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Excellent, agree dating russian woman reddit opinion you are

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User Name Remember Me? I started to talk to her when she was looking at some stuff in the store. Share Share this post on Digg Del. I personly think russian girls are very attracted to americanism a word I might have just made up. You see the more big man american you are the more they'll like you.

Maybe she doesn't need your money, maybe she needs residence permit or citizenship. I've dated only Russian women my whole adulthood and I've never experienced such behavior.

Saying "no" to intimacy is also strange. How often she refuses? I think it's normal in the beginning of the relationships to have sex almost on every date since first one or five. I'm few years younger. So thats why she is saying stuff like this, agreed. Maybe wants citizenship, cos she wants to leave the country too- but she wants marriage and kids too.

I mean I am open to the idea- but at 3 months, I'm not even thinking of it- till I see more of her As someone from UK, I know a lot of women will want to move there- it is expected. Thing is- in the 3 months, as we started to get more serious I had my exams. Im still having my exams, but they are gonna end soon.

So in that time we have been on 3 dates and in between that, i've just been visiting her at her apartment. So in truth, it doesn't seem a proper relationship from her end too I guess. But I told her all this before we started dating, that I had exams and things would change after them etc. Now she felt that maybe I was in it just for the intimacy, so she wanted to tone it down, and make us go back to being "friends" so she could know me better first She says she doesn't want to end it, but she has doubts.

In reality I guess this can only change after my exams. But do you agree with her doubts? Many of Russian women feel pressure and after 30 starts looking not for relationships, but for husbands. It is quite usual. For me - relationships and sexual desire come first, and marriage and kids were pleasant addition to the relationships that we have built together.

Toning anything down looks like manipulation. Either you like the person and give them time, or you move on. And three months is a very short period of time to get to know a person.


She blames me for pushing us to have sex "early", when it was entirely mutual. But I think the lack of experience of serious relationships, is making her concerned. Because I am learning and she is hurrying to settle down. She feels that because I don't know these things, and I have to learn them that she can't feel safe with me. So i really guess she's doing this cos she wants to pull out of the relationship then I mean she did even say I being friends, and "i don't know you well enough".

She said to me "im not that kinda of girl who has sex in first few dates". Then just ask her what she means exactly, and take it with a pinch of salt. If all she wants from you is to show up on her doorstep with a bouquet once in a while, well, go do it. I don't know where you're from, but if your country is big on the last wave of feminism, try and act like a more stereotypical man. I'm not saying you should take her for a ride around your duchy on a white horse, but she might have such a fantasy.

However, if she tries to shift financial responsibility to you, all the stuff other lads have said still applies. I'm from the UK, so here we tend to avoid showing all our emotions at the start- to avoid looking desperate. I've gone into this showing my affection, and kinda "proving that I like her".

But the stereotypical man in UK is almost non existent compared to russian men. You guys even know how to hold women properly. She said to me when we first met, the reason why I liked you was because you were so manly. From what I spoke to her about: I haven't really let her in my life and she feels we rushed into sex.

We prob spent once a week together. I don't think russian women are SO different from other women, but they do have a pre set idea of what a man should be like Ultimately women want to be loved, and I guess compared to european women- they depend on your love to feel safe.

Like from what I know- caring about her, putting her coat on her, thinking about her, affection, gifts, i. Is this the approach to go? Care about her, sure, how else would you go about a relationship? Put her coat on, hold the door for her, do the little things that define a gentleman. You can cheat on the thinking part though, since she can't get into your head: Time spent together is also important.

I don't know how the brits go about dating, but over here it does mean that you do hang out together, and not just come over to each other's places, that's just outright lame for a relationship. Hell, from what I've heard, it's not unusual to sip tea with your hook-up for more time than you spend doing bedside acrobatics.

Reddit russian dating pics

So yeah, explain to her your exams are important to your life, receive good grades, then give her some attention she clearly needs from you. What you mean about the cheat on the thinking part? I genuinely think its to do with me not having serious relationship experience, which at her age is making her worry more about whether she can depend on me for having a family.

But what you mentioned gives me an idea of what to do and is expected of me as man and a serious relationship. Just a joke, mate. I mean you don't always have to have her on your mind, it's impossible to control. Now its just worry cos I'm just not sure if she's even interested. First the friend thing, then no sex, doesn't want to make out, and now she wants to see how I act after the exams My concern is just what to do next In your opinion, as someone who sees this in a clearer light, what you do in my place?

Dating russian woman reddit

You're asking the wrong guy, I'm well on my way to wizardry. Apparently she's interested in serious long-term relationships and you don't seem like you do, or at least have enough experiense in those. Otherwise you would care how she's doing every day, would call her every night, text her and send flowers sometimes, shared your feelings and cared about her. And all above mentioned has nothing to do with "Russian style dating", it's just dating a woman with feelings. This is why she's frustrated, because she wants it now- and for me I have to learn these things.

You Know You are Dating a RUSSIAN Woman When...

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