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What is the Definition of Success? Founded by a Wharton MBA, Yin Meets Yang is committed to helping you find life-time personal happiness while helping you achieve professional success. YMYSC caters to each member's needs with the objective of helping them meet someone special, like-minded, and interesting. It invites them to connect socially with local, Ivy League alumni and successful achievers through music, discussions, professional and social networking. The mission is to help all participants find and achieve personal happiness. What Do We Value? Everyone had such a great time!

And just in case you need another reason to try it out, all the proceeds are used to help provide relief for homelessness and AIDS.

The most common theme is Gay Professionals, but it also offers Millionaire Matchmaker, where men 35 and under are paired with guys 36 and over, as well as Poz Gay Speed Dating exclusively for men who are HIV positive. The group also hosts gay networking, theater events and more. As one of the longest running speed dating services, New York Easy Dates is a smooth operation.

And while most speed dating companies have very strict cancellation policies, if you need to cancel, it will let you reschedule for a different event instead. Your crush said yes congrats! By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Best places for speed dating in NYC Camera. Ready for a first date? Like what you see?

We already have this email. Sign up and get the best of your city in our newsletter, as often as you like. It created such an uncomfortable vibe. Everyone couldn't wait to get out of there. Fourth, the girl running it was unfriendly and didn't seem to be enjoying herself. She kind of set the tone for the event. I don't think she should be doing this.

Learn how to market yourselves! They did say that they'd be giving us promo codes for another event, because they could tell this one was a waste, so that sort of redeems it, but I don't know if I'll be doing it again. But I really think you'd be better off skipping this completely. The event itself was a lot of fun and well run and had a lot of interesting people.

The next day I logged into my account to check my matches and was surprised and very happy to see that the person I liked the most had also picked me. For our first date we had dinner at a French restaurant and then went to a hip bar for drinks. We stayed up all night speaking and getting to know each other, and then Joyce and I went to see the sunrise in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens overlooking Manhattan.

These magical moments have continued to happen every day that I'm with Joyce. To believe it all started with a 5 minute date. I recommend these events to people who are busy professionals' who don't have time for games.

Speed dating' is so much fun, especially with NY Minute Dating. I attended several NYMD events, and they never disappoint! Very well run, always start on time, nice venues, where we can enjoy a conversation.

While there is always luck involved in the matters of heart, NYMD are going an extra mile to help you along the way. I have recently attended one of their events. Ny dating scene is not easy for sure. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this is organized.

Speed Dating Meets Online Dating in New York City

They start on time and finish in time. They make sure everyone gets to chat everyone. The event I attended had the same number of men and women. I had good fun! Where do I even begin? A few weeks back, I signed up for one of their speed dating events.

I thought I'd try something different; only sped dated once prior. I checked in with the hostess and asked her if there was time before beginning to go to the bathroom, bar etc.

She said we had a few minutes. As soon as I walked over to the bar, a guy came up to me and we were chatting. He seemed like a great start to my evening! A half hour went by, then a hour I thought Something seemed wrong but I didn't think the event began. Some people were chatting I thought but I wasn't sure.

I have little experience with these events. It turns out, the hostess thought the guy at the bar and I hit it off and excluded us from the event. Is she a moron or what? Meanwhile we both checked in and paid for a ticket. This was horrifying to me on a few accounts. We were excluded from the event!?! I don't believe she thought we hit it off. It was just easier for her to say nothing. Why should she have to work? The guy at the bar, who I found out later was a regular at these events, said nothing also.

I kept asking him what's going on and he said nothing I spent money at the bar which I wouldn't ordinarily. The restaurant manager was staring at me in the face at one time like I am suppose to know the deal? I only pieced why he was staring later on He should be staring at the hostess!

Don't eye ball me! We are making their event look great? I was talking to the same guy for one hour anticipating the event to begin?! Need I go on? The next day I wrote to New York Minute. Since they didn't respond, I called midday.

Asian Singles groups in New York

It seems they were ignoring my e-mail. I had to call to get my money back. The owner got on the phone and said he heard what happened. He refunded my ticket and also extended a free event to me. I was just happy to get my money back! I also posted a yelp review that day similar to above.

He asked me in an e-mail to kindly take it down and rewrite it after attending another event. I was angry and now have to be nice to this owner as not to hurt his business? He told me the hostess is no longer a hostess with him and he retrained all his staff. He is acting unprofessionally by contacting me in a separate e-mail asking me to take down my review. I just don't understand why he doesn't respond to the yelp reviews on record.

We are all posting our reviews anyway. As for the free ticket he extended to me, I never thought I was going to use it, but decided to go to his Columbus Day party last night. It sounded like a great party! So who checks me in at that party? Not only that but she pointed out who I was to the owner who came up to me toward the end of the evening. He offered me a drink which I did not accept and another free ticket?..

He said since I never speed dated before? It was just all too much.

I don't want to talk with the owner! I want to have fun, enjoy the event and forget what happened which I did until then! We already took care of the problem for him to call attention to it again?

Long short, I am done with his events before even really beginning. By the way, the party was a complete New York mix; all ages, people etc. I would probably rate the party a 3 if I had to. Just wanted to post an accurate review of this company before never looking back!

I thought the manager was! He implied it as I would never assume that. If I knew, I would have insisted on speaking with you since you are far more normal than he. Actually didn't I write to you when all of this was happening and you didn't answer? Aside, most of your response is correct but not all. If there were a bell being rung, I am sure I would have heard it.

I was in the bathroom at the time of the announcement? I love how the hostess knows that!

Chinese speed dating nyc

I was there for 3 min and there were so few of us! I told her I'll be right back! Doesn't that annoy you too that she knew I wasn't there and didn't think to update me?

I remember that Slate story and raved about you in a review as I recall! It's just you hire some dumbos sometimes making your business fall short. As for drinks, I gladly accept from bartenders since I can thank them through tipping. A random person is different. Oh and the owner guy said to me the reasons for the free speed dating were because, "you were nice and took down the review" and "you've never tried a speed dating before". Minutes before he came up to me that same hostess was cornered with me at the bar and eye balling me in the face while I was speaking with a guy.

So now you know what set me off it seems. Go ahead and ask them! They have really fun events where you can meet people in a very organic manner. The people at the events are really interesting and they are looking to meet someone which is way better than just going to a bar or club.

The events are well organized and generally creatively done. The venues are great and the hosts are really cool and invested in your experience. It's a great way to have a good time, a few drinks, while meeting interested singles. There are always new people to meet at each event, so the singles do vary from event to event. I LOVE their boat parties and basically all their big singles parties!

The online booking system is pretty seamless and the few times I had scheduling issues the customer service team was very attentive in accommodating my schedule and allowing me the courtesy of coming to a complimentary future event. One time, they literally held up a boat party for me to board - which I felt awful about but was pretty awesome! There have definitely been events where I didn't find anyone I connected with or I felt I'd like to date, but every event had interesting people and I always made the best of it and found a connection for the future.

If you go into this thinking that you're going to immediately find your soulmate this isn't for you. But if you're interested in meeting people that aren't just aimlessly staring at an app and are willing to put themselves out there to meet people face to face, I think this layout is an ideal landscape for quality connections.

Going speed dating can be daunting, especially when you're meeting 50 guys for the first time but I decided to approach this challenge like Barbara Walters and focus on asking the hard hitting question no time for more.

They provide the complete set-up and your experience will ultimately be what you make of it. Go in and have a great time- don't put pressure on finding your next ex-boyfriend or the Sonny to your Cher, if you're about that optimism. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday night-- I exchanged a lot of high-fives, loudly sang a few lines of "Smelly Cat" with other participants, and met some guys I'd be happy to wingwoman for.

The best places for speed dating in NYC

I was so nervous going into this event, and ended up having the best time! A girlfriend was supposed to come with me and cancelled last minute, so I decided to just go by myself and see what happened.

The hostess made me feel so comfortable, and I met some other participants at the bar before things got started. Seconds into my first date I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. Even though I didn't meet my future husband, I had a great time and met a decent variety of potentials.

The venue was trendy and well set up, and quiet enough so I could hear the guys I was talking to. I love the fact that my information was confidential unless the match was mutual. I will definitely give this another try, and can't wait to attend one of the parties this summer!

Had a great time on the cruise. Good to come and meet some peoples and you never know you can meet your match. This is a scam. I have been meaning to report them to the the better business bureau. There are a number of reasons why this is not worth time and money. I was curious and googled a few folks after. One of these guys said "I was asked to be here so if I get a one night stand out of this I would be happy.

I participated with a group of 5 beautiful educated women. Each of us received 1 to 4 matches each. Not one person followed up with us via phone or email. Such a coincidence right Just seems odd that not one person followed up.

It only confirmed the shady business, actors, and stand ins. The company does not have any integrity. The bartender blew their cover and shared some information about this business following the event. She was sweet nice and did not mean any harm. We started asking more questions and there were red flags everywhere! Also, there are some bad reviews that talk about "Danny" I have previously read and yes Danny was still working for the company and also participating as a speed dater.

No refund available and they do not cancel the event if there are not enough participants. The events are a joke and this company deserves to be investigated. No signage so it was hard to find the hostess- she was sitting just playing on her phone and chatting with her friend.

There were only 5 men to 8 women so she made each session longer.

This meant you sat longer by yourself when there wasn't a man and she didn't tell us until the end. A woman next to me left early instead of talking to the last guy. Weird setup in bar. I would skip it even with a Groupon. I attended one of NYMinuteDating's speed dating events with of each sex followed by a singles party at Slate in Flatiron.

All in all, the event was worth going to despite some gripes. Read all the way to the bottom for an important note: A decent amount of good looking ladies, but we were given little time to talk.

I was barely able to chat, though the after party gave plenty of time for that. While us guys were shuffling around the room, I felt kinda lost unless there was a host there to guide me to the next set of tables; it seemed a bit disorganized. This was better than the speed dating because there were many more people and it couldn't be disorganized since it was a free for all. I think they did a fine job of setting it up, plus the food that was brought out was very tasty.

I met a woman there who due to circumstance I was unable to get her contact info. Determined not to let her slip away, I contacted Jen a host and she was nice enough to go through the guest list and track down this babe for me and put me in touch with her.

She really didn't have to do that, but she did and I think that goes to show her level of determination to make matches happen. The relationship didn't go far unfortunately, but I am really glad I at least got a shot at it and Jen was the one that made it happen, Thanks Jen Update: After posting the review, the owner of the company contacted me numerous times to right this wrong.


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