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Hummel Figurines have been a part of many peoples lives over the year. Boys and girls doing everyday duties from picking apples to delivering letters. Now you may want to find out the age of the Hummel Figurine you remember so fondly. If you are looking for a Hummel value chart then read the M. To find out how old your Hummel is look on the underside of your Hummel Figurine and find the Goebel stamp or makers mark. This mark is the official trademark of Goebel. The look of the trademark has varied since

Between and yet another variation was used - still incorporating the stylized bee but adding three lines of text. From to the mark was changed to the last and final mark to include the now famous bee. From to the V as well as the bee were removed from the design.

In the mark was revised to reflect the reunification of Germany. This trademark was used until It once again incorporated the famous crown and is TMK The current trademark is TMK-8 which has been in use since As you can see the famous Hummel bumblebee is back in prominent form!

To summarize, when purchasing a Hummel figurine for your collection knowing which mark it possesses is very important as the value of a Hummel figurine varies according to its age.

It's also important from the standpoint of authentication as you certainly want to be assured that you're buying a genuine figurine and not a fake or forgery. We truly hope this guide on dating and authenticating your figurine proves helpful to you.

Some have been retired, and the molds broken, never to be produced again.

There have been reissues. There have been prototypes uniques!

Dating a Goebel Figurine (NOT Hummel) Unmarked - without a trademark

There have been "mistakes. One last, important note: Goebel Germany has announced that it will no longer manufacture Hummels! Production, instead, has been shifted to Asia where the figurines will reportedly still be "based on the original Hummel artwork and approved by the artist's convent. Goebel reports that it still has enough German-made pieces to satisfy collectors for at least the rest of this year, but in all probability, German-made pieces will increase in value as the Asian pieces become the norm.

Goebel reached out to AuctionBytes to clarify their plans for the Hummel figurines. Hummel ornaments, water globes and villages are the only Hummel products currently made in Asia. Goebel is confident that a new "solution" will soon be found for M. Goebel is actively working in this direction.

In the collectibles market, knowledge is money. With that in mind, we highly recommend the following resources:. Peter admin Hi Pat Your article is perhaps the most exhaustive piece of research I have ever had on this China Chat forum in 10 years. Right off the bat, if I had seen this piece without your research, I would have also written it off as a Goebel type copy - likely from the Far East. This is because Goebel were very clear and efficient at marking their wares.

Your two main questions are: The date issue is difficult. Most appraisers would be very happy with that date range and leave it there. It's the keen collector who wants to do deeper.

Dating your hummels

Will e ever know? Not unless we get a clever contributor to solve this for us. The why no mark questions may be easier. First thing is, sometimes the Goebel crown is impressed in the mould and sometimes an ink stamp. Imagine a production studio.

The shape mark NM is in the mould, so is on the piece anyway. Imagine for some reason this was an experimental item - a colour trial or some such. I have seen many of these sitting around ceramic factory studios. They often don't get round to having the final stamp put on.

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Eventually one of the staff acquire it and it gets onto the market that way. The tree stump on yours and other surrounds looks unpainted. As a one off, this could be added value to a collector.


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