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YABO - GBD Prince Estate Pipe

This is a work in progress, especially with regards to formatting. Please bare with us Jerry has very kindly allowed us to adapt his work for use in this Pipedia article. This is a listing of some of the various pipe lines manufactured by GBD, I have gathered this information from a variety of sources including posts to the "alt. I have read and have been told that Mr. Until then I offer this meager webpage as a source for others like myself wishing to learn more about GBD pipes.

Squat bulldogs, including an unsmoked saddle version. One of these days, I'll break it in! The top pipe is a French-made New Era.

This is probably my favorite of all pipes shapes, and GBD always did an exquisite job executing it. The saddle version is far more common than the taper The pipe in the upper right is a French-made Speciale Standard , and has an interesting, slightly longer tapered shank, rather than the more common short cylindrical one shown in the other pieces.

Pots and long shank pots - or wide bowled lovats. This is surprisingly one of my favorite shapes for smoking Virginia flakes. The long-shank variation offsets the more traditional stubbiness of most pot shapes. The Granitan finish was first sandblasted, then polished, leaving a sort of smoothly worn, rock-like surface.

The company sought to achieve the lightness of a sandblast, while allowing the grain to show as well. It took me a while to warm up to it, but it's really nice on the right pipe. The solid aluminum block at the shank's end protects the shank from splitting if the pipe is dropped. One of the reasons I was originally attracted to GBDs was their innovation with shapes. These are some of my faves.

A note about Perspex stems: Perspex was originally patented in Canada in It didn't take long for GBD to begin using it as a stem material; the earliest example I've been able to date has a hallmark.

These can generally be cleaned with alcohol, though I've seen several cases where the acrylic has crazed from this treatment, so caution is advised, and even when thoughoughly cleaned, some staining can remain. But, when polished up, these things shine like diamonds. The pipe at the bottom center, a Pedigree acorn, is shape , something that had eluded me until a question arrived in my inbox from someone who has the same shape.

The stamping on mine is all but invisible, so I hadn't been able to read the shape number. It's not a common shape, but is certainly a lovely one. A couple of old cased sets, and some other interesting pieces.

The grain is exceptional, and it's a fantastic smoker. The cutty may look familiar to those who enjoy my Classic Collection blends. The cased pair of New Era pipes is in beautiful condition, dating to sometime in the s. The following lists GBD lines by quality, and in descending order:. So what is the big deal about pre pipes? Well, that is not so easy.

There are a few reference points, however. As you can see in the picture above, the rondelle on my GBD is silver, indicating the pipe was made before Because the New Era line was introduced in , and because mine was made before the merger, we can confidently place the date of manufacture somewhere in that 50 year span. I just love old pipes like my New Era.

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Ep 21 - A brief history of GBD pipes

Whenever someone decides to pick up pipe smoking as a hobby, they might ask themselves a series of important questions: Should I buy a cheap pipe, or an expensive one? Dubiously crafted Chinese composite pipe? One is a large GBD Rockroot, Collector, marked London, model number or maybe the second number is stamped lightly and hard to tell for sure.

It's a octagon shaped panel. I don't care what it's worth, as it has value well beyond price.

Help dateing a GBD

It needs cleaned up but looks to have been well loved. I would just like to know an approximate age. I can't find any others shaped this way, although I did find some Rockroot and Collector marked pipes but can't narrow it down to even a decade. Thanks for the help in advance.

Dating gbd pipes

He also gave me a "the pipe" he thought it was stone, but my research shows differently. It needs a new stem and some of the paint has chipped off. Those not marked London Made are pre's pipes, if I recall correctly.

GBD dating is difficult. This may help if you have not seen it already: Edit - a relevant passage from the above quoted linky: On older pieces with hallmarked silver bands, one can look up the hallmark. Even the stem is not a sure-fire method. All the way through the 's and early 's, some pipes were ftted with moulded stems, while others were hand-cut. Not all hand-cut stems are marked as such, and it doesn't depend on grade. In my collection is one of the finest Pedigrees I've ever seen.

It is unsmoked, made in the 's, and has one of the poorest moulded stems I've ever seen on a production pipe!


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