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How to Make Wedgwood Pottery

We and our partners use Cookies and non-sensitive data to personalize your experience, measure audience and provide personalized advertising. You can consent to the use of this technology or manage your settings to fully control the data collected and processed. Posts Topics Advanced Search. I have a Wedgwood Biscuit barrel and I'm not exactly sure of the date. It has no England mark so I know it's early. On the base it has the Wedgwood name and the letter X - plus it looks like the letter J close by.

The question is which one.

Wedgwood Marks

Based on the size, its intended use I would have guessed 's so would be a good choice. If your looking to move it one I would suggest holding back. A huge collection hit the market last year and I have been seeing this barrels by the tray full on various dealers stalls recently. Quality does vary in what's available but prices are very low with lots of choice for collectors.


Mordeep Number of posts: Richmond Surrey Registration date: I was wondering if it might be earlier than The reason being that it only has a single letter mark rather that a 3 character date mark. The 'X' under the Wedgwood name looks more like potters marks rather than a date mark - the single impressed character mark could be a J or a C or even a U. I have done a little more research and emailed the Wedgwood Museum and it would appear that this is not pure jasper but a line of wares that ran along side the Jasper line called Bas-Relief.

Bas-relief was more course grained and less detailed and generally is glazed on the inside.

Production of this would put the date between and Here's what the Museum said: It is often a matter of looking at the general style and type of piece as well which enables to to put a date to something. The impressed mystery letter is in all likelihood a potters mark, and would have orginally identified who had made it - a useful thing considering so many people were at the time paid on piece work" The museum dates my item at C Just for info and reference here is the full response I got from the Wedgwood Museum archivist.

Chat on Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Figures and Book Review identification dating

Dear Dan, Thank you for your email. Your biscuit barrel is an example of bas- relief ware. To all intents and purposes, the Bas Relief Ware is extremely similar in appearance to true Jasper production.

However, a closer examination reveals that true Jasper is a more fine-grained ceramic ware, whereas the Bas Relief production is more coarse-grained, tends to have the interiors of the pieces produced glazed, and the ornamentation is not as delicate. Bas Relief Ware production which continued from circa the s until the s, was used in the production of, for example, biscuit barrels, tea wares, garden pots etc. I would imagine that it dates to c. The motif includes maidens, cherubs, trees and the inside has a glazed shiny finish.

Sauce Boat and Saucer. Dinner Plates x Serving Platters x 2. Small amount of staining at the extreme foot edge of the jug that is all. It measures 8" The stand measures 8.

Wedgwood Jasperware Heart Shaped Dish. Wedgwood impress to base.

Dating wedgwood pottery

White decoration on a blue base. Decorated with five of the classical Muses. Wedgwood impress to bases. White decoration on blue base.

Size - Just over 10cm high from floor to lid knob and base is 8. Wedgwood jug blue jasper-wear decorative. I cannot find any faults on this jug. The box dates to around the s. The Table Lighter is dated to base, complete with original box. Engraved by the Wedgwood Studios.


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