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Top 10 Most Hated British TV Shows

A list of the absolute worst dating shows of all time, ranked by TV fans everywhere. This list has the most awful dating shows in television history, from celebrity dating shows, to game show style dating shows. Which are the absolute worst dating shows that have ever aired on television? While most shows about finding love have a few terrible elements, the horrible dating shows on this list are the all around worst. The dating shows that are featured on this list include only the most embarrassing and degrading ones.

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Worst british dating shows

Back in , 'There's Something About Miriam' hit the airwaves. A dating show with a difference, the titular Miriam dated six different men over a period of time before revealing to them all that she was transgender. It was also blasted by critics, with some accusing the Sky One show of reinforcing stereotypes about trans people, and exploiting an important issue. The premise of this completely ridiculous show was that a group of American women were flown to the UK, where they competed for the affections of a man they were led to believe was Prince Harry, but was actually a look-a-like.

15 Worst Reality TV Shows We STILL Can't Believe Were Ever Made

Eventual winner Kimberly Birch later hit out at the show, claiming the girls all knew that 'Prince Harry' was an imposter, but were manipulated into thinking they were just being paranoid by producers, who urged doubters to speak to a fake therapist for reassurance.

OTT and mildly offensive, 'Playing It Straight' saw one woman having to whittle down a group of 12 single men, with the unfortunate obstacle that six of them are hiding the fact that they're gay.

What Channel 4 hadn't banked on, though, was quite how dull this would be for viewers. More than one person at ITV2 gave this programme the thumbs up. Something to think about.

The UKs Reality Dating Shows, Ranked by Queerness

When you start running out of skills celebrities can learn as part of a TV show, you have to think outside the box, and that's exactly what the producers of 'CelebAir' did when they came up with a show that would see a host of C-listers training to become cabin crew members.

But everyone is naked.

Bloated hamster, Keith Chegwin. Despite getting high ratings because watching boobs is a national pastime , the national backlash was such that they even discussed the bastard thing in the House of Commons.

I hate this show.

While attempting not to scare a giant, robotic hare. Blobby and Ice Warriors have weekends been filled with such peculiar antics. The gold standard hehe when it comes to terrible UK TV, Eldorado was the brainchild of legendary producer Verity Lambert and should have been a runaway success.

Yet it was beset by problems from the off with many of the actors practically novices, and thus unable to remember any lines. Furthermore, no subtitles were provided for foreign languages an issue when the show was set in Spain and the soaring production costs caused one of the producers not Lambert to have a nervous breakdown. A rapid, quick, speedy and all-around stupid-fast way to look at all the cool shit you want on your phone.

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Top 10 Most Hated British TV Shows

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