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Why plenty of fish (POF) is a waste of time for men

We're just like you. We connected through an online dating service--OK Cupid, to be exact. Our first date was at a fun Seattle tapas-and-sangria bar. We fell in love. We are engaged to be married. We know that you, too, can find love.

Gee, I wonder why? It is like I never left. What a shock, huh? I think POF is like a time capsule. In another 40 years, when I'm in a nursing home, pinching nurses asses, I'll probably get on POF before my dementia kicks in and still see the same sorry sacks on there. Sadly, I couldn't find even one intriguing profile to trash. It was like going into a s era grocery store back when their generic brands came in a plain white box with black letters.

Who knows when-- or if-- I come back. I've obviously had more success meeting folks offline these days so I haven't had much reason to try POF again. Saturday, November 28, "I'm a chic chick".

Very quick rant for today, ladies. I'm not the biggest grammar Nazi in the world or anything, but is our culture getting so out of hand with using the wrong words they're, there, and there and two, to, and too that we are even using words that aren't even that much alike? I am no fan of thieves. She is bracing herself or strengthening her resolve to love me? CHICK is slang for a female. You can be "chic" but you can't be "a chic.

Friday, October 16, Wants to see balls but no D. Hey fellas, if you live in my shitty area of the country, then I found the "best" the Nasty 'Nati has to offer.

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Tuesday, August 18, A confession of sorts. Obviously, like most folks, I have a life outside the internet world, and I've been a very busy guy. I simply forget to come back often to check messages and update the blog. I have a confession-- I have not been on a date or have had sex in two years.

I've just been a little TOO busy to date. Well obviously that hasn't worked for me, and I've used POF for five years. So, eventually I've tried other places to meet folks-- Meet Me, FetLife, and so on, and I found the same tired bullshit there as well.

So, I just quit trying altogether.

It isn't that I'm not interested in meeting someone new, but quite frankly, I don't have the time nor the desire to put so much effort into sifting through a sea full of catfish, tuna, and sharks to find the right person. A long time ago, I actually felt that I needed someone to love me to feel self-worth.

POF is a good way to harden your heart, as the constant rejection I faced there desensitized me to the pain of rejection. Online dating became akin to working as an email spammer. After a while, I went through the motions without the emotions. I did write more than Hi, but it was still a copypasta letter. And so, I drifted away and never came back.

I rather like peace, quiet, and solitude anyways. And you know what? I'm not heartbroken over being alone. In fact, I found I'm enjoying life more without that constant reminder that I'm alone.

POF tried hard to tempt me to come back. I still got emails claiming so-and-so wants to meet me. I also got emails from the millions of other bullshit services offering hates with "hot women. POF is the MySpace of online dating sites. While every dating site has its fair share of men's bathroom selfies of their ripped "washboard" abs with requisite baseball cap on backwards, Plenty of Fish tilts the scales. Got a shortage of duckface in your life?

Missing out on pictures of women with facial piercing and gangsta tats below their waistband, or obese 1830 year olds in skimpy clothes, pulling provocative, pouting poses and stating they need a real man to handle a real woman? You know where to go. On the other side of the gender fence, there is the Clueless Man, who will write an earnest word essay on what he does for a living, what he is looking for, how he believes others view him To his credit, in response to criticism that POF is "the trailer park of the online dating world," founder Markus Frind sent out an unusual e-mail to all members in , stating that the following changes would be made, in part:.

The Dating Gurus appreciates Frind's attempts to clean up this wasteland, but we don't think that even this will be enough. Yes, POF can be a skanky, depressing place--the ghetto of the online dating world. Well, it does help to have the money hurdle to keep out the riff-raff. But we think it's also because the profile-writing requirements are so low. Add a few specifics about yourself, write a short narrative, and you're ready to go. POF should not be your only dating service.

At best, it's a supplement to other services.

Enter at your own risk. For our critque on a male POF profile, check this out! Who Are The Dating Gurus? Reviews of Dating Sites.

Which leads us to our most important point: Totally Free Kinda But POF knows that some people will fork over money for basically nothing; they'd be dumb not to take advantage of this human trait. Try and stayclear of this type of guy. You may end up riddles with STDS, pregnant or heartbroken.

Many turn out to be this type of guy.

Pof dating blog

Once, you get involved with him he will say he has feelings for you, and then retract this saying he told you the situation from the off go.

Then, when it suits he will state he has feelings for you again. Want to come over for a drink? After all, women have needs too. Sparks are images from your profile that he likes and uses to start a picture conversation. He is on vacation and has location settings turned on. He is exploringoptions , claiming he wants to make friends in the area and that he will move to your country one day. He has photos with touristic places, and a solid tan shouting foreign.

Why plenty of fish (POF) is a waste of time for men

Oioi he is HOT. You think all is going well. He speaks your language what are the chances? Once, you ask for a voice note they make excuses and the conversations dies unless you can speak their mother tongue You usually can find out their first dialect from their bio. There we have it boys and girls. Are you on a dating app? If, so why not comment below? I would love if you shared this post to let others know who they might come across before they sign up to POF. I spend my life in and out of hospital, keeping the NHS in Business.

Click on About to discover more. I actually know couples who met on POF and have heard some pretty funny stories! From what I remember about meeting boys online, all of these guys totally exist! Like Liked by 1 person. Hi Cole, yeah online dating does generate stories for sure! The hey guy is normally under one of those catergories hah x.

I liked this a good read thank you.. I hope I shared the link to this post properly.. I actually met my fiance on POF.

We have a 1 year old son and another baby on the way. He truly is Mr. Don't give up hope love! Oh gosh you make me happy I am not having to date. Hey I may take a break from dating after this experience I think! Of course there are some nice guys and shy ones and even more types but these are the ones I came across xx.

Hey Chrissy, haha pof is an abbreviation of plenty of fish. I am not sure how old it is though! Oh gosh the world of dating can be so stressful and those dating apps can certainly be a breeding ground for people not looking for a proper relationships.

It sure can be disheartening. Hi Cassie , thanks for reading. Although I suppose there are girls like that on them too xx. I love your sense of humor. Hi Pauline, Are you sure it deleted itself?


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