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Fake Dating My best Friend // Shawn Mendes Fan-Fiction// Official Trailer

Clarke was just settling in at her favorite table at her favorite Starbucks with her favorite drink when her best friend startled her by plopping down into the seat across from her. Clarke rolled her eyes. When did Bellamy not need help with something? Ever since they'd first met in their freshman year of college, Clarke had had to help Bellamy out of multiple crazy situations. Drunk bar brawls, crazy professors, paint on his dorm room wall, you name it. Bellamy's eyes shifted to the table, refusing to make eye contact with Clarke.

Hope you enjoyed it,. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. To say that Annabeth is surprised when Percy asks her to fake date him is an understatement. She's even more surprised that she agrees. Time to see whether she can last the month. Sorry, I'm really bad at summaries. Happy Reading, Panda Annabeth Chase was not popular and she wasn't unpopular.

So it came as a surprise to Annabeth when Percy asked her a favour. Annabeth glanced around before realizing that he was talking to her. Hope you enjoyed it, Happy Reading, Panda Chapter 1- Explanation 3. Chapter 2- 2am 4. Chapter 3- Revelation 5.

Chapter 4- Fun Times at Lunch 6.

Fake dating fanfiction

Chapter 5- Blame Jason 7. Chapter 6- Dinner Time 8. She basically tackled Lydia again in a hug. And where is my brother? It is completely unexcusable that I saw you before him! She sighed and turned to face the room again, finally notice the other girl. The small redhead stood from her perch on the bottom bunk.

We went to UCLA together. Izzy told me all about you, it's nice to finally put a name to the face. I'm Lydia, Alec's girlfriend," Lydia supplied, relaxing slightly. She basically knew Clary, Izzy never shut up about Clary. I never really figured out which one of you was dating Alec and Izzy never said. Lydia laughed and it wasn't forced like she thought it'd be. Sometimes I feel like I'm dating both of them.

She doesn't know how Alec and Magnus are going to survive once she finally moves out. Lydia nodded, biting her lip and staring at the ground. A moment of awkward silence passed before Lydia broke it, asking, "so I get the single bed? Lydia smiled again before throwing her bag on the bed, pulling out the things that are worthy to unpack for their two night stay. Izzy came sliding back into the room then, long black hair billowing behind her and grinning like a madman. Ready for the weekend to officially begin?

By the time Clary, Izzy, and Lydia go downstairs for dinner, the whole family is already there. The whole downstairs bustling with the family and the caterers.

Lydia spots Alec and Magnus immediately. They're sitting in the living room, talking with an old woman that Lydia can only guess is Alec's grandmother.

Magus seems to be laughing at something Grandma Trueblood said and Alec grinned when he sees Lydia, waving her over to them. He stands when she approaches and wraps his arm around her shoulders. He's done it about a million times but it has never been awkward until now. The smile drops off Abuela's face and her brow crinkles in confusion.

Her eyes turn to Magnus and then train back on Lydia. My old mind spaces out a bit sometimes. It's a pleasure to meet you. Alec pulls up another chair next to his grandmother. Abuela looked unamused, but still turned to Lydia and Magnus. I'm sure you two are even better suited. Lydia was spared the effort of coming up with a suitable reply by Alec's father interrupting them. I'm here to escort you.

Robert rolled his eyes but still helped her to her feet and handed Abuela her cane beofre he noticed Lydia sill sitting on the couch.

I recognise you from pictures. The night was serene and peaceful on the lake, the silence was only broken by the laughter coming from the Trueblood family kid's table. The kids, ranging from about six years old to late twenties all sat around the table, joking and telling stories. Alec sent a glance at the table. Max was at one end of the table, trying to teach the younger kids some kind of card game. Magnus was talking excitedly with Izzy about fashion and the newest Project Runway season while Jace sat with Clary, the two chatting amicably and Clary smoothly brushing off Jace's flirting.

With all his siblings accounted for and occupied, Alec turned back to her. They both stood and Lydia took his hand, threading her fingers through his like she has seen Magnus and Alec do hundreds of times. Alec laughed and hit his hip against hers before looking over his shoulder at the house. He let go of Lydia's hand and his hands immediately went into his pockets. Or did our just miss our best friend bonding time. Lydia rolled her eyes. Alec stopped walking suddenly and Lydia turned to stand in front of him.

She crossed her arms over her chest and bit her lip as Alec stared at the sand, deep in thought. Alec ran his hand through his hair.

That's a good thing right? At least now I know when I do come out she won't have a heart attack from the shock.

You got the hardest one out of the way," Lydia said, trying to be optimistic. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Fake-Date Coupons were made for one reason and one reason only: The only problem is actually using them. Alec decides to use his on his grandmother's 98th birthday party. And suddenly red-eyes comes along and he's gone without a second thought.

You could give him a slap in the face by pretending to date me - it'd be the talk of the school! We've known each other way longer than those idiots, it's very believable.

Dating Asuka, even if it was only a farce, was an exhausting exercise. The day after their talk, she had loudly proclaimed their new 'couple status' and dragged Rei around with her at breaks, then attended literature club with her in the afternoon.

Fake Dating My best Friend // Shawn Mendes Fan-Fiction// Official Trailer

That had been interesting - she'd turned out to have a lot to say about Virginia Woolf's 'Orlando' and it had mostly been quite intelligent. Rei particularly enjoyed when she quoted "…if the consciousness of being the same sex had any effect, it was to quicken and deepen the feeling's she'd had as a man. Asuka had even forcibly walked Rei home. Rei didn't usually like people knowing where she lived, but the walk had been surprisingly nice.

Asuka's eyes flicked to Rei, but immediately returned to looking ahead. Rei wasn't sure if it was just the reflection of her red hair on her cheek, but she thought Asuka might be blushing.

When they reached the door of Rei's apartment, Asuka told her what was happening the next day. We're training for an interschool event next Saturday - you don't need to come to that - so it might go a little longer.

You can just read a book if you want. Kaworu has gym training at the same time, so he and Shinji should be there tomorrow. Rei nodded and slipped in to her apartment with a whispered 'see you tomorrow'. With the door safely shut behind her, she let a smile emerge on her lips and wondered where it had come from.

After school the next day, Rei seated herself near the back of the bleachers with Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' and returned Kaworu's cheery wave from the other side of the field with a short raise of her hand. She could spot Shinji's black hair right on the first row, close to where Kaworu was warming up.

He seemed to have a bottle of water for when Kaworu got thirsty.

Top 10 Fake Dating/Relationship Fics

Rei wondered if she should do that. Asuka and the rest of the athletic club had their backs to her, so she decided she had time to locate some cold water. When Rei returned with a cup of cold water from the dispenser, Asuka had finished her first sprint.


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