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That my friend is dating a muslim pity

What's it Like to Date a Muslim?

On the one hand: Lucky for me, the answer is simply no. We celebrated his birthday last month, and I wanted to take him out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Luckily, after some determined Google-ing, and calling restaurants to confirm their Halal status definitely worth doing when in doubt , I found a lovely special occasion worthy restaurant in Covent Garden. There were other steak dishes on the menu, and lots of other tempting meaty food. When I first told two of my now not-so-close friends about our relationship, their reactions were not what I hoped for.

I put it down to cultural ignorance, but the way he talked to me was actually quite patronising. I left his house, drained and insecure, texting my mum pretending that the Uber ETA link was broken.

Cue the next guy. He had just moved back to London from a stint in Cuba, was super cute and Muslim. On our second date we spent the whole day together. Things got heated and I suggested going somewhere more private, before checking my watch and realising that it was 11pm.

How it is to date a Muslim in India, even when you are progressive

My fears about whether men from my culture would judge me for being sex-positive seemed founded. You must be mixed race right? You definitely look mixed race, are you sure? I dated the next guy French for a month over the summer. Secretly dating means secretly grieving.

My sexual awakening has been difficult logistically. Allow me to delve a little into this relationship before you assume this is a story on how we plan to elope to a foreign land to escape the conservative clutches of this society.

We are two teenagers who happen to like each other a fair amount. Our families immediate at least are extremely avant-garde. His family knows about this relationship and completely approve of it.


This unconscious we-are-cool-with-Muslims-until-they-become-a-part-of-our-family is something I come across more often than I should, particularly in apparently well educated, middle class Indian Hindu families. Am I anti-national now? My extended paternal family consists of I-have-a-rod-up-my-ass TamBrahms, who I like for much fewer reasons than I dislike.

But, they are right. A man may marry up to four wives at one time. So if a husband divorces his wife he cannot after that, remarry her until after she has married another husband, and he has divorced her" Surah 2: If he divorces you, he gets custody of the children, and you wouldn't be able to see your children again.

The Sharia Islamic Law states that in mixed marriages "the children will follow the better of the two religions of their parents", which in your case is considered Islam. Non Muslims can not act as protectors to Muslims, "O ye who believe; take not for friends protectors unbelievers rather than believers" Surah 4: The wife who has not converted to Islam gets nothing, the wife who has converted to Islam gets very little.

According to the Quran a Muslim wife does not inherit all her husband's wealth. If the husband dies and he leaves no children, she gets a fourth of his wealth, his parents, brothers, uncles If the deceased husband leaves children, then the wife gets an eighth, the children get the rest; the male child gets double the portion of the female.

While your motive may be love, his motive could be just to obtain a "Green Card". I know, they say "love is blind", I hope however that this message will serve as an eye- opener for you.

You may say that your husband-to-be is a non-practicing Muslim. But let's not forget that Islam is more than a religion; it includes a complete legal code for Muslims and non- Muslims to follow in an Islamic State.

In case of a dispute between you and him, all he needs to do to get the upper hand over you is to travel to an Islamic country.

My friend is dating a muslim

If you are still in doubt about this, may I suggest that you see the movie "Not without my daughter" which is based on a true life story of an American woman who married a Muslim man. Other similar movies are: The lives you will save are your own, and those of your future children.

If someone doesnt share our same beliefs Better to be safe than sorry. Would you say this if this was your sister???


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