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Company of heroes 2 matchmaking not working cheaply

Company of Heroes 2 4v4 matchmaking game 480p

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Company of Heroes 2 Store Page. When the matchmaker puts a level together with a lvl 30, there is a problem. What is the purpose of levels if they are not to be used to match up even players? How about a better ranking-system like in COH1, where you would have to work your way up the rankings before you started to get teamed up against the top players?

Company of Heroes is a Perfectly Balanced Masterpiece

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Company of heroes 2 matchmaking not working

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Does the matchmaking system in this game really work?

I have no problem to play with not so good players, my problem is that lagg drop lose matches and leavers without any punishment the Cs: Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Stop complaining we have all experienced that bs, no one cares no matter how much we complain. Just quit match and start a new one without pointless raging. You will se quality of your life improving almost instantenious.

Originally posted by Zeus:.

Sitatop View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Sitatop ; 13 Jan, 5: NO, a time ban does not add value to the game. I love making people rage quit.


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