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Perth Dating Services

Just Coffee Dating 3. Was this review helpful? Hello, as the current owner of Just Coffee Dating I can confirm that I personally know all the current and previous members that willingly have written reviews on this site both good and bad, they Just Coffee Dating posted on Nov 03, Hi Lou, Thank you very much for you kind and honest words.

This works for the vast majorit Cityswoon posted on Aug 10, Hi Emme, Thank you for taking the time to give such a comprehensive and accurate review! We believe we offer the best dating events service in the country and work very hard to make every even Cityswoon posted on Jul 04, Hi LovelyL, Thank you for taking the time to leave this review and for letting us know about your relationship. All the very best. Brett, Louise and the Cityswoon team. Cityswoon posted on Mar 16, Hi V, Membership is optional and easily canceled at any time as clearly stated on the website, emails and renewal emails and any other communications.

But, you do need to cancel it or let us kn Cityswoon posted on Feb 05, Hi Chris, I don't think there is anything wrong to share this experience and let others know how bad the event you organised. This review platform let other customers get insights before their Sydneynew posted on Feb 05, Hi, We always listen and act, where appropriate, to reviews and feedback. We have been over the membership process and we constantly review it.

All communications were sent to you as described Cityswoon posted on Feb 06, Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Our priority is looking after you and ensuring that all our customers have a great experience with Cityswoon. Very occasionally, things don't Cityswoon posted on Dec 07, Hi Justin, thank you for the review! With 6 meets, that would have been our big Brisbane Spring Party. It was a huge success with excellent feedback. Thanks again for making your feedback public Hi VegemiteLover, Thanks for taking the time to review us. It's great to hear that you have had such an awesome time at our events!

Cityswoon posted on Sep 08, Hi Author, Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed the events! Hi Sydney Girl, Thank you for taking to time to review us and so glad you had such fun! Cityswoon posted on Sep 06, Hi Fiona, Thank you for the great note! We are dedicated to making great experiences for everyone. Hi May, Wow, one star. Firstly, your dispute with value: Cityswoon posted on Jul 10, Hi Marley, thanks for the lovely review!

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We agree, face-to-face is special. Dannyboy asked on May 22, Hi Dannyboy, Thanks for your question! Unlike any other speed dating events in the world, we track who you have previously matched before so you don't get matched up again.

So, if you are at the same event as someone you have met before, you will not date them again. Hope to see you at an event soon! Cityswoon replied on May 23, That would depend on whether the venue has wi-fi available or not. I would suggest having data available on your phone. Curious replied on Feb 26, Jord asked on Oct 24, I think you can use it through logging in to the website.

But only a smart phone can access a website. Bambilicious replied on Oct 24, Hi Jord, Thank you for your question! You just log into Cityswoon. Our website transforms to an app-like site to display your next date. And your date can find you, because they see your photo. Also, all our events are currently hosted by a Cityswoon representative, so if you get stuck on the technology, there's always a very friendly, experienced person there to help. Cityswoon replied on Oct 25, Write a review Ask a question.

Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

Zero talent and average hosts! Ok so where do I start? What I found at Cityswoon is it's nasty and too much for what you get! There are a couple of other speed dating organisers that charge half the price with double the quality.

If you're after reasonable looks or more in a partner with some sanity venture elsewhere. It is exploring vulnerabilities in single people and advertises falsely in their pictures, if you think they look like that then you'll be more disappointed!

My advice is try others and you may just be pleasantly surprised. Stupid concept of using technology that's not necessary to find our date, ridiculous! At the end of the day money is invested to find a possible partner not using our phones. Technology has ruined relationships so why use one during a date???!!! Cityswoon has it half right but are missing essentials. After attending a few events with them and trying others I recommend you do the same, try others.

I have some stories I can share but what I say is this If you believe in your product, give a money back guarantee, so Cityswoon that is what I think should be offered but they won't because they know they dish out garbage. Good luck and hope you find love. Write a review on ProductReview. Cityswoon Official Hi Brett, We don't cater for men who want to meet women years younger than themselves as you complained to me personally, several times, that we don't do.

Well organised and a fun night. I was really nervous about my first time speed dating but the nerves soon passed on entering. Chris greeted me with a warm welcome and all nerves faded.

A Closer Look at the Best Dating Apps

All the guys were friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was nice to have the opportunity to engage in conversation with compete strangers in a relaxed environment. Cityswoon Official Hi MrPJB, thanks so much for taking the time to review us - we're really glad you enjoyed the night!

Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Not getting what I asked for and expensive. I paid top dollar and all I got was girls who I had nothing in common with and girls who where average looking.

They said if they can't find anyone for me on my last date,as per contract they will go out and search for a suitable candidate. This never happened and when my contract expired,I never heard back from them.

I paid them a visit and found out they sold to another company called Corporate Cupid. They didn't exactly welcome me with open arms and told me my contract expired and I have to pay again.

Corporate Cupid as they are now known are just like Just Coffee Dating,there service is terrible and they are rude. I wouldn't recommend Corporate Cupid Perth. I recommend do it the old fashioned way. Go out and meet and talk to people. Write a review on ProductReview. Don't waste your money or time. This company has since had 3 or 4 owners since then, I explain my story every time and they apologizes etc, and say they will keep me up to date with matches etc, as at today it's been about 4 months since I've heard from Just for Coffee, I've just tried calling them and the phone number is disconnected and I've googled them and it's a different number and now that's disconnected.

I went to the ombudsman and the very beginning and they said there was nothing they could do. I feel like I've been totally ripped off and was played on my emotions, i should have just gone to on holiday instead: Over promised - under delivered.

I was promised regular contact and personal matching. What I got was me chasing often and a computer based system that matched our criteria and the matching criteria when you sign up is very basic.

I don't even think the lack of dates would have been such an issue but I was made to feel like a nuisance when I made contact with [name removed] which was every month to find out whether I was going to be matched or not. In 4 months I had 2 dates even though my contract was 1 per month. Another friend who is with them has had 2 dates in 6 months so he has not had much luck either. He has also quoted that it isn't even so much the money but the lack of contact or engagement.

Seems a case of not being able to deliver on a promise at a high price. Be careful with this company! Just like the proverbial hot potato Just Coffee Dating has been sold again. It also appears that they are submitting fake reviews to this site, such a low company. You're better off spending your money on a gym membership and new clothes. Just Coffee Dating Official Hello, as the current owner of Just Coffee Dating I can confirm that I personally know all the current and previous members that willingly have written reviews on this site both good and bad, they I just want to say a massive thank you the team at Just Coffee Dating!!!

I am a fairly new member and have already received 2 great dates, with men that are well suited to my criteria and were great company. Renee Brown has provided nothing but 1st class customer service and I can not fault my experience with Just Coffee so far. Thank you for boosting my confidence ladies!

I joined Just Coffee almost a year ago. I wasn't interested in Internet dating because it sounds like there are a lot of time wasters online. What appealed to me about Just Coffee was that because you make it clear what you are looking for, you can assume that the guys you are matched with want the same things.

I was very clear and specific about the criteria I was looking for but I was given assurances that there were plenty of existing members who met my criteria. However, for the entire term of my membership, I was not sent one single match who met my criteria.

In the whole time, I went on one date. It was very early on in my membership and I was pressured to go on a date with someone who did not meet my criteria under the pretense that it would not count as one of the included dates I had paid for in my package. On two occasions, crucial information was concealed from me about members and I agreed to date them. However, once they contacted me, it became clear that they presented with important criteria that I had specified I didn't want to be matched with.

I was then put in the very unpleasant situation of having to tell them I couldn't proceed with the date. This is an awful thing to have to do to someone. After 9 months, it was finally admitted to me that there were no existing members who met my criteria. Even though I was previously promised a refund by a certain timeframe if they could not find me an appropriate match, they refused to return a single cent of the fees I paid. Other members have connected with me via social media and shared similar, sometimes worse stories about their experiences with Just Coffee.

I've found out that the owners approach people in bars and on social media websites offering free memberships if they will join. This may explain why some people are being matched with people and forming a connection only to find that the other person is not interested in a relationship.

The members I have spoken to are all genuine, lovely people who are disappointed and saddened by how they've been treated. Many of them have no idea that ownership has changed and haven't been contacted by this service in months. They have all said they would rather forfeit the fees they paid and walk away than deal with Just Coffee anymore.

I cannot believe that a business can operate this way in this country. It is a scam that preys on the vulnerabilities of single people. I really regret signing up with Just Coffee and I wish I never did. I can only hope this post stops others from making the mistake I did.

I've been on a couple of dates through Just Coffee Dating, have I met a man who I'm now totally in love with? No, but I have met a couple of really good guys that were able to hold a conversation, made me laugh and looked me in the face and not at my chest.

I'm not sure what others may have expected from this service, maybe to sign up and BAM!!!! Here's Mr Perfect, everything you every asked for served up on a plate within weeks or even a couple of months, but I think that's somewhat unrealistic, this is Perth after all. This service is real people trying to connect others so I'm willing to give it time and I realise that not everyone I like is going to like me back. So no it hasn't happened for me yet, but I believe from my interactions with Renee, who's always been really supportive and helpful, that her and her team have my best interests at heart and won't give up.

The good things in life are always worth the wait. And from the quality of the matches I've been sent since she's taken over, that wait may not be much longer.

Perth dating services reviews

Thank You 'Just Coffee Dating '. Totally Professional, Genuine and she made me feel at ease with something I had never done before. I didn't want to go out on dates with men who only were there for one thing. I had been on several dates arranged by JCD and have just recently met the most Amazing man.

Things are new but when you know, well you just know! Thank You Just Coffee Dating!!! And Thank You Renee!!! Can't thank them enough.

Perth Dating Service

Other dating sites left me feeling like I must have been the only woman that was interested in a relationship as all the men I met seemed to just want a one nighter. Browse profiles based on criteria such as appearance, interests and job type. Personalized matches are sent to you everyday that have been matched with your personality and the interests you list when signing up. Our personality test is one of the most extensive out there, based on an algorithm implemented by psychologists and statisticians.

We send our users seven compatible matches every single day to allow you to narrow your search; perfect for discerning professionals. Tinder is a dating app that allows users to browse a variety of singles in their area via minimalistic profiles that feature several photos and a brief bio. Again, PlentyofFish uses a personality test to pair up potential love birds. Like Tinder, PlentyofFish is free to use. Another important aspect is that whilst using the EliteSingles app, paying users can expect a smooth, ad free experience with a highly intuitive interface.

Zoosk is available as an app or on a desktop and requires a paid subscription to unlock key features. With various browsing options, it uses behavioral matchmaking to learn about the user and connect them with SmartPick matches.

Features like Zoosk coins can be used to send virtual gifts, and millions of users mean there is always someone available to chat to. At EliteSingles the personality test comes first, and using psychological research to understand your preferences, we know what you want from the get-go.

Happn takes a slightly different approach to dating, putting proximity first.

The app provides users with potential matches based on who they have crossed paths with in the past, with the idea being that singles will have something in common right from the offset. The range for potential matches is only meters, which keeps your dating options local. On the EliteSingles app, users are able to set their search area themselves.

If you both want to connect, a chat opens for 7 days.


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