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Are dating someone who has cold sores was

Tips For Dating With A Cold Sore - AbrevaŽ

User Name Remember Me? Would you date someone whose had cold sores oral herpes all their life? I just found out 2 weeks ago my bf has had it since he's a kid. And I guess I'm scared I'd eventually get it, if I havent already become infected by him. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

You're not gonna get it on your dick, and some people even say that its not bad down there anyway. A week of having a little blister either on your lip or above your dick.

You can deal with it. Some people just dont get the outbreaks. Seriously think about getting a drink from a bar or restaurant. What if the guy serving it gets coldsores every month or so, and he yawned and covered his mouth up. Then you come up, order a drink, he grabs the glass that you drink from.

I suggest looking it up, I get em every few months.

It's completely gone in like 1. Its really not something to consider completely ignoring a good chick over. What sucks is I get achy joints and a flu like feeling, right now I haven't had an outbreak yetand have been feeling like that for about a week and half, my right knee aches a lot too.

Would You Date A Person Who Gets Cold Sores?

If you know she has herpes then find someone else. Damn i didnt think people would be saying go ahead and do it. Thats just bad advice.

Cold sores and dating - living with an autoimmune disease

I've had them forever, ever since I can remember. Usually once a month, never any outbreaks or anything like that. I'd hope that it doesn't effect your disicion, I don't think it is a big deal, people make it seem worse than it is to be honest.

I dont have them, and I personally dont want them. I get them once every couple months. Back then I didnt have a clue so I didnt care. For some stroke of luck I never caught anything off her thank god. Imagine never being able to growl out a muff! Sounds too risky bro. You DID catch something off her.

You have the herpes simplex virus. How would you know the person got cold sores when you started dating him? How would you know the person wouldn't get one in the future?

Dating someone who has cold sores

How do you know you won't get one in the future? A large part of the population has already been exposed to HSV-1 even if they have never had a cold sore. Y'all better get back to your regular topics of dating millionaires, the plague of the pick mes, and being stay at home mom's.

Thanks x 4 LOL! So much embarrassing ignorance on display here. For those that said no: So do ya'll just ask every guy ya'll date if they get cold sores? Or do ya'll wait until you see one and just dump him?

I have been ill in those 8 years and havent got them but before i did and my immune was bad then its when i use to smoke and drink. Nov 11, I dated a man for almost 5 years without ever getting them.

We didn't kiss or have sex much nor was he into giving oral much. Never had one, gotten std tests since then and never tested positive for it.

I would freak out if I ever got one. Now my brother and step-brother chile they get them about once a year.


Nov 14, I went on two dates with a guy. Second date he showed up with a cold sore. At the end of the date I told him this would be our last date and I told him I wasnt comfortable dating someone who gets cold sores.


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