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Pregnant after 4 months of dating remarkable, very good

Jordin Sparks 4 months secretly married after 6 months of dating?!

I was just wondering how many of you were in that type of situation. When i was with my ex- boyfriend, I got pregnant after having sex only a couple times. I sadly had a miscarriage but for the time I was pregnant it was stressful because we were just begining to know each other. We have since broken up and i look back at it like what if we would of had it and how it would be. My SO and I were together for 2 months before I got pregnant. We're still together, and planning on getting married in a few years. We got pregnant a little less thana month after starting dating.

Once we found out, things slowly but surely changed. He stopped calling and texting as much.

These Women Got Pregnant After Only A Few Months Of Dating

We would argue about him being in relationships because believe it or not I was actually in love with him given the short amount of time we spent together. I was getting so stressed out about a situation that I have no control of.

I work full-time and go to school at night, so I have a lot on my plate already. We communicate on a daily and talk as if nothing ever happened. I am in my second trimester and we plan on doing everything together as far as the baby goes. Things only happen when you participate in whore-ish activities. You were hanging out with him and his son? If you knew he had a baby momma, then why would you lay down and .. Child, why I am even bothering asking you questions. You two do-do brains belong together.

Monkey see and monkey do. He sounds simple and dumb as hell. It had to be this chemistry that you two knew you were destined to be together. Well, if you two are trolling on Facebook, and you two trolls meet then what do you think will happen? What do you want to accomplish out of life? Do you even love yourself?

Do you even know your self-worth? This fool is playing you and you truly believe and hope that you will be a family with him, one day. You have honestly convinced yourself that you and he will be the happy couple, living it up, and enjoying blissful life with all your children.

You truly believe him and whatever he tells you. If you truly care and love yourself then you will respect yourself and demand more of yourself and him. How the hell can he pick out a baby name with you! You know nothing about him! You talking about he works out of state. Have you been to his job? Have you seen one of his pay stubs? Do you know any of his friends? But with the knowledge that he has never had and may never have the butterflies for you that you deserve.

And even if he professes his love, will there be a little piece of you wondering if it would have happened if not for your child? You are an adult. You were living on your own. You've already been married and divorced.

You CAN handle this! And you can continue to date him. Continue building a solid relationship for what could very well be your happily ever after.

One month into our relationship and I was pregnant. Only difference being we were friends for a couple of years. It was definitely hard in the beginning. Mostly me questioning it, because it all happened so soon.

I did give him the chance to leave though. I refused to make him stick around or force him to stay with me just because we were having a child together. Your best bet would be to have that talk with him, honestly.

You're both adults and even though it's a little scary to think of raising a child with separated parents it'll be better not to lead each other on or be unhappy. Best of luck to you! I was in a similar situation. I didn't get pregnant that soon, but we had not been together a year when we found out.

It was definitely an adjustment for us, but we continued to date. Of course I spent 4 nights out of the week at his place, but I also spent a few nights at mine.

It still kept the "dating" aspect alive. Once I was around 7 mos pregnant, we bought home and moved in. Keep dating alive because you are still getting to know each other.

Pregnant after 4 months of dating

Take that process slow and everything will unfold naturally! Congratulations on finding a good guy! Since you're asking for advice I think you should still take it slow. I would say don't move in with him. Let him court you. Show him you are strong and willing to stand on your own.

Let him fall for you and long to have you closer. How can he miss you if you are always there? Suddenly in his space, forcing his life to change drastically You want him to want more of you. I would say to tell him you want to date and savor the butterflies and relish the mysteries and have the special dating time to be excited together - both about your new relationship and about your new baby Even if those timelines are separate and different.

I was in almost the exact same situation. Met and a month later got pregnant. Made a plan to move in together and everything was great, started talking marriage and looking at engagement rings. About a month into living together he completely changed, became emotionally abusive, belittled me and body shamed me through my pregnancy.

I ended up homeless 7 months pregnant, he kicked me out without a care that I couldn't get the house I owned that I rented out to move in with him back until my tenants found somewhere to live. And I had to pay for them to live in my house until they found a place. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't. Just be cautious, people wear masks in the beginning of relationships.

Mine wasn't so drastic. We had been together 5 mos before I found out we were pregnant. He basically moved in with me right away. He told me he loved me after knowing me only a month or two. It is 5 years later and while we have our issues we are working through it all together and expecting our second. And I've never felt more love in my life. There is no one way.

It will go bad for some, great for others, or could even be just a small bump in the road. All in all it's up to what feels right for you. If you are second guessing it all then maybe hold off if you can, if you are leaning towards wanting to try and make that work, then try and make that work.

I think this is a legitimate concern to have and I would wonder the same thing if this happened to me. Maybe at some point in the near future, after figuring out how to bring it up just ask him how he feels in a private setting where you both can share thoughts and concerns. I mean if he was sticking around before the pregnancy he must feel some sort of strong feelings for you, right?


Unless it was solely hooking up and nothing else. What a great guy for being there for you. As you stated things don't always go as planned and sometimes these blessings happen for reasons. I think he is putting his best effort forward, if he didn't care about you or want to take your relationship to the next level he wouldn't make this offer.

I honestly think that if you decide to live together it is a good time to do so with just each other. It's harder when the baby arrives to have the time you can now for one another. Just as others have suggested, keep your dating life alive. Keep things exciting and try not to let the pregnancy hormones get the best of you.

I dated my BF for 3 months, got pregnant and moved in when I was 7 months, he wanted me to do so sooner but I was an absolute mess pregnant.


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