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Ep 104 Hookup Culture

If the title of this book, American Hookup: But tune in to this podcast so you can find out the truth about how pervasive hook-up culture on college campuses is today, its pervasiveness and effects on students. In an up-front conversation, Lisa Wade, associate professor of Sociology at Occidental College, gives us insight into the history of the hook-up culture on college campuses, the reasons students choose to hook-up, or choose to avoid it, and what colleges could do to change this culture. Lisa travels nationally, giving talks about hookup culture. You can find her on twitter lisawade ; on Instagram lisawadephd or at https: A new episode about every 7 days averaging 30 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

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Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out; he is also a pastor and writer for Orange Books and speaks to teens and parents about child and adolescent development. He has written severa Support them in becoming who they want to be, not who you want them to be.

The real question is, how much are we willing to challenge ourselves?

Lisa Wade talks about Hook Up Culture on MTV

The family I grew up in - somebody was always talking; nobody listened. The parent training taught me to j Eric Karlan is co-owner of an organization called Ivy Experience, which helps students prepare for ACT and SAT testing, write college essays and complete college applications.

A tumultuous divorce and custody battle led Bruce to seek a school that would Can students achieve more by doing less in college? The family is doing great, is, in fact, a great family, and suddenly things aren Well, have you ever thought about having a coach for your teen? To help them deal with anxiety, fear of loss, and fear of rejection? After graduating from The Biggest Job Parenting program at Hyde School, he took the Ten Priorities into his work place, teaching and modeling them in this country and abroad.

But tune in to this podcast so you can find out the truth about how pervasive hook-up culture on college campuses is today, its pervasive Are you a perfectionist? Is it influencing your child to be perfect also?

Seventy-one percent of employers said they would consider hiring a person without a degree over a person with a degree. Ryan Craig is an investor and author of A New U: Do your kids say things like this…? Our podcast today will explain the answers to the above questions, as we talk with Laura Gauld, Head of School and President of the Hyde School Organization.

Hookup Culture: The Unspoken Rules Of Sex On College Campuses

There are five deliverables within t Talk To Me First: In part two of our series with Debbie Roffman, she teaches us the importance of the five-piece suit of parenting, mentioned briefly in par In the preface of her book she writes: After her husband completed suicide, Kristi bought every book on grief she found and says her living room looked like a recovery library; because of her experience and her new understanding of What can parents do to reduce the chance of teens hurting themselves?

In a nutshell, Kirrilie says: Are you worried about an eating disorder in your child? Dana has personally overcome bulimia, binge eating, and exercise compulsion and has a firsthand understanding of how eating disorders can get started and what parents A former teacher, Shannon turned to helping families find the right college because as a teacher, she found that kids were not often coming up with the right fit for themselves when it came to going to college. She uses a fami As a parent, have you ever felt like you were drowning?

American hookup lisa wade podcast

It can be a lonely feeling when your child or your family is going off-track. Where do you turn?

What do you do? And through The Biggest Job Family Program they learned how to parent from their principles, letting go of pare Are you worried about the effect of social media on your kids? If so, this podcast may put your mind at ease, at least about some aspects of all that kids are exposed to in the media and on devices.

She teaches parents the importance of clarifying their own values and beliefs abou Do you see your teen in a way that is only one dimensional? Does your teen see you the same way?

This is a question that Kristin Harman, Director of Admissions at the Hyde School, encourages parents to look at as they decide if they want to start parenting in the exceptional way that The Biggest Job Family Program teaches parents to do. This is a great way to help ourselves, as parents, keep our kids from manipulating us says author, Laura Gauld.

Today's college students aren't necessarily having more sex than previous generations, but the culture that permeates hookups on campus has changed. Few topics send the media into a panic like the idea of hookup culture on college campuses. But are college students actually having more sex than their parents did a generation ago? Research suggests the answer is no. Lisa Wade, a sociologist at Occidental College, says something has changed, though: In today's hookup culture, developing an emotional attachment to a casual sex partner is one of the biggest breaches of social norms.

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For her new book, American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus , Wade spent 5 years investigating hookup culture on American colleges and universities. In this culture, she says, there's a dichotomy between meaningless and meaningful sex, and students have to go out of their way to "perform meaninglessness.

This leads to seemingly contradictory situations, such as people who only have sex with partners they're not interested in, and friends being meaner to each other after developing a sexual relationship.


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