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And double dating good or bad for that

Interracial Dating Gone Wrong! A Fun Double Date Diary (What Not To Do)

Outright yes for a relationship. But for the individual, it might not be all bad if you have trust issues and the possibility of losing out materializes because it gives you an arm to fall into when one door closes. But personally I think having an arm to fall into as excuse for double dating is crap because I can fall into my own arms, I am quite independent. It's true no man is an island but everyman should learn what it is to be an island because at times in a case of mass flooding vast parts the very continent could get drowned and turned into an island. What would you do then when you have no choice but being an island is a must? Learn to fall back into your own self, be strong with yourself and understand relationships with any entity but God is bound to end by death or by misunderstanding.

You need to let God direct you on who to marry instead of making repeated mistakes. Put it in his hand,it is better to be single than to waste time in a fruitless relationship.

Double dating is not healthy,desist from it. There would be better days ahead if only you can relax well for the right person.

Double dating is bad (1)

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Double dating good or bad

I am so excited to meet you. I am Nike Adedokun, a Relationship and sexuality Coach.

I help people build healthy relationships, emotionally balanced minds and sexually purified lives through consultancy, strategies and trainings. As a Master practitioner of NLP and Results coach, I deliberately reposition singles emotionally, mentally and sexually to enable them attract the kind of partner that would give them a purposeful relationship. It's a class that centres around building healthy hearts, minds and sexuality. Dating can help you to develop your personality.

Most people spend so much of their time waiting, searching and then go through the experiences of dating till they find what they are looking for. On the other hand, some even try to keep their options open and decide not to commit to only one person, as they have no qualms of dating two persons at once.

So, if you would end-up dating two people at the same time, it may not seem like a big deal.

Double Dating GONE WRONG!!

However, there are chances of you getting serious with two people at the same time. You may not think about the repercussions of dating two people and the share of problems it can bring with it, especially when you are not serious about the relationship. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you playing in the field a little by dating two people at once, yet there can be pitfalls in it. Your intentions with double dating may be right for you, yet dating two people at once can create unneeded complications, especially when things are not out in the open.

It can definitely put you in trouble, particularly leading to a double heartache. Hence, here are some reasons why double dating is dangerous. Unintended Consequences Going on a double date is a totally personal preference. But, you should be careful of the drama that comes with double dating.

The pitfall of why double dating is dangerous is that you need to be ready to face the consequences of what will happen if both of your love interests come to know of your intentions.

They would certainly come to know about your dating formula either through friends or through social networking sites. There is always the possibility of getting into a loophole somewhere.

End Up Having Strong Feelings So, why is it always said that you should never date two people at the same time? Relationships are meant to be about love, trust and respect. None of that is present when one double dates.

Does that not mean you are a child? When you commit to a relationship, you are saying in essence that the person is someone you like or love, as the case may be and want to pursue an exclusive partnership with the person. The idea is that no one else is then allowed to be as close to you as they are or have the kind of access to you that they do. Then you start to build together and make the relationship grow to the point that if marriage is what you are both after, it goes there with time.

How soon depends on each individual relationship so we cannot have a benchmark for everyone on timing. When a person says that they are in a relationship then secretly seeing someone else, please let us call it what it is and not play with words and phrases to look smart and mature.


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