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Please opinion dating your sister in law consider, that

DOCS: Brothers & Sisters In Love

But a bit of family history: My mum and dad got married. A couple of years later, my dads sister married my mums uncle. This makes Pam both my mums aunty and her sister in law. Try putting that on a family tree!! Unless there is a blood tie, or if they grew up as family eg adopted etc , I see nothing wrong with it. There isn't blood ties with each other but they both share a blood tie to a cousin.

Yeah, the thought of that makes me feel weird as well. Something about it just seems wrong, but apparently, the heart wants what the heart wants. They helped each other through plenty of difficult days and in a way, they became a family. My sister was killed by a drunk driver on her way home from work 3 years ago. She had been married to Brian for 6 years and when she was killed they had an month-old daughter.

Obviously this death took a toll on our entire family, my parents in particular. Brian was of course devastated and heartbroken. He has good family and they were very supportive of him and his mom came to stay with him for 3 months after the accident to help with the baby.

She, however, could not take off anymore time from work and Brian was faced with the very real problem of child care and having to work full time with no help. At this point in time, I had lost my job due to budget cuts and I offered to help him out.

He wanted to pay me but I told him that I would not take anything from him because this was my niece and I did not want to lose touch with her. So what he started doing was providing me food every day.

Dating In-laws

In other words he would buy groceries and I was free to use whatever I wanted. This worked out for awhile but it was becoming expensive driving back and forth everyday with no income coming in. I spoke with my parents just to make sure nobody would be creeped out by this and told them that this was just a babysitting gig to help keep my niece close to me.

I felt like in many ways this was a way of keeping my sister close to me as well. She discovered that he felt the same way that she did after stumbling across a Facebook messenger conversation Brian had with his brother.

There have been many of nights one of us has held the other as they cried. In many ways this has been very helpful getting through this, I actually feel like I get strength from him sometimes when I get sad and I really feel like I have helped him as well.

He has had grief counseling over the past two years. I know for a fact he has not seen, dated or really even looked at another woman. In fact about 6 months after the funeral, he told me he would never get married again and did not see him ever loving anyone again. I know that was the hurt talking but for about 3 years now he has held fast to that. Despite my best efforts and believe me I know how sick this is and how much I am not honoring my sister but I have fallen in love with him.

But my aunt and uncle are not related! My mom always wished they would get together and get married. Not because anyone thought it was gross, they just didn't click. My aunt now is married.

Well her older brother dated and was engaged to her husbands mom. No blood relations anywhere. Non of then grew up as family. I don't have a problem with it. When people find love they find it! I think it is fine. My sister in law's brother and I share some chemistry.


With the exception of it ending in a breakup which might become awkward, I don't see the problem. I don't see marriage the way you do though. You marry into a family, your whole family doesn't marry into their whole family.

At least not in my world. I have double cousins in my family and DH's family. Brother and sister married brother and sister with my in-laws, and the same on my side. When my aunt married her now husband both had adult children.

Her daughter and his son met at the wedding, clicked, and got married. They had a son together who can technically claim he has an uncle-dad and an aunt-mom. The marriage did not last, unfortunately so only the child has the complicated relation now. Random thought but this reminds me of the girl on the first teen mom that gave her baby up for adoption Her and her BF had a baby and his dad married her mom That's weird Step sis and bro engaged with a kid. I do find it weird but the gross statement comes into play when there are children involved.

That's some Jerry Springer mess when you are my cousin and brother. All can be prevented if the two parents don't hook up.

My cousin and Husbands cousin have been dating for 10 months now I have no problem with it. They aren't realted in any way. My bf's family has kind of the same situation. His mom has an identical twin sister. They both married brothers. I don't think it's weird but my friend has a baby with her step dads brother and her dad had such a huge issue with it so he disowned her.

I don't know about the child issue, but I have heard of twin's from one family getting married to twins from another family and other situations like that. As long as there is no blood relation between dating couples, I wouldn't consider it wrong.

Dating your sister in law

Although I'm a fan of courtship so that is another matter. I have two couples in my extended family that are related through us. It was frown upon by older generation, but worked out fine. It was not weird and certainly not gross.


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