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How to correct exit date in EPF online?

Do you want to change the name because your surname is changed after the marriage? Is your PF withdrawal is stuck because of the wrong name or date of birth? You are at the right place. In this post, I would tell you about the new method of online name and date of birth correction. You can also learn the old method of change in personal details.

Your details aren't editable", which means that your Aadhaar has already been verified and no further changes can be done. If you have to make changes in your Aadhaar details, you need to first update that, only then can changes be made to your EPFO records. Click here to know how to update your Aadhaar details How to update your PF details The PF updating process will happen at two levels - one at the employee level and then at the employer.

Epf online dating

Here's how the process will flow: Process to be followed by the employee Step 1: On clicking "Update Details" on the previous screen, request will be submitted to the employer for further approval. Before submission by employer, employee can withdraw the request by pressing "Delete Request" Process to be followed by the employer Step 1: Employer can view the online requests received from employees and then take appropriate action by giving the proper remark.

After approval of request, employer can see the latest status of request. The Dealing Assistant can put the case either for Approval or Rejection by selecting the appropriate radio button, i. Click here to download the form. Read this article in: Read more on Provident Fund.

Done your tax-saving right? Use ET Wealth's guide to find out. My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. Find this comment offensive? This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others. Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. It is also called as the Unified member portal. You can login to this portal using your UAN and password.

As UAN and Aadhaar link only after the detail matches. The employer has to approve it. Till an employer approves the application, you can delete this request. Employer will login to Employer Interface of Unified Portal. After the due verification the regional EPFO office approves the rectification in name and date of birth of the employee. To change your name or date of birth you have to submit a joint declaration. This declaration is signed by you and your employer. I have given the detailed information about this form below.

Along with this form, you have to submit the copy of identity proof which has a correct name. Identity proof can be any of these documents.

EPFO date of joing when worked in multiple companies

As I have told, the EPF name change application should be given jointly by you and your employer. There is a prescribed format for this application. You have to also fill the correct particulars in the given column.

Fill only those column which are required. Leave all other columns blank. You can also change the name in EPF database after the marriage. Often, women change their surname after the marriage. If they change their surname in bank records and office records, they should also change it in the EPF database. After the application of EPF name change, you need to be assured.

Therefore, you can check the status of name and date of birth online. This passbook contains your name and date birth. Check for any mismatch and desired correction in the passbook. You can change your email address and mobile number online very easily.

Login at the UAN portal https: Surprisingly, EPFO does not give any way to change your communication address. Neither, it is mentioned your UAN dashboard.

However, every time you apply for PF withdrawal or PF transfer, you need to give your address. You can change the address at that time.

He writes on Investment, saving. Besides personal finance, he has a keen interest in technology and politics. Kindly find the enclosed doc for ref. Thanking you for early response. Sir can i change our pf account dob.

HI, Sir can i change our pf account dob. What a poor services you are providing. Last 1 month i am requesting to upadte my new account number but details are still showing pending. Poor portal and poor service. I cant even check the my employer entered which dob. A wonderful initiative on the whole PF process.

I have been facing an issue online in the UAN site.

(100% Working) How to do correction/Updte Name, Date of Birth, Gender in UAN/PF/EPFO by Aadhar card

I quit woking almost 2 years back and moved to USA. I tried closing my PF with form 19 final settlement online just recently when I am no more under any employer.

It was rejected saying my account number is not having the mandatory length missing leading zeroes. I updated my account in the KYC section but the record was sent to my last emplyer for approval as seen in the worklist.

It was automatically rejected saying empoyee not found. Upon raising a grievance online with the PF, the PF guys came back asking me to go to the employer only.

When I checked with them, my ex employer said they are not involved. Any thoughts and suggestions would help. My husband thinks it must be a glitch in the UAN site. I forgot my login password and my mobile number is also not changed.


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