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This expired seat will not keep this adorable baby safe. There are several issues which must be addressed. You open up your jug of milk, and it hits you. You look at the label and your milk has expired. Every car seat and booster seat has a life span and an expiration date, just like the bad milk.

Some cities have recycling plants or even stores that will take expired car seats, so check there first. Some retailers offer a discount on a new car seat when you recycle your old one, so you can save a few pennies. Tamara Runzel has plenty of experience on the professional side of things as well as the parenting side.

The homeschooling mom of three young children earned a degree in Communication well before settling down to have a family. Since then she has built her expertise working in various areas of news. Tamara began her writing career writing, producing and reporting for television news before moving to print news at a military base. After having kids, Tamara decided it was time to find an avenue that allowed her to pursue writing as well as stay home to raise her kids.

The knowledge she has gained in both the professional and parenting world are very useful writing online for sites such as WorkingMother.

Dating, It's Complicated: The Sweaty Road Trip

Follow us email facebook twitter pinterest instagram Google Plus youTube rss. When do Car Seats Expire? See the results from the experiment we helped with on FOX4 News at 10 p. If you already bought one, make sure the manufacturing date is the same year that you bought it. If not, return it.

If you're shopping for one and there's no date listed on the box, ask a sales associate to open it. We checked thrift stores, including the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

Your baby’s car seat has an expiration date — here’s why you should take it seriously

They don't accept used car seats because of safety concerns. That being said, they're not very hard to find. A quick search on Craigslist, shows several.

Check into it, and if it doesn't sound right, don't do it," Noriega said. It might sound like a hassle or extra steps, but in the end, experts like Silver say it's worth it. If you're having trouble affording a car seat, you have options.

Many places that install them offer free seats if you qualify. See the full Q-and-A, edited for grammar and clarity, below.

Car seat dating

Why are there expiration dates on car seats and when did manufacturers start using them? Convertible car seats have two modes of use and easily go from rear to forward-facing.

As your child grows, they won't need a harnessed car seat, but they can always use a boost. From 30 lbs, up to lbs. Explore the world together in comfort, safety, and style. Graco's jogging strollers give you superior suspension, added maneuverability, and functionality.

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For more than just play. Graco's care station playards provide a single space to keep you organized and take care of all your baby's needs, from playtime to changing time.

Car Seats: Why do they Expire?

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