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Ourtime dating phone number directly. excellent

Mature Dating Application - OurTime review

Account Options Sign in. The largest subscription dating site for singles over 50 now has the best dating app. Now is the time to share your life with someone special, and you can find that here, in a mature dating service. Because this is your app…and your time. What can I do for free? Subscribe and unlock even more online features for senior dating: It is the best way to meet senior singles, mature dating for the 50 plus community.

All this in 10 short days. So I deleted my profile and of course had paid for 30 days. Many, many liars and scammers and you can't tell if anyone is really a real person. This was a serious disappointment.

Many profiles are their own employees sending messages to keep clients engaged until your subscription is up. They then will keep you from being able to log in to cancel or make changes until they automatically charge to your acct. Refuse to let you speak to a supervisor. Claim they do not know who their CEO is. This site is a scam! I made the mistake of buying a discounted 6 month membership.

The site is supposed to be for over 50 year olds who are looking for a relationship. They profess to screen profile postings. Last week I scrolled through the "Views". Only a photo and first line of profile is shown. That was only sentence on post. I immediately reported him, and called customer service dept to request refund of 3 months future membership. She denied, refused to connect me with supervisor. This company should never be allowed to be in business. They are scamming customers.

I was on site for 6 weeks and was sent messages from 6 individuals with sad stories about friends of theirs who saw my profile but too afraid to use site and I should contact them offline and then they ask for money. I reported it each time and told them their site was unsafe and to warn other users but they just keep saying to report it and they will investigate. They have no control of their site and they are the biggest scammers of all taking people's money and trying to sell more services.

They do NOT care about their customers on this that site and it is very dangerous as I had messages from users who said they didn't send them and their profile was hacked. Please stay away from this dangerous site. There are a lot of fake profiles on there or you cannot make specific information as to what you want and what type of person and what area.

They just put a whole bunch of junk up their whole bunch of faces that you never recommend it to anybody to do anything with it. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I have no recall of ever signing up to OurTme or giving them any personal details. However, I was seduced by an offer of one month's membership.

I was told that unless I cancelled, the full amount would be taken from my account the following month. As I was going to be away then, I cancelled prior to that date.

I was asked for my password but as I don't recall ever having given one -if I had, I'd have asked for it to be 'remembered'- I couldn't provide it, subsequently, another month has been charged to my account and thus far I can find no way of exiting the site. The instructions said I could change my password but when I clicked onto "Change Your Password" it took me back to a picture gallery of members!!!

This site clearly isn't the right one for me. I now feel as if I'm in a maze, which is entirely the wrong sort of place for someone who suffers with claustrophobia. If I could locate a Homepage for the site it might give me a clue as to what steps to take next.

At the moment, the inability to give a password and the seeming lack of availability for providing one is holding me prisoner and I have a diminishing bank account!!! Site assumes you never delete messages. If you delete a message, you will not see it in history. You need to keep your inbox cluttered with junk just because you may want to review the old message. Any IT problem - you are on your own. IT does not have estimated time to correct the issue and would not contact you with the updates on a ticket.

OurTime service is not worth the money they charge. You pay fees for no service and pure site's features. Tried this dating site out and nothing but problems, dating out of race I don't do and they can't understand that, pop up trying to get your money, this site sucks. They are scammers too. Went on one date, her pic is nothing like what she looks like, she kept asking me how the dating site is going, she said just keep trying on the dating site, I think she was a plant.

She is gone now, and many others don't respond and they want more money. Don't even give them any of your money, I said 30 miles from house and they are sending me ladies miles away, the site sucks bad, real bad. Worst one of them all. Recently I try to sign in as a new member. I am telling myself I will find another day to try to sign up again. Due to my busy schedule I dont have the time as this moment of time. I was very shocked that many of you was having the bad experience of ourTime.

Online dating can end up like a disaster. I can truly comprehend. Currently I join few dating website. It turn up African scammers. Yes I was being trained to handle to this kind of scammers ever since till now.

Don't reveal your bank or credit card detail to them then you will be fine. If any of you would like to chat with me. Do mention to me that you were from OurTime. God trained me for being a woman to live a godly life. Looking forward to hear from all of you soon. I am looking for friendship. This site is full of fake profiles. Women who act like they are interested but aren't really. Was contacted by a local "Lady", we chatted for two weeks and then she wanted to meet me.

I set up a dinner reservation and she cancelled 3 hours before the date. After 2 weeks said we were not compatible? Waste of time, don't be suckered in by the "Over 50" ads. So it appears, like for many reviewers, the site is a waste of time and money. A lot of flirts and messages that say the exact same thing, one clue it's bogus. Had one guy state he was military, stationed in Afghanistan, widowed etc. Having been in the military and plenty of family that were, I asked where, what he was doing etc.

Gave me a generic explanation and I googled the unit he was in. What a surprise that his description was the exact same one from Wikipedia. Deciding to play along, I offered to have my nephew meet him as he was heading to the same area. Never heard another word! So either men don't read or the site sends you fake messages that are nowhere near what you state you are looking for. They are either pictures of women, out of the area, out of the age range or don't have pictures to start.

This site is truly a waste of time and money. I can go hang out at the local bar or casino for the same results. Oh, and customer service is worthless. I asked how to hide your profile so that you can go through the multitude of fake messages and flirts without getting more and it's not possible.

So while there may be a real, honest person in there it takes forever to get to it and by then they have moved on. Don't blame them at all. I would be doing the same! I turned off the auto renewal and in the end just deleted the account a week after paying.

For those that are looking to stop the renewal, look under account settings in your profile. They keep changing the site so look for account settings, more account settings or something similar. It was a couple different layers to get to it but it should give the option to stop auto renewal and then hide or delete your profile on the next page.

Good luck everyone and buyer beware! This is not good. Went to this site! Well I put, "Woman seeking man Getting messages and flirts from other women? I did not completed all their questions so they keep emails to this. I want to delete all contact with them! I just hope they do not charge me. I tried to contact them and all they do is give me their rates to pay. I am not a man seeking a women.

I signed up on a trial basis for free, watched for the first five days as I received numerous likes and messages, of course the only way to read your messages and see who flirted or liked you was to become a paid member.

Ourtime dating phone number

Naturally, human curiosity got the best of me, I paid for one month, right after that the messages and likes stopped, even those I replied to failed to reply back.

What's worse, my credit card was stolen from this site, used in three different areas of the USA to make purchases online.

Fortunately, my credit card company alerted me and we those charges will not be my responsibility and new card will be issued. I signed up for a subscription here and things were fine for about 2 weeks. Then I had issues logging in. I contacted their support and went through several back and forth sessions with them telling me to do different things. I did all of them and finally they suggested to use a different browser to access the account.

I do not want to use a different browser for just this when I use a major browser Edge for all my other sites. I do not appreciate being blamed for their issue. I finally told them to cancel if they did not fix this.

I have now cancelled and requested a total refund. I will not be going back. I should of known better Nothing in life is free.

They say "it's free", but you have to pay to check your messages, plus pretty well everything else. I am having a hard time deleting my profile. I have read lots of reviews about this dating site. All those reviews are absolutely right. My experience is a really unique one That I didn't see on any other reviews. They deactivated my account after I canceled the automatic renew feature. It seems my account was in total hiatus.

What kind crap is this? I enrolled and paid for six month; They deactivated my account only after two month? I contacted the customer service and they emailed me that they found nothing wrong.

I can close the pop-up ad by click on the x at top of the right corner. This pop-up ads in itself is a scam. It should not be allowed even on the screen at all. This is the second time I enrolled on this site.

I was on this site years ago after split from my wife. I was not serious back then, just looking around. Now I'm serious, trying to find a compatible woman. The women on OurTime. This is a big scam. reviews, Good or Bad Dating Site?

Two different women dated me just several days ago. I recognized them immediately. They told me the same kind stories they told me 20 years ago. They didn't know this is my second time on OurTime. They think I'm just another one time regular patron.

OurTime Review February 2019

This site put not only all those fake profiles, fake photos but also offer fake dating service if they see a chance to suck you in for another six month enrollment. Don't give them any of your hard earn money. There are plenty of other better dating site. I was on OurTime for 6 months. I had one date in 6 months. When they say there are people in your area, are people who used the system years ago and 25 are current members.

These features help users find matches easier and increase their overall visibility on the site. By opting for PromoteMe, you can make your profile more visible to other users on the site. Once you avail of the service, your profile will be placed on the top of search results for other site users.

More often than not, the person you sent a message to has probably received messages from other users as well. To make sure they take notice of your message, you can send them a virtual gift as well to get their attention. Once you get to know someone better, the site's text chat functions may start to feel constricted. If you want to take the next step but don't want to expose your phone number, you can get a virtual phone number via ConnectMe. This will allow you to talk to other users via voice call without compromising your identity.

The site's profile fields and text boxes are there so you can freely express yourself and stand out from other site members. However, if you're not well-versed in expressing yourself, you can avail of the site's Profile Pro services. A group of professional writers will get the necesary information for you and finish your profile on your behalf, with the intention of making it look interesting and unique. Because people over the age of 50 are actually a high population demographic, and mainstream dating sites just don't give that much attention to them.

The site gets a lot of views and members because most of them are moving away from these mainstream sites and going to sites like OurTime, that cater specifically to their age range. OurTime is successful because it is a one-stop shop for everything men and women in their 50s need when it comes to online dating. Aside from giving users a chance to look for love and friendship, the site also gives them a chance to meet up personally and learn important dating lessons from webinars.

The site is not exclusive to people in their 50s, and it allows younger people to sign up for an account as long as they are over 18 years of age. However, it is a site for younger people who just prefer older partners; it does not recommend certain shady practices, such as looking for older partners just for the sake of getting monetary and material support from them. Although the two sites come from the same company, they're not the same.

Users open an account with Ourtime. You can message any potential matches you're interested in by signing up for a premium account. Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Here, real singles share their experiences with OurTime. If you also want to share your experiences, do it here:. Thank you for sharing your experience! After verifying it we will publish your experience here. Ourtime is an absolute scam site. Google reviews of OurTime and you'll see that this is the consensus view - your review is very much the exception They have an "F" rating from the BBB.

Over 8 million site visits per month worldwide Over 7. Users fill out a registration form with their personal information Up to 30 photos can be uploaded Registration takes only around minutes The signup process is simple, even for non tech-savvy individuals.

The site has a free search option The search option can be filtered to show who's online You can filter the search results to show only new members Profile images are visible to all members regardless of membership status Users can get notifications whenever they get messages from other members There is a chatroom If you cannot send messages to other members because you are a free user, you can still show your interest by pressing the "Flirt" button, which is similar to a Like, or a Poke.

You can filter your search based on several fields, including: It is possible to see other members' profile pictures without a paid membership The site doesn't have an identity verification system There are several profile fields and text boxes that users can fill up There are several fake profiles on the website OurTime employees occasionally create test profiles to examine and check the site's functionality The profiles are quite detailed The profile information can be changed later Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free.

The app's design is simple and linear Icons and text are highly visible for the benefit of the users on the site The app has the same amount of features as the desktop version. In comparison to other providers OurTime is average. The main difference between the standard subscription and the value subscription is that the latter has the following additional perks: Get notified when another user has read your message Your profile has a different background color so it stands out from the rest Your messages also have a different background color for the same effect The token system is the online dating website's currency system.

Aside from purchasing a paid subscription, users can pay for individual perks by purchasing tokens and spending them on the services such as: Virtual gifts Visibility boost Subscription payments are renewed automatically. Men and women aged 50 and above are a growing demographic in today's dating industry.

However, it is also the most neglected in mainstream dating websites. Of course, there will always be scammers on the website because of its target demographics, so just be careful with who you trust and report any suspicious individuals. Facts Who is signed up to OurTime.

Majority of users signed up to OurTime are adults who are in their late 40s and above. Is this site for younger people too, e. OurTime's offices are based in Dallas, Texas.

When was ourtime com established?


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