think, that you

Thalia Grace reads fan fiction...

Don't like, don't read. In fact, she felt bitter insolence course through her during this summer's year at camp. Regret nagged at her mind at the sight of him and her together. In all honesty, Annabeth had thought that just because she left her mediocre affair with Travis Stoll meant that Percy would still be there for her. While with Hermes' son, she had watched the girls from the Aphrodite cabin and Demeter cabin flock Percy Jackson's every move, now that he was a bachelor. Why was it that the moment Annabeth left Percy, the boy had gotten even more handsome than before? Even thought Annabeth had been the one to cheat on him, he was still the same sweet Percy.

But before I left I turned around and said, "Luke? He turned around, and I punched him in the face hard enough to make him stagger back in surprise. Hard enough to where he would have a black eye in the morning. Before he had enough time to react I was out of the door in a flash.

Percy jackson and thalia grace dating fanfiction

Tears started following down my cheeks, and one which was still stinging as I got into my car. My eyes were red and puffy as I pulled into the drive way of my best friend, Cassandra Jackson's, house. I sat down on the couch, and stared into space, thinking.

Thalia Grace [To Feel Alive] - Percy Jackson and Sea of monsters

Percy sat beside me and pulled me closer to get a closer look at my cheek. When I looked into Percy's eyes I saw anger in them. I leaned into his touch and shook my head. That's when the tears started to fall. I put my head on Percy shoulder and started to sob while Percy rubbed my back and whispered soothing words. I looked up at him and smiled. It was weird being comforted by Percy and seeing the nice side of him since we always fought and we could never get along, but truthfully I've always had a crush on him.

He smiled at me and said, "Do you want to tell me what happened, if you want to. I mean we've been fighting a lot.

Our relationship hasn't been the same since he cheated on me. But, I'm just surprised that he would hit me," I told Percy. He nodded and said, "I've known Luke for a long time and I could never picture him hitting someone but people change. He wrapped his arm around my waist and led me to the car. I got in the passenger side while he got in the driver's side.

But, now that I look back on it I guess that was our way of flirting with each other and we just didn't know it. I turned on the radio, leaned back into my seat, and stared out the window as we rode in a comfortable silence. A few minutes later we were pulling up in front of a carnival. I felt him slip his hand into mine as we walked to the entrance of the carnival and he squeezed my hand as if he was asking me ' Is this ok?

I was having the time of my life. Percy and I rode all of the rides and afterwards we shared a funnel cake while we were walking down to the beach, which was right next to the carnival. When we got there I noticed that there was music playing and couples were swaying to the music.

He took my hand and led me out to where everybody else was dancing. He put his arms around my waist while I put both of my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder.

No fighting - seriously. Will it come to be something more? Rated T for content and language.

Rather by heartstrung reviews He'd rather argue with her than to be with someone else. Constructive critism is love. Flames will make me s'mores! Story adopted from Son of Jupiter Chapters are Son of Jupiter 12's the rest are mine.

K - English - Romance - Chapters: So one night I decided to go for a walk to clear my thoughts.. Percy has died in this, I know he is not dead in the cannon.

Silence by Little Miss Thalia Grace reviews He wasn't sure how long he laid there, but the silence was unbearable. Yet he didn't have the heart to break it.

Written for the Prompt Challenge on my wall. No Chance by Percyjacksonfan16 reviews After traveling across the country with Percy to find Annabeth, Thalia can't deny her feelings for him. His silky dark hair, undying loyalty, and effortless smile made her weak.

So she tried to push him away, to stay friends like he wanted. But she had no chance with Percy Jackson. A snippet of Thalia's Pov when she was asked to be a hunter on Olympus. One son of Poseidon. Need I say anything more? Of Shocks and Seashells by iftheworldwasonfire reviews This is a series of one-shots about Percy and Thalia.

Not really Perlia,more friendship, but it could be taken as being Perlia if you want to.

Retells some scenes from the books and some scenes I made up. Rated T just in case. It hits mid thigh and I tug at the hem uncomfortably. This shit is way too short.

But I like the way the fabric swirls around me like a cloud and the actual dress isn't un pleasant. I nod, even though I know that she can't see me and creep out from behind the screen.

She reaches over into the rack again and pulls out a tangle of gold chains and strappy red sandals. She hands them to me and I obey her silent command.

I straighten up after strapping on my shoes and Piper yanks out the elastic that pulls my crazy curls in place.

I groan but shuffle over to the seat and slump down in it. For the next hour I sit there while Piper pokes, prods, brushes, paints, dusts, spray and take a coffee break. Piper blabbers mindlessly which tells me just about how nervous she actually is. I watch as Thalia fiddles with her cameras industriously then gets bored and begins to watch Piper work on me. Her facial expressions change over time from amusement, humor, disgust and finally alarm when Piper picks up a bottle of pink hair spray.

She bursts out laughing when a plume of shiny pink stuff clouds around my face and I cough loudly. I glare at her threateningly. Piper's gentle hand has turned my face into something soft and delicate with huge feather gray eyes and pink perfect lips. My eyes are lightly dusted with shimmer and my hair is loose and free. Thalia snorts from her spot behind the camera, "You always look gorgeous, and this is a different kind of gorgeous.

This is why I can't stand him. Percy stops and turns to me. I can feel his eyes trace up and down my body. I can feel heat crawl up my back but I stare back at him. He's right, of course. Percy Jackson, with his dark hair, sea green eyes, tan skin and jaw just beginning to stubble, is so annoying attractive that it's no surprise he's so full of himself.

Piper squeals, "You two are perfect. I arch an eyebrow at her and before I know it my cheeks are flushing. Percy notices it and the idiot smirks at me then winks. Piper hands Percy a pair of dark jeans and pressed button down shirt. He changes quickly and all Piper does is run her hands through his hair and un-tuck his shirt.

She then hands him a pair of black converse. Piper rolls her eyes and yanks both of us into a simple table, meant for two, with a vase holding a couple wildflowers. Annabeth, you're shy artsy student and Percy, you put the play in playboy.

Percy walks in, everybody looks up except you. He's intrigued and introduces himself. You have coffee together and he walks away with your number. She fiddles with something on the camera and I watch as Piper hustles Percy out the door, only pausing to tell him something.


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