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Advise engineers and artists dating advise

5 Reasons Why Smart People Suck at Dating

Engineers are single, simply because we understand relationships better. The reason is that for us engineers, relationships are easy to analyze. We go down to the first-principles, and then build a relationship logically up from there. As engineers we understand these facts inherently, but let me break down the basics of relationship for the rest of humanity for their benefit. This nightclub apparently gets rowdy at night. One of them in a very drunk manner, I must repeat even impolitely took my hand and put it around her waist to ensure that I would stop typing and talk to them.

Even though this seems like an ideal situation, it never truly occurs in real life. Engineers tend to want to reduce stresses at all times, and this causes relationships to end even when the external forces are negligible. Speed of a relationship: Since the speed of relationship is irrespective of its direction, therefore it is a scalar quantity.

Velocity of a relationship: The speed of the changes occuring in a relationship, in a particular direction.

A Day In The Life Of An Engineer's Wife

Acceleration of a relationship: The rate of change of velocity of a relationship. A relationship force may be defined as an agent which tends to produce or destroy the relationship status of a body.

A force while acting on a relationship may change the relationship status, either accelerating or decelerating it. It might balance the stresses already acting in the relationship, or give rise to new internal stresses. To determine the effects of a force acting on a relationship, we must know the magnitude of the force, the direction of action of the force, and the point at which the force is acting.

Moment of a relationship force: The product of the distance between the partners and a physical quantity force , and in this way it accounts for how the physical quantity is located or arranged. Also popularly known as a long distance relationship in the non-engineer world. The effect of the force is equal to the product of the amount of force being applied and the distance between them. It can be used both in the SI or the imperial systems of measurement. Basically, the forces whose lines of action are parallel to each other, and can hence never meet.

As you can clearly see, if a person is pre-stressed by parallel forces other than the one asking to search for a relationship, then a partner is never found. The second relationship law states that the rate of change of momentum in a relationship is directly proportional to the impressed force, and takes place in the same direction in which the force acts. The third law , true for any non-abusive relationship, states that every action in a relationship produces, instantaneously, an equal and opposite reaction.

The instantaneous part is mute, because of course, Newton was a man and a single one at that. He did not deal with the deep and confusing intricacies of real-life women. In fact Newton was sooo single, that he never even pursued a single woman, and hence could not even learn about women by being friend-zoned.

Newton thought like all reasonable single unenlightened men still do that the reaction to an action in a relationship should happen immediately.

Many different forces might act at the same time in a relationship. If the forces are acting in different directions, then for the relationship to be in equilibrium, they must be proportional to each other from at least some angle.

Two equal and opposite forces, each with a different line of action, sometimes form a relationship couple. As can be clearly seen from the image below color choice intentional , these relationships can never move forward in any direction, and are bound to end up moving in a vicious circle, unless being acted upon by an external relationship force. The must-play city building game of Journey through the ages and create a mighty empire in this award-winning game.

Why do single men stay single for a long time? Which country has the most single women? Can any Indian woman nowadays be single? The Engineer and The Frog.

Engineers and artists dating

Answered Apr 18, Why do engineers have such a hard time in social situations or in dating and relationships? By the time they are ready to confront social situations all others are pretty good at socializing and by observing this engineers feel like "Where was I for the past years? Am I still a Human enough now? So now on an added note the solution is simple, "1. Confront and conquer, after all that is the engineers way.

Updated Oct 8, Answered Feb 22, Why do engineers tend to be single? I have seen in my college as boys are less in our college they tend to have loth of option for girls.. Like in my bath of 50 student we have only 10 boys n we too have physiotherap bath in college for batch of 50 only 1 boy is there.. Saddest part is boys in medical college are heartless because they tend to have loth of option for every month.. And they are too bossy and have loth of attitude..

What Sadly Happens When A Creative Type Marries an Engineering Techie Type

The biggest part is they think they are too cool but they are not.. Not as compared to engineering guy. I think in engineering college it's opposite girls are less n boys are more. Why do engineers not have girlfriends? Answered May 9, Why are most mechanical engineers single?

One thing for starters Girls: Boys ratio is next to negligible in my college its 2: Busy playing counter-strike Watching Sci fi Tv shows Busy playing football, cricket, basketball Or simply to put it "It better to give treat to friends who will remember" then to expense all our pocket money on one girl which in the day says you don't do for her.

Quora User , Artist and writer passionate about psychology of dating. They are socially inept when it comes to these things. Related Questions How do I find a date on Quora? Why are most doctors single? Is being single better than being in a relationship?

Are most girls who are single, single by choice? Are you single or dating someone? Are most feminists single? Are dating and relationships necessary in teenagers? How many single girls want a date?

10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Architect !

How can dating in Quora and find a single lady, its very important? Are you single and looking for dates? What's one thing single women struggle with most when dating? Who could marry an Architect? They have to deal with many givens, satisfy different clients, and finish before the deadline. So, in relationships, they can be calm and rational, no mood swings.

Architects can be detail-oriented, and that means they will remember the smallest details about you. They need to be capable of understanding their clients to offer them something that suits them. It is a skill that works pleasantly when it comes to personal relationships. Part of the Logical thinker and planner package is being organized. They may seem messy, their rooms, studios, and even their cars.

Architects are both engineers and artists. So, they have to be able to think like engineers, and by that, we mean think logically. Also, without a plan, things can fall apart pretty badly, and so it becomes part of their daily routine to think of the future. The artistic side of the architects makes them very creative.

Their need to think out of the box in order to solve unpreceded problems and work out appealing and functional designs changes their thinking manner. They become creative by habit, and it reflects on their surrounding environment.

Architects have loads of information in all sorts of fields gained through learning and working experience.


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