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Exact why do i have a dream about dating someone share

People Showing up in Your Dreams!

I have been dating my boyfriend on and off for the past four years, in and out of school we're in our early 20s now. This time around is the longest we've dated without breaking up. We're almost at our two-year mark and things are going well. The problem is that over the past year, I've been thinking about someone else, a guy I knew in school who used to like me years ago, and I was always attracted to him. We didn't keep in touch after graduation, but he randomly texted me the other day to tell me he has a girlfriend who is a "version of me. Ever since he messaged about his girlfriend, I've been weirdly jealous, and I keep having sex dreams about him.

I really want a full answer why this is happening. By the way, thank you. That is a waste of energy. Appreciate these dreams for reminding you and be grateful when they occur. Be more proactive in your search for your next relationship and make sure you are spending time with positive people, not people who are speaking negatively about love and relationships all the time.

Is my subconscious trying to tell me something? Is it a form of escapism? My dreams are usually all over the place but i just had one Where this beautiful girl would keep popping in and out. She was like part of an erotic dance group and she would always pop in with the group they were all in black lingerie and she would always see me and get overjoyed and hug me and say she loves me nothing sexual and we would joke around and talk.

All my male friends would see this, me with such a beautiful girl that adores me so much. Maybe this dream shows that im shallow because i had in the back of my head that everyone could see what a beautiful girl i had.

Im single and a lot of times i feel lonely all i want is someone to hold and be friends with like i was with the girl in my dream. The rest of the dream was an adventure. I stopped a bank robbery killed some monsters beat a guys ass. It was all fulfilling. Maybe im sad my real life aint like that. Im sorry im just venting. The same exact thing happened to me! I even tried looking him up on the internet but there were no close relations to the guy I met in my dream….

I had this dream recently where I had fallen in love with this guy. I have never seen this guy but it felt as if he was real and that I knew him. All day I have been wanting to fall back to sleep and dream of him. I have never experienced this love before nor have I dated before. I really want to know why it feels as if he was really real?

That is why it feels so real, because it is. Just focus on enjoying the raw feeling. The men in my dream change every night, but I still end up feeling so attached to them. Maybe it is like Jung says, there is an animus in my psyche that I fall in love with to release my built up feelings for this girl in my life.

It actually makes sense now!

It does make sense. Any sort of repression we experience in our waking life will show up in dreams. Gender is not important, the feeling is.

Ive had 2 different dreams within the past week of falling in love. First one was i feel for a hispanic guy but i dont remember who he was, ij real life, just that i was deeply infatuated with him and it bothered me the whole day tp figure out who he was.

The second dream was a white guy who was a coworker or classmate and same. I became deeply infatuated with him as well. That is one of the biggest gifts that love dreams give us MM. They remind us of the deep love we are capable of experiencing in our waking life. I had one of these dreams recently, and it was the strangest experiences. I just felt happy, on some strange basic level that I have never felt before. It felt much purer than any other emotion, like we had passed all jealousy, or possessiveness, or pride.

Just wanted to put in my two cents. It felt extremely real. I had the same girlfriend in the dream. I woke up feeling very guilty and still do. Hi JD — I do hope you have released any feelings of guilt. Dreams are often not literal, moreso symbolic. I dreamt this morning of being chased by police. And this one officer caught me. I said I give up when I knew he had me. I was already falling in love then. How came over my house and told me, you need to calm down sweetie.

I started crying and he was there for me. I handed him a piece of paper he gave me his number. He ran to his house to grab something… and I woke up. He felt the same way I did. How he looked at me and I at him. I wish he was real I would leave my boyfriend in a heartbeat for this man.

Hi Lana, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a very vivid dream. Look for ways in your currently relationship to deepen your connection. One of my favorite quotes is: And then I woke up… After that I woke up this feeling was still there, but it hurts. It hurts to feel this way but know that the only thing real about this is that feeling. Hi Karisa, thanks for sharing your experience.

I think your dreams are trying to remind you of the pure part of your heart that loves to love. The right person for you will not turn you down, that is the truth.

There is no way to stop these dreams, enjoy them, enjoy the feeling. I am a 14 year old boy who is amlost turning 15 but from january I have been having dreams that sometimes scare me and make me wonder ig the girl in my dreams maddison is real.

I can honestly say I have never seen her in my waking life but she has been in many dreams playing the same roles as my crush and we both unconditionaly fall in love with each other. I can always feel her touching me in my dream and I waking life I heared her say my name like wispering it to me. What does this all mean? Is maddison real and not just my imagination.

And how can I connect with her truley to be able to the see her in waking life please help me. Hi Kash, thank you for sharing. First, you are not going crazy. Start first with lucid dreaming techniques to help you interact with her in your dreams. I just woke up from an amazing dream! It was so vivid and lucid.

I was so in love. The dream contained how we met, our first kiss and it kept flashing forward in time up until telling our families of our engagement. I have never experienced anything like this. I woke up so depressed she was gone. I wrote every detail down. I feel like I still know so much about her, and I have a weird feeling she may actually exist somewhere.

Or I could just be going insane. I can still feel her lips on my cheek and her smile still in my brain. The feeling of love was so strong though. More than I thought could exist. Thank you for sharing Kevin. May you have more dreams like this. Focus on how it has put you in touch with that part of you that craves deep love. I had a dream last night about Katy Perry the popstar. But during this chance meeting I told her that the actions I had done at uni were an attempt to show her I liked her.

After hearing this, she too told me she felt the same. Before this dream I always thought Katy Perry was attractive, but I woke up from the dream feeling love for her and a yearning to find her and tell her. Not because she is Katy Perry and not because I think she is attractive physically, but because the Katy Perry in my dream was a really really lovely person.

What a great dream MB. Who knows, you may have the chance one day. Cherish the dream and focus on deepening the love in your waking life. I felt like I was gonna marry him. Hi Stacy — you are right, you have your whole life ahead of you so you dream is the beginning stages of getting in touch with that feeling of love you are bound to experience in real life in your own time. I have been having these different dreams but with the same girl..

I actually started to be with her in my dreams last September 3rd I started creating a dream journal to write them down there so that I can remember the dates. It will be very interesting for you to read back through and see how things evolve. Something to think about. Most of the time its with strangers. The last dream i recently dreamed was of me meeting this guy that i never expected to fall in love with so deeply.

He always found a way to find me and talk to me as so did I. Then one day i was getting off a bus or train cant quite remember, when he grabbed me as soon as I got off and took me with him. He had rollar skates on too i remember that. But anyways all i can remember next is that we were now in the western times. We got married chance we got and had adventures in the western time.

Idk but dreams like this happen often. Everytime either in a different time period or different part of the world such as paris which is my most place to dream about love in. Wish i could know more as to why i dream so much of these dreams. Thanks for sharing Cecilia.

I recommend starting a dream journal to track your dreams. Every morning, get into the habit of writing down all the details you remember and then read them over from time to time. Answers will start coming to you. I had a strange dream, I was walking one day when I accidentally ran into a girl my age 12 years old and we fell in love at first sight and She had been named Amona.

She has the most beautiful eyes. Every time I looked at them I felt pure happiness and love. I had never had this feeling because I never felt loved that way. When I woke up I started to look for her from a reaction but I realized it was a dream And thought to myself. Years ago i was having sleep paralysis.

Happens a lot to me this sleep paralysis but this one dream was exceptional. I woke up terrified, i cant move my body but i see my room as it is.

Then i felt a presence in my room.

I saw him sitting beside me staring at me lovingly. Then he carefully leaned forward and kissed me. All my worries and terror evaporated instantly. T was replaced by a warm feeling of peace and love that i had never experienced in my waking life.

Then i woke up carrying those feelings with me. I was in a good mood for several days after that. Until now it still makes me smile. Wonderful to hear the details of your dream Sheryl. Dreams are powerful that way. We actually live together. Our love is so perfect and easy.

I have never felt so happy in my life! He is everything that I want. Beautiful, funny, passionate, artistic, kind. I can actually feel these things. When I wake up from the dream, I am so sad. I think about him for the next few days. I wonder if this dream means anything.. Start journaling to look for common themes and messages you can draw from your dreams. Piece everything together and listen carefully to your heart and intuition.

I am married with children and I had a dream last night that I was on the east coast must have been on a vacation by myself in a convenience store picking up a few items when a man came and helped me grab an item off a top shelf for me.

He proceeded talking to me and we spent the day together. Very romantic day spent together. He even took me home to meet his family.

I woke up right after we kissed. My mind has done nothing but replay this dream over and over. Who is this man and why am I feeling these feelings?

Dating Dream Interpretation

Why do we wake up and feeling devastated? Thanks for sharing Amanda. I believe we wake up feeling devastated because in waking life, we are now dealing with our mind. Enjoy the feeling you had in your dream and treat it almost like a movie. Take a look at where in your life you need to possibly be more expressed or how you can create this same feeling in your relationship.

Hi Christine, I really need your help. I am in a relationship and getting engaged after a month but the problem is I keep dreaming about someone who I dont know at all. I meet him in my dreams and I fell in love with him. I dont know who is he but I really am mad about him. He keeps my mind busy all the time. He was nothing like my boyfriend. He was such a sweetheart and made me feel so so loved.

In the dream we spent a few nights together and my family loved him. It was really intense. Hi Jenn — you love your boyfriend immensely so allow your dream to inspire you to deepen your connection. Let him know what he does that makes you feel loved. I had a very odd dream last night, filled with chaos and love. My boyfriend was in the dream, we have been together over a year now.

Dreaming about an Ex

I know I love him in real life, there is no doubt about it. But in my dream he was dying, with many others. And in this moment I was overtaken by grief and sadness… and at that moment I realized that I simply could not live my life without him. It was such an overwhelming emotion. I would have rathered die the same horrible fate, than continue in a world without being by his side.

I know this sounds suicidal but keep in mind I was dreaming And in the end I sacrificed myself. During these last few moments of my dream I cannot even explain the love I felt for him, it goes beyond what words can describe. It truly was so odd, it was something bigger than I have ever felt.

And now- I feel that much more in love him today- after experiencing this dream. What a wonderful experience you had Nicole. Undoubtedly symbolic and intense. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing Warren. The subconscious mind is very powerful and we never know what messages are being sent from the past or future.

I am not an expert but I believe it is entirely possible to dream about things that will happen in your future. I have been sleeping with ear buds for the past 6 years that play my own blend of white noise because I am easily distracted by sounds outside my house.

I have always had ultra realistic dreams, but using the ear buds has caused me to remember most of my dreams in vivid detail. Somehow it bridges reality with the dream state.

I am able to tell in which order the dreams took place, the dreams never fade away, they are as potent as a real life memory. It has always bothered me that the people I spend time with in my dreams, are not real. I often wake up crying because I am devastated that the people were not real. I had a dream a few hours ago about a girl, and I fell in love with her. All we did was hold each other and cuddle for what felt like a 20 minute dream.

I was so in love, so happy, finally got what I wanted out of life, then woke up crying my eyes out. Prior to this, I have only had a couple brief dreams of girls, which is strange because girls are my favorite thing in life. Perhaps I never dream of girls because I never had a girlfriend, so I had no experience to build a dream from.

In my dreams I have seen and read small words or sentences, and I always see full color, and the detail seems impossible for the brain to generate. Once I was dreaming of standing outside in front of my empty flowerbed. While I was looking at the dirt in the flowerbed, my ear buds went silent, and in my dream I went deaf, the ambient sound vanished and it woke me up. As I woke, the image of the flower bed came with me in full detail, rocks, cracks in the dirt, various weeds.

So very real, I could not believe the brain can produce such detail. When I was about 15 I started training myself to have lucid dreams. Within a couple weeks, I had a few dreams where I knew I was dreaming, the first one lasted a good long time, I made a truck fall from the sky, did a super jump off the hood of the truck, then made a balcony full of people collapse, then I woke up. The rest of the Lucid dreams I had, I woke up as soon as I became lucid. The excitement of knowing I was dreaming would bring me out of it.

I quit lucid training for fear that I would develop worse sleep issues. Being 30 years old, I have zillions of dream memories, they stick with me like authentic memories. In our dreams, we lack the focus that we have in reality, which makes things change rapidly.

I dream things that make no logic, yet my mind accepts it, because we are used to accepting things that happens in reality. I can go on and on. Thank you for sharing Seniff. I hope you will continue to explore your dream state as a place for creativity with no boundaries. I just woke up from a dream that i was in love in! I keep dreaming of this girl who I have a crush on.

Ive had the same dream, its a crazy feeling. But in my dream i knew the guy, but i had no emotional attachment to him in reality. I just crave love itself.

I feel like my dreams are more fun than my actual life. Thanks for sharing Ruby. This helps the process in having more and more dreams that you enjoy.

Hi Ariana — thank you for sharing. I am not a dream expert but I encourage you to write down the specific details of your dream and then consult some books or websites that may analyze certain aspects.

I think you will find it helpful, especially if it is recurring. I had such a wonderful dream about being truly loved by this attractive guy that made me feel such wonderful feelings only because I beleived he truly loved me. It was so vivid I could feel everything. I mean the comfort of kissing him and knowing without a single bit of doubt that he truly loved me back. No strings attached, no hidden agendas. The alarm went off, I just lay there in bed and relished that feeling for as long as I could.

Thanks for sharing Mel. That is the best way to receive a dream like that. I had this dream tonight and im so emotionally disturbed. Hi, im a girl and i am in a relationship currently. However, i will dream of other guys in my sleep which i am normally attracted to. When i dream if this co worker , i woke up feeling that i like him even more and i really love the dream, we kissed, made love and i am just lying down on his arms. I could not stop thinking of him the whole day i and i get very flirty with him.

Sometimes it makes me guilty towards my other half. I love him too, but somehow i get attracted to other guys sometimes especially bcos of all the dreams. I feel like I lost someone important. It feels like something special was nothing more than a delusion. It hurts and all I want is to go back to sleep and be with her forever. It was how he treated me and how well we connected in my dream that stood out to me.

I am an 18 yr old female who has yet to have a serious relationship, I find myself yearning for a man who will treat me differently then all of these little boys. Who will take my virginity but not out of lust, but out of love. And he took my dream virginity haha then he got shot in some altercation and I was devistated in the dream. I woke up this morning feeling hopeful, that maybe there is a guy I can actually connect with out there.

I guess all my emotions and concerns from the physical world are translating into my dreams and that is pretty neat! I am recently married, not even 6 months ago and I had a huge argument with my wife yesterday.

So last night I had an incredibal love dream with a feeling of forbidden love. In the dream this misterious woman was trying to convince me to divorce my wife so I could b with her. Like I said this dream was incredible. I keep having dreams of guys. It started 2 years ago. The first dream I had of a guy, was my high school Teacher. I dreamed about him and I every night for a week.

The dreams were so real. I then got in a relationship. The dreams stopped for a while. Then they started again! And I fall inlove with them in my dreams. We have a baby together. We fight all the time and it starts over the smallest things.

I am also finding older guys very very attractive! I wonder if this is because they work? And I know they could provide for my self and daughter?

There was always a bit of a romantic spark between us but the timing and circumstances were never right for us to do anything about it we were living hundreds of miles apart, or one of us had always just begun seeing someone on the occasions we met up.

What should we do when a dream like this affects your life in such negative ways? So I find way a find to find him, and I cuddle up next to him and comfort him, I keep trying to pick up the pieces of the image but I kinda lost his face. I know he he was white but not so much on the pale side and he had a little bit of blonds hair and just the right amount of perfectness.

I just hope I has this dream again tonight. Is it normal when this type of dreams keep reoccurring? The first time I Fell inlove in my dream was back when i was 16 years old. I looked at her face she had a beautiful smile that could calm a mans soul.

The most recent dream where I fell inlove was during my afternoon nap. I saw her a couple of time and I just fell inlove it was like love at first sight. I wish i could have at-least known her name. Please Reply If You have time. Hi there Christine I just woke up from one of those dreams and found this site. My first dream was when I was 17, 2 months after my first love left me. She was also the object of romance in my dream.

We were on a hill one warm summer afternoon, I could feel the smooth breeze, flowing over the horizon from the sunset and I could smell nature, as the sun was just above setting I looked at the beautiful sky, which turned from the most beautiful red orange clouding from the sun to a blue deep purple as darkness approaches.

Looking at me smiling with a white dress, I went up to her, she put her back against a tree, held my hands, told me she loved me, inclusive of the nickname she used for me. She became the object of my obsession for years to come. Continuing The dream, I just had felt the same. I was driving my friends, to a different town and a certain girl with emo style hair was with us.

She was travelling through and doing odd jobs for a living, going town to town. I remember every conversation of this dream. Regardless of the days in it passing so quickly, the day she told me she was leaving.

We sat in the diner for hours and watched as cars passed and drove off into the direction of the sunset I would not see.

I confess my love, we kissed and held each other, till she left. Only looking back once. I feel so deeply sad. I felt the same i saw who i have never met or seen in my life. We then kissed, and it felt so real, I remember the feeling of his lips and the way we were holding each other. Im in a relationship but keep dreaming about a girl i know from university, who I use to be close with….

Its not just now and then. Its basically every time I dream or remember my dreams the girl beth is somehow in it, we,re laughin loads and I cant help but kiss her all the time. Im waking up and thinking about her loads. I know shes ok as I speak to her now and then.

I tell her she has been in my dreams but dont let on that its like im falling in love with her in both dream world and atad in reality, I jus say you was chillin in my dream last night. Its got me thinking do I love my current girlfriend as much and I like this girl beth…or are my dreams jus clouding my judgment. Sleeping and cuddling together. Just walking on a beautiful beach at night with warm weather holding hands.

I literally dreamt these things i mentioned with the same person. I have never met this person before. But i have been dreaming of her and its the same person in all my dreams.

You know when you see something. That you know what it is? I feel so at ease and at peace. Nothing matters when we are together.

Is my subconscious mind telling me something? Am i a little clairvoyant? Will i meet this person? Or is my intuition telling me and showing me what i really want in a woman? Sometimes when I kiss people in dreams, I can actually feel and remember the warmth and feeling of their lips, too, which is more understandable, but still weird. Its nice to have romantic dreams, but it also leaves me wanting more, and sometimes I end up trying to think about it hard before I go to sleep so I can have another dream like that.

I thought I was crazy. Last night I had a crazy adventure. And I can feel the warmth of her hand in mine and it just feels so natural. Like someone was after her and it got to a point where all the sudden I was looking for her…but she was gone. I have one probably twice a year and always wake up when I am certain we both feel the same way and no sooner than I open my eyes the sadness sinks in.

Well the other night I dreamt that I told him I love him and that I actually did love him. Last night, I had a very intimate dream about him and well I do feel happy. I dreamt of a girl! I liked every bit of her!! Wish that I could dream her everyday!!!!!! Two nights ago I had a dream in which I fell in love.

It just started with her, a date, and a kiss, and I woke up. I know that I know her in reality, but i cannot for the life of me remember who she is besides that and its killing me. Answered May 4, Why do I keep on dreaming about my crush? Why do I keep dreaming of my crush every night? Why did I dream about dating my crush?

Why do i have a dream about dating someone

I had a dream about my old crush. What does it mean? Quora User , B. Answered May 5, What is the revenue generation model for DuckDuckGo? Updated Jun 14, Answered Apr 16, Answered May 3, Answered Apr 15, Related Questions Why do I keep having dreams about my crush? Why am I still dreaming about my first grade crush? Share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will help draw positive people and energy into your life.

It is possible that the person from your dream will appear in your future. Have a great day, Tamira! I replied in 7th she told that her son the guy I dreamt is in this same school and a std. Higher than me than she talked to my mom and than I just woke up questioning why did I just dreamt that so from 9: This dream is a reflection of your social and emotional desires. The person who manifested in your dream could be an amalgamation of various people in your life. Share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Guy You’ve Never Met?

Have a great day, Angel! I had this dream where I was dating this celebrity who I was never really interested in before. Your dream could be a reflection of various influences in your life. It is likely that you appreciate the work of the celebrity in your dream. It is likely that you are interested in maintaining a relationship with someone who makes you feel secure and safe.

Have a great day, Ashley! I dreamt about kissing a stranger in the dark. But then a person walked by, I pushed him away and he felt hurt? What could this mean? Your dream may be a reflection of your social and emotional desires. Pushing this person away could have been a manifestation of your behaviors during your waking life.

If there is someone in your life that you want to maintain a relationship with, then speak with that person about your thoughts and feelings. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. Have a great day, Bea! What could this dream mean? This kind of dream is common when you want to be with someone or spice up your current relationship. When this happens, your mind is essentially engaging in wish fulfillment and satisfying your need to find someone.

But in the end the guy with the question resonated more and I ended up liking him more almost infatuated. It seems like your subconscious mind may have given you a dream guy to play the role of the love interest you would like to meet.

You may not have anyone like this who is a real option in your waking life, so your subconscious made the image of this guy up. Once you do find the right guy, the placeholder will probably be replaced with the real-life guy.

Best of luck, Ameena Antwarin! In my dream, I was in my house and apparently there is some house that I wanna buy and it requires two people of some sort. And this random guy showed up. And this guy said that the house was haunted. I was pretty excited because I love this kind of things.

We started to pack paranormal stuff. Then, when we came to the house. We somehow acted like a married couple..? Like holding hands and such. What does this mean?? I am really shooked. The dream may show a desire to meet someone with similar interests or just a love interest.


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