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How to ask a girl if shes dating anyone remarkable, rather

How To Ask A Girl If She's Single

You smile; she flashes one back. Second, are there any children around? Third, is she smiling and laughing into her phone while playing with her hair? This is not so good. Not so easy, right? Wait, before I do, let me start by saying this:

Following that advice will give you a much more clear understanding of whether she has a boyfriend or not. As a bonus, it will also help you to build the confidence necessary to actually ask if she'd like to be your girlfriend.

Then you can start dating, build a friendship, and from that strong foundation make a lasting relationship with a loving girl. What can I do to talk to her? I met this girl at tennis that I really like. What should I do to let her know how I feel? Having a shared common interest is a great starting place to build a relationship, especially with more strenuous activities like tennis. This is because competition and physical activity stresses the body, but also provides an endorphin release that makes a person feel good afterward.

By sharing this with her, either through playing a game, or sharing some small talk between playing, you'll be noticed. However, unlike most men, when a woman goes to the gym or to play sports, she's usually there to play. More often than not they aren't considering going out, and they aren't looking for a relationship. In fact, some girls actually get upset if a man asks them out in the gym, because then every time they see that guy, they feel a little uncomfortable.

Yes No I need help To get around this, you should try to interact with her in a very polite and respectful manner. Treat her as an equal, rather than someone you want to impress or go out with. Then, after you get to know her a little better, you can casually invite her out. A great way to do this is to tell her you're going to a sports cafe or juice bar. Say something like, "Have you ever been to Mike's juice bar? They make the best drinks I've had in town. I'm headed there after I finish playing today.

Would you like to come? Yes No I need help Then it's not a date. Rather, it's personal space for two possible friends to share. You can have a drink, chat about tennis, or anything else that interests both of you. If she's interested in you, then she'll agree to come out again later. After two or three times, you can then invite here somewhere else. For example, you might learn that she likes a particular band or style of music.

You could then suggest going to a live show with her. Alternatively, if she mentions a certain style of food, you can invite her out to dinner somewhere. Yes No I need help By doing this, you're politely approaching her, and letting her decide where her comfort zone is.

When you ask her to come out somewhere, she'll either be genuinely busy, or she won't be interested. Either way, since you did not cross into her personal space and make her feel uncomfortable, she will be honest with you and let you know that she's either busy or just politely say no to you. Then neither one of you will be uncomfortable or embarrassed to see each other in the gym or sports facility where you meet. Of course, if she does go out with you, and something develops, you'll have done it in a polite and decent way, which will help build trust between you both.

Yes No I need help How to know if the girl I met has a boyfriend or not? I met this one girl last week at my friend's wedding party, we did a bit of talking but on a professional level. She kinda was nice but after that, we didn't get in touch. I did notice that she was on her mobile most of the time Yes No I need help More importantly, I really felt a positive vibe with her and is it a good idea for me to get in touch with her once. I know where she works, is it a good idea for me to call her up on her office landline number?

Yes No I need help There is nothing wrong with calling her once, re-introducing yourself and asking her to meet up for coffee or just to chat. If she seems into talking to you or meeting up, it's a good sign she probably doesn't have a boyfriend. If she doesn't seem interested or declines your offer to meet up, it's likely she's either not interested or she already has a boyfriend.

I met a girl a few weeks a go and I really like her but I'm not sure if I should ask her out? If she's having trouble making eye contact with you, it could be a sign that she's interested in you. It doesn't mean that she doesn't already have a boyfriend, though. You could try sending her a text and ask her if she wants to hang out, or you could talk to her in person and get to know her a little better.

Ask her questions about herself and her interests, and if she has a boyfriend, it might come up naturally during the conversation. You can also check out her social media pages to find out if she has a boyfriend. If she doesn't want to hang out with you, it's possible that she already has a boyfriend.

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Yes No I need help Should I ask this girl on a date or consider it a missed opportunity? There's this girl I've had a crush on for several months.

She comes by job multiple times each week and we always have long conversations. I've been procrastinating about asking her out. The other day she came in with a guy. I playfully asked is he her brother and she said he's just someone she went to high school with. I'm worried that I may have missed my opportunity. Should I go ahead and ask her out the next time I see her? Yes No I need help There is nothing wrong with asking her out, especially since she didn't specify that the other guy is her boyfriend.

It could be that he is just a friend. If you really like her, let her know the next time she comes in alone, before you actually do pass up the opportunity. Yes No I need help Girl I like treats me as a bro? I know a girl who is pretty close to me but when I told her about my feelings she told me that she treats me as a brother. I don't know how this brother part came into the picture and was disappointed.

She is still in touch with me, nothing has changed even when I proposed to her and she treats me the same way as she used to before. I want to avoid getting into friend zone next time I meet a girl I like.

Need help Was this helpful? Yes No I need help Here are some steps on how to avoid the friendzone with a girl:. There are several things you can do to find out if your coworker is single. If you know of another coworker that is mutual friends with you both, have them find out for you. You can send her a friend request on social media and check her relationship status if she has it listed. If not, she might have pictures of her significant other or posts about him. When you talk to her, try to maintain eye contact and turn your body toward her.

Pay attention to her body language when you do this. If she seems extremely interested in you, touches you lightly on the arm or shoulder, smiles at you, turns her body toward you or engages in grooming behavior like fixing her hair or straightening her clothing, it's possible that she's romantically interested.

If not, she'll probably seem a little closed off from your advances, avoid eye contact and keep her responses short. Yes No I need help I proposed to her. How could I know what's in her mind? After that, she did not even notice me. Now she faces me with not good expression. She is avoiding you so that she can avoid conflict.

You proposed to her, yet she was not interested and now does not want to have to explain the why of her refusal. You may be making her feel uncomfortable or irritated. This girl likes me and I like her, we haven't talked at all, the other day I was pretending to flirt with another girl that my friend likes to make him jealous, he said "go talk to your girlfriend" out loud and she heard, she probably thinks I have a girlfriend.

Yes No I need help Explain to her that your friend was simply teasing you and that in fact, you are single. Take the opportunity to ask her out immediately and hopefully, she will say yes. I am in this class as a girl shows interest in me. At the moment I am just brainwashed and don't know anything to do about that so I just smile and be friendly with her. What should I do to make her happy that she has liked me? Yes No I need help Since you both are in the same class, ask her to study with you.

This will give you a reason to speak with her alone while you are both studying, without any pressure. See if she is still showing you that she likes you. Maybe bring up how you did not notice that she was flirting with you until later.

At the end of your study session ask her out on a date. Yes No I need help What is the best way that I can approach her? Well she's always with friends, I want to talk to her in private and the only time she is alone is after school. Wait at the entrance of the school and ask if you could walk her home. If that is not an option then pass her a note in the hall expressing that you would like to speak with her privately and give the reason for the privacy.

Can we meet without your friends around as I would love to speak with you but I am very shy. Yes No I need help What should I do when she has a suitor? We broke up nearly 3 months now, but I heard from a friend that a couple of weeks ago she wanted to introduce her new suitor. It was the same time when I asked her if we could start all over. Knowing this recently, I already know that the next time we'll meet she'd turn me down, what should I do to cope with this feeling of being played after telling me she'd give me an answer after a month not knowing that she already planned to introduce someone else.

Yes No I need help You need to ask her if there is still a chance. If not then you will at least have closure on the relationship. If she was dating another person while you were waiting for an answer from her, maybe she was just trying to make sure she was ready for a commitment with you again. If she was dating another person and stringing you along at the same time, then she is not worth pining over. Either way, you need to speak with her to resolve what she truly wants to do.

If the relationship is over, there is someone out there for you! Yes No I need help. Is this flirting , and which is an appropriate way to flirt back?

She is a cashier, and I'm not sure if flirting or just being nice. I haven't noticed her saying these things to other customers. I'm not sure if I should flirt back.

I'm interested in her , but don't want to take a risk of embarrassing myself. This section is not written yet. Want to join in?

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Lover of all things vintage and holistic healing. Take a look at some of her articles: Log In via Login Sign Up. Home Articles Community My Profile. Shared friends can be a wealth of information if you ask the right questions in the right way. You can ask your friend about her. Remember that friends will share secrets too.

Try to arrange shared events with friends. The easiest way to find out if a girl has a boyfriend is by talking to her about almost anything other than her boyfriend. For another angle, try saying: But would you like to go on a date with me? Make sure not to be too disparaging towards her boyfriend.

Not only will this be questioning her taste in men, but if she has feelings for him, you could seriously offend her. Tell her that you know that she has a boyfriend, and that you don't want to get in the way if it's serious, but that you'd like to get to know her better.

Try giving her your number.

Find the Signs a Girl Has a Boyfriend

Instead of asking her out, try writing down your number and giving it to her. This makes your intentions pretty clear, but saves you the trouble of trying to find the perfect way to ask her out.

You'll only have to pass her the number and tell her to call you sometime. She may get in touch with you when things get rocky with her boyfriend, or she may start texting or talking to you immediately to get to know you. Let her bring it up.

Sometimes, you may not have to make the first move. In this case, let her bring up a date.

Be respectful if her boyfriend learns you've asked her out. It's likely he'll be upset that you're trying to take his girlfriend, so prepare to apologize if necessary. If she decides to go out with you, he'll be even more upset. Try to avoid him, but if he comes to talk to you, apologize to him and explain that you have no intention of breaking up with her.

If she starts contacting you frequently to talk about her feelings, or if she uses you as a sounding board to complain about her boyfriend, she most likely sees you as a friend. Listen to how she talks about you. See if she still flirts with you. If she flirts with you and seems genuinely interested, you may have a chance. Break things off with her. If you are still interested in dating her but she sees you as a friend, break off the friendship.

You will only get hurt if you end up as a third wheel. Stay friends with her. If you decide that you value her friendship more than a potential romantic relationship, it is okay to stay friends with her. If the girl really likes you, but is in a serious relationship, she may be tempted to cheat on her boyfriend with you. If she cheats on her boyfriend with you, this is a red flag that she could cheat on you if you ever end up together. Many people who cheat on their partners do so compulsively, and it may be impossible to trust them.

She may call you often or spend romantic time with you, but this will only lead to you getting hurt. So, you think you could be my girlfriend? Your are only in the 5th grade. Hey I need some advice I have a girlfriend and I had been dating her for a year I was planning on breaking up with her the summer before freshman year but then got diagnosed with lung cancer. I feel so terrible because her father caused her cancer with all of his marijuana problems he actually just got sent to prison recent ally.

To makes matters worse my girlfriend wants me to pop her cherry and I just would feel terrible if I did since I don't have feelings for her anymore. One first fun out I the girl likes you and to do that you could take the risk of asking she will most likely not tell te truth and if you don't wanna ask her get someone else to ask her for you for example a friend of hers an yours. Then if you have te nerve to ask we if she would ever have a boyfriend and then name hers and your grade.

After that over a device or in school or something tell her you like her more than a friend and see what she says if she says I just like you as a friend sometimes she is just embarrassed and will tell you that afternoon for example maybe on Facebook or something. Guys it easy all u need to do is be yourSelf if your 12 like me then it should not be that hard.

Asking Out Your Crush if They're Already Dating Someone

If u as really nervous ask her out over text message. I asked a girl to be my girlfriend and she kneed me in the balls. But know were dating,but HURT!!!!!!!!!! I am 15 now, I have been in love with this girl since I was She knows that i like her but when I tried to ask her to be my gf a couple of times before, she says she only loves me as a friend. But now she is begining allow me to move beyond the friend zone.

A few boys had stead with her during the two years, all of them ended breaking her heart.. She knows that i have stayed faithfull to her.

Ok so this girl asked me if I liked her as a friend or girlfriend and I freaked and I said friend but now that I think about it I do like her and I'm In 5th grade please say I didn't miss the window. Hey I got a girlfriend at lunch becuse I have these friends named Connor and madision fox and my girlfriend asked me who is the hottest girl in third garde I said Ella that is my girl friend and then I asked her who is the hottest and she said me.

I know all you guys or girls think you love someone, but If you're under 12 years old it's not real. Hi again I asked her and guess what it worked we've already kissed and her dad hmm not SO happy about it but I'm sure he's ok and one day I was at my house with her and my little brother didn't believe me when I said so we proved it to him and kissed thanks I never wouldn't have got her if it weren't for this guide thank you!

Hi I'm 11 and there's this smoking hot girl who lives next door to me and I'm afraid that if I ask her out she will reject me and we will lose our friendship and her dad will get pissed help. I like this girl and we are different races.

She has now started talking to me more getting closer on my body wrapping arms and hugs but I don't know if she likes me. She is hot and i am good friends with her last boyfriend too. There a girl I like but I don't know if she liked me. Hey, I'm 12 and there is this girl I really, really like and I asked her out and she said no.

She and I like a lot of the same things and I want to propose to her again but I'm horrified. What do I do???? Its not that hard to get a girl you just need to be cool and a realy good fighter my girl likes it and my other exes to so be yourself and do a sport like MMA girls like strong guys with a nice body that also nice an not to mean.

Hey guyxx , my name is arquam and I like a girl she is in ma class and I am 14 and she is 15 or 16 , I told her that I liked her on message in mobile and she was like totally freaked out and said no , then I made an excuse that it was just a prank don't mind plzz but she just got v. Then I texted her friend her friend know that I ilke her and she is her best friend that have u told her that I like her , I didn't get the reply and that message was read by her father , I wad too close , but I saiid ma frnd txted u e.

Ok, so, ive liked a girl since freshman year, i'm a junior now. She has dated two guys, both have led to them lying, stalking, and breaking her heart. So, I decided to ask her to the movies, nothing huge. She said she would get back to me, so i was happy!

That was 5 days ago I asked her 4 days ago if she had a good day and she said she was really busy.. Is it always this hard to at least get an no back? I am no fool, I can take a hint, but.. I don't know what I did to deserve to be stepped on through middle school, or watch my "friends" steal girls from me.

Also, this other girl asked e to formal and i went.. She definatley likes me, but i do not have the same feelings for her. For all of you 9,10,11,and 12 years olds im 11 I know that choosing educatin is better that choosing relation because when you are educated u can make lots of money then you will atrract girls so choose education not relation Hey im just looking out for you no lives.

I know dis is kinda of embarrassing but i dated a girl 4 gud SIX months and i never touched her not 2 talk of Kissing her. I'm about to have another girlfriend, how can i persuade her into kissing me?

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Jimmy the jock more. Will You Be My Girlfriend? Embarrassing Friends And Parents Have you ever noticed that if you are seen talking to a girl for more than ten seconds your friends and especially your parents assume that you like her and that she is your girlfriend?

It's embarrassing isn't it? Why Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend Asking a girl that you have been dating for a while to be your girlfriend may seem like a pointless waste of time and energy but there is a good reason that you should. From Friend To Girlfriend So you and this beautiful girl have been dating for a couple of weeks and you realise that you are developing some feelings for her, the odds are in your favor that she is developing the same feelings for you too.

Make It A Romantic Gesture. How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend Make the right time; try not to think of what you are going to say because no matter how many times you rehearse it in your head things never go according to plan.

Whether you take her out for a meal, a walk in the park, or a walk along the beach Test the water before you ask the question "I really like you a lot" is a great opener if she replies with something similar then it's the perfect time to ask the question," Will you be my girlfriend"?

I love a girl, but I'm afraid of telling her. Ask her or lose her because if you don't ask, someone else will. Yes, but give her time. She may not be ready to commit yet. What if a girl you like says that you are just friends? How should I respond if a boy asks me to be his girlfriend? If you want to be his girlfriend say yes if not say no it is as simple as that. I have asked her out, but she said no. She still has feelings for me.

How to ask a girl if shes dating anyone

What does this mean? What do I do if I asked a girl out and she said she had someone already? What do I do if a girl that likes me is nervous around me and walks away? I ask a girl to be my friend and she said yes what is the next step to take. My experience is that nice girls get engaged before they graduate from high school. I like this shy girl and i'm 9 and she is How do I get her? Just ask her if she says no then she's not worth it I should know.

I am a girl to. I am very shy need help think will yes likes back. Even is shy Like me tell her a lot. This guy asked me to be his girlfriend. I turned him down Ik guys.. I have a girl that i like but she doesn't like. If a boy gives you a candy herat saying he text me does he like you? I like this girl and she likes me i think I not sure how do I tell.

Please help this is really hard on me and I could really use do solid advice.


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