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Episodes of icarly where sam and freddie are dating apologise

Seddie Moments - iCarly Segments.

After the events of "iLost My Mind", Sam and Freddie begin a rocky relationship, but problems circulate around Carly when she has to resolve their every fight even one at 3 am. Meanwhile, Gibby finds a puppy and he wants to share it with Carly, in an attempt to get closer to her. At the near end of the episode, Freddie and Sam go on a date, but take Carly with them to resolve a fight if they get into one. After Sam and Freddie criticize each other, Carly steps in and tells them "if they can't go one day without arguing then they shouldn't be going out at all. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Sam admits to her friends that she was a former child beauty pageant contestant when a friend appearing on iCarly says she will be competing in the pageant using martial arts for the talent round, Sam was suspended due to her being suspected of pushing a candidate down a stage, but was being framed, then convinces Carly into competing against her old rival.

Eventually though, when Sam learns she can enter the pageant because she was suspended for 7 years, which was 7 and a half years ago , she enters again, hoping to defeat her arch-rival. Sam actually gets her wish, because she won the pageant because she is able to reunite with her old dance teacher Ernie who does a dance for the talent round. Meanwhile, Spencer had a rock climbing date planned with his new girlfriend Allison.

She tries to cancel it because her cousin, Leslie is coming to town. Spencer tells Allison that he can invite Freddie and make it a double date and she agrees.

Freddie initially refuses but then later agrees to go on the date. When the girls arrive, Allison says that the climb time isn't until 8: They start playing a game.

Eventually, they miss their climb time and the girls leave because Freddie and Spencer get too serious about finishing the game. When Freddie helps Gibby's girlfriend, Tasha, find a gift for his birthday party in the iCarly studio, Tasha accidentally falls on Freddie.

Gibby then walks in and thinks Freddie "macked on" Tasha, so he challenges Freddie to a fight on iCarly. Freddie learns that Gibby is an amazing kickboxer and is being trained by Sam so that they can fight on the webshow. In the end, Freddie shows Gibby a webcam video that has been watching a peanut butter sandwich mold which shows Tasha actually falling on Freddie.

Upon seeing the video, Gibby apologizes to Freddie, saying, "I feel like a turd. Meanwhile, Spencer is mistakenly reported dead because of natural causes in the papers, so he capitalizes on the opportunity to sell his art for more money than if he was living.

But then he realizes he doesn't want to be dead anymore, because its boring sitting in the house. He then tries to tell people he's alive. But this changes when an old love interest visits to offer Carly condolences and wishes he was still here. So he apparently exposes himself and says that he is a twin brother named "Sponcer", to which Carly asks "If you had a twin brother, why would his name need to sound similar to yours?

Ginger Fox , a talentless, shrewish former popstar, watches the music video of Wade Collins made in "iRocked the Vote" and demands the producers of that video be the producers of her upcoming show on the Pop Music Awards. Carly, Sam and Freddie are shocked when they find out that they have to rehearse with Ginger Fox -- and worse, she hasn't rehearsed or had a hit in seven years. Spencer begins dating Charlotte, Gibby's mother, but has difficulty kissing her when he realizes she looks too much like Gibby, but Charlotte says Spencer looks too much like Carly.

When they start kissing, Spencer sees Gibby's face, and Charlotte sees Carly's face. Freddie learns that Sam is in juvie , and will not get out in time to do iCarly.

Carly is determined not to cancel the show since her father will be watching, so she asks Spencer to fill in, which will prove difficult since he has a date that same night that he can't cancel.

The show consists of Gibby brushing his teeth with mustard , the famous iCarly plays: Eventually Spencer's date appears in the studio and runs out after being humiliated on the web. Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett.

Sam & Freddie’s First & Last Kisses ?? - iCarly - #TBT

Carly tries to prove there's a Bigfoot creature, a legendary creature claimed to have been seen by many people in the Pacific Northwest , after Bigfoot fever hits Seattle. Meanwhile, Spencer becomes obsessed about the " Beavecoon ", a combination of a beaver's head and a raccoons body.

Carly, Sam and Freddie try to cheer up a lonely fan Nora Dirshlitt on her 16th birthday. Nora is happy about her sudden popularity. When the party is over, she traps Carly, Sam and Freddie in a basement, thinking that they were angels sent to her to change her life.

To make sure that no one knows what happened to them, she cancels their appearance at Webicon and texts their respective families that everything is going fine.

Gibby, however, is doing home repairs with Spencer in exchange for setting up a camp in the loft. When he gets the message and manages to decode it, Gibby, along with his younger brother Guppy Ethan Munck , leaves to rescue them. He breaks down the door of Nora's house, and starts fighting with her.

The iCarly trio call the police, and she goes to juvenile detention. While Carly sympathizes for her, Sam says that she'll make friends in prison. After a power outage during a heatwave, everyone in the apartment building goes to the Shays' apartment for Spencer's Norwegian air conditioning, including Mrs. Benson, Lewbert, Chuck and Carly's ex-boyfriend Griffin.

Freddie meets a girl named Sabrina he talked to online and things become awkward when he finds out that she is taller than he expected since he had not seen her in person.

Carly has a project she is working on for school and tries to make sure that no one destroys it. In the end, Sabrina destroys the project accidentally after Freddie squirts lemon juice in here eyes by mistake. Meanwhile, Spencer develops a crush on Chuck's sister. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

List of iCarly episodes. Retrieved February 10, United States Copyright Office. Retrieved April 16, Oklahoma, Leverage, Design Sta Retrieved October 4, Retrieved October 14, Retrieved December 5, Retrieved September 27, Retrieved March 3, Retrieved March 9, Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Carly Shay Jennette McCurdy Sam Puckett Nathan Kress Freddie Benson Jerry Trainor Spencer Shay Noah Munck Gibby Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Teen Boy 2 John Omohundro Edit Storyline After the events of "iLost My Mind", Sam and Freddie begin a rocky relationship, but problems circulate around Carly when she has to resolve their every fight even one at 3 am.

Edit Details Release Date: Edit Did You Know? While in the elevator they admit that they love each other but end up breaking up and deciding to re-break up at 12 since it was only Sam and Freddie help Carly to impress her latest crush, Kyle, by being smarter than she is through studying habits.

iDate Sam & Freddie

However, she soon decides that since she can't remember all the things she studied, she needs to look over information so she decides to write notes on her arm, and regain information from the Internet. However, when she does this in the middle of her date with Kyle, she gets caught, which leads into Kyle breaking up with her for being dishonest. Benson's loft, but must be a person that Mrs.

Benson would accept, leading Freddie and Sam to change him up for his interview. On the other hand, Spencer tries to open a safe he found at the junk yard. An exception being Noah Munck, who Rex treats as a god amongst men. The interviews go in the following order: As victims of her crime, the iCarlys have a say in whether or not Nora should be released from prison.

Episodes of icarly where sam and freddie are dating

They decide to let them release her, and after Nora and her mother invite the iCarlys to their house for a Norwegian supper, the iCarlys become on friendly terms with Nora once again.

However, when Spencer comes to pick them up, Nora's mother locks him in the basement on a spin wheel which is controlled by a special remote.

Nora and her mother trap the iCarlys in their house and refuse to let them leave. Nora says that her birthday party will go on "forever, and ever, and ever The next morning, Nora's dad returns from his camping trip and becomes part of the scandal. Meanwhile, T-Bo is kicked out of the Benson's apartment after Mrs. Benson finds out who the real T-Bo is. Benson gets an emergency notification on Freddie's "tracking device" saying that he is in trouble.

Carly then tries to get Spencer's remote from Nora, but then orders Sam to retrieve the remote from Nora. Sam easily gets the remote and T-Bo kicks down the basement door to allow Carly to rescue Spencer. T-Bo fights Nora's dad, while Mrs.

Benson uses her fencing talents to defeat Nora and her mother. Sam uses Spencer's shock pen to zap the Dershlits unconscious. They beat up Nora and her parents, and they wind up going to prison forever. In gratitude for his help rescuing Freddie, Mrs. Benson decides to let T-Bo stay with them permanently. At the end of the episode, Gibby is still lodged in the chimney. After Carly goes to Yakima to take care of her grandfather when he gets foot surgery, Freddie decides he wants to be a creative member of the iCarly team which includes him wanting to perform on the show.

Freddie wants to co-host the show with Sam while Gibby works the camera. Things, however, go awry as no one thinks his skit is funny.

Sam convinces Freddie to try out more 3-D effects which he does. This later messes up people's vision. Freddie is soon reassured that he is creative when he cures the vision of a young girl with an eye condition. Meanwhile, Spencer hires a personal assistant named Marty. It's Carly's dad's birthday, and things don't go as planned. He was supposed to come home for his birthday and celebrate it with Carly and Spencer, but can't make it because of some emergency.

Sam and Freddie feel bad about what happened so they connect her up with him through a video chat. The Secret Service finds out and Carly, Sam, and Freddie think they're in trouble and are going to get arrested.

So Sam gives herself and Carly and Freddie disguises but the agents find out it's them. The agents bring them to the First Lady Michelle Obama who found out about the webcast and thought it was really nice what Sam and Freddie did for their friend, and what Carly said to her dad about how proud of him she is of being in the military and saying she loves him. So in return the iCarly gang then decide to have the First Lady on one of the webshows of iCarly.

The First Lady then accepts, and they end the show with random dancing. The police and the founder of the Fat Cakes find out and Sam gets in deep trouble. After getting out of the fat cake mess, Sam is once again held back at the border because she can't prove that she is an American citizen. Gibby comes up with a solution and hides Sam in his bag to swipe Sam over the border. But Gibby is distracted by a fan of his, during which an Asian man with an identical bag comes and accidentally swaps the bag.


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