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The Good and Bad of Binge Dating - MTV Snapchat

Watch our trailer of trailers. Mark meets a gold-digger. Then he steals a boat to impress her. Meanwhie, Woody starts a pillow-fighting league. Start your free trial.

The dating guy cast

The Dating Guy The misadventures of the super-positive students of High School USA, as they confront all the unique, and often gross, challenges of growing up in a modern world. A group of young somethings engage in a multitude of sleazy sexual escapades.

It is very sad that this company decided to very obviously rip of an amazing Comic. I found this on my own and was like I can't believe they would so clearly rip off a great comic.

Captain Petard

And they did it poorly too. The first giveaway is to look at the pictures of the cast. They changed one to Indian, one to Black and two of the others look exactly like the characters in the comic. The bar from the very first scene looks the same as in the comic as dose the apartment that the main character lives in.

I do not recommend this show at all.

Deranged Marriage

I do recommend you look for the original web comic and read it for free. You will find many more hours of satisfaction than you will with this sad show.

'The Perfect Guy' Cast Talk Working On Set, Dating Do's and More

This show is a disgrace. Pot Creature 1 episode, Russell Peters Himself 1 episode, Carolyn Scott Bonnie 1 episode, Lindsay Cole Nathan 1 episode, James Millington Larry 1 episode, Dan Petronijevic Carl 1 episode, Rick Roberts Kristof 1 episode, Raven Dauda Spontaneous Jackson 1 episode, Alex Karzis Nick the Chin 1 episode, Marie Ward Ginger 1 episode, Aaron Abrams Archangel 1 episode, Tamara Bernier Abigail 1 episode, Noah Lehman Ned 1 episode, Martin Roach David 1 episode, Daniel DeSanto Whitebread 1 episode, Diego Fuentes Pedro Mengele 1 episode, Alex House Trip Clovis 1 episode, Hadley Kay Mythical DJ 1 episode, Joshua Peace Amish Terrorist 2 1 episode, David Reale Derek 1 episode, Craig Warnock Earl the Leprechaun 1 episode, Graeme Wood Ray 1 episode, Von Flores Customs Agent 1 episode, Scott Beaudin Danny Clovis 1 episode, Megan Fahlenbock Charlene 1 episode, Shauna MacDonald Nautica 1 episode, Chantal Quesnelle Donna 1 episode, Naomi Snieckus Amanda 1 episode, John Stocker Mysterious Figure 1 episode, Stacey DePass Uncle Leroy 1 episode, Neil Crone Greg 1 episode, Stacey Fox Darlene 1 episode, Ana Golja Sexy Computer Voice 1 episode, Reagan Pasternak Candiru Fish 1 1 episode, Katherine Ashby Mermaid 1 episode, Ava Himmel Anika 1 episode, Scott McCord Candiru Fish 2 1 episode, Jennifer Robertson Booyah's Son 1 episode, Bruce Hunter Homeless Guy 1 episode, Jane Luk Lacey Lau 1 episode, Ruth Marshall Cody 1 episode, Novie Edwards Lila 1 episode, Brittany Scobie Clerk 1 episode, Richard Waugh Al Freen 1 episode, Kristin Fairlie Mandy 1 episode, Joanne Vannicola Stephanie Stephanie 1 episode, Stephanie Martin Shoji 1 episode, William Colgate Rococo 1 episode, Asia Vieira Sue 1 episode, Warren Chow Irwin Chang 1 episode, Carlos Diaz Cuban Cop 1 episode, Linda Kash Adoption Agency Woman 1 episode, Anastasia Phillips Debbi 1 episode, Henry Chan Comedian Russell Peters guest starts in this episode as he asks Mark and his friends to help him search for the lost city of Atlantis.

Woody decides to teach Mark how to live dangerously when he believes that he is too safe. But his teachings work too well as Mark winds up going up against the Dragons Boys in a drag race which ends with him being kidnapped by the Mob. The gang heads to Rome where VJ sets off in search for the Holy Grail of Porn, while Mark hooks up with his old high school sweetheart. While hungover after having a huge St.

The guys don't believe it until strange things start happening to them. Meanwhile, Sam pretends to be insane so she can enter a mental hospital, where a famous rock star is a patient at, and try to convince him to perform at an upcoming concert.

But Sam soon enjoys all the perks at the hospital and decides that she doesn't want to leave. Sam goes under cover to help the police catch a serial killer who is going after girls that have perfect figures.

Meanwhile, Mark hooks up with three different girls, not knowing that they are all spies who are trying to get their hands on his new shoes.


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