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Dating delft porcelain topic

Mytton Antiques / Delft Pottery

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Royal Delft offers a memorable visit to world of Delft Blue. Learn about the history and production process of the world-famous pottery, and visit the original Delft factory dating back from the 17th century. Guests are bound to have a delightful day filled with blue-tinged dreams and awe-inspiring history. The world-famous Delft blue pottery is still painted entirely by hand according to centuries-old traditions. During the Royal Delft Experience, you will be taken on a journey through the present, past and the future of the centuries-old pottery.

Dating delft porcelain

The Royal Delft Experience starts with an impressive story about the history of Royal Delft, followed by a step-by-step explanation of the production process. Visitors will enjoy a tour through the museum and the factory, an inspiring painting demonstration, and a visit to the showroom with the complete collection of classical and modern pottery on display.

Royal Delft can customize a visit for groups. For example, you could combine a guided tour of the museum and the factory with a workshop, during which you could paint your own tile or plate, or enjoy a high tea. Visit the most popular seaside resort and enjoy countless activities and sports. Sculptures by the Sea. Surf the best waves in surfing hotspot Scheveningen. Examine the surface for the blue marking.

In older pieces, this marking may be partialy rubbed off. Evaluate the mark for authenticity.

Delft Tile Speed Painting

Early Delft pottery held a mark that was scribed in a text closely resembling Times New Roman print. The design is a large blue "V" with an "O" on the left upper arm of the "V" and a "C" on the right upper arm of the "V". The crown is a design with a cross in the middle of the top and a diamond just below.

Dating Delft pottery marks

This design is common among plates made in the recent century. Examine the piece for a current marking, mostly used on items during the 21st century. So we create new traditions.

We make Delftware pottery for everyone. For admirers of handmade Delft Blue, tourists and business people to lovers of modern design objects.

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