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Naomi 90210 dating agree

9O210 liam & annie - 3x02 scenes

We're Not in Kansas Anymore. We All Fall Down. She is based in part on Kelly Taylor from the original show Beverly Hills, She initially appears to be shallow due to her rich and popular status, but gradually reveals more depth. Naomi was born on September 14, in Beverly Hills. She is a different person to her friends, a different person to her family and a different person to her teachers. Her first on-screen birthday coincides with the birth of the series, and several of her relationships throughout this episode and the second provide an introduction to the many aspects of her personality.

At the end of the third season, Naomi tells Max that she is pregnant. The fourth season begins with Naomi breaking up with Max after what she feels is his excessive relief on discovering that her pregnancy was a false positive.

Attempting to make a big impression at California University CU , Naomi buys a large house, coming into conflict with the owner's son Austin Tallridge Justin Deeley , who had been growing marijuana on the property. Naomi throws a big elaborate beginning of school party for CU students but this backfires when the party is raided by the police and Naomi disposes of Austin's marijuana plants by tossing them on a bonfire, causing CU's star quarterback to later test positive for drug use.

The disastrous party causes Naomi to enter CU as the most unpopular girl in school, a situation she attempts to rectify by pledging a popular sorority. Initially things appear to be going well as Naomi is taken under the wing of the sorority President, Holly Megalyn Echikunwoke.

But after performing a series of humiliating hazing rituals, Naomi discovers that Holly never intended to let her into the sorority and that this was all done to humiliate Naomi. Vowing revenge, Naomi buys her way into the only sorority that will have her: Naomi has sex with Austin after he agrees to help her new sorority humiliate Holly. However, she later learns that Austin was using her to break up with Holly, whom he had been dating. When Holly invites Max to a campus event to unsettle Naomi, she rekindles her romance with him, but still finds herself attracted to Austin.

At a talent show fundraiser for Raj Manish Dayal , Naomi becomes obsessed with outdoing Austin's new 'girlfriend', who is really his cousin who's staying with him for the week. After surprising a clueless Max during their performance, Max breaks things off with Naomi, saying he can't be the guy who's okay with his girlfriend having feelings for someone else.

Naomi and Austin then embark on a relationship. In Project Runway, Naomi is thrilled to compete in CU's fashion design competition, but her excitement quickly dies down when she finds out she's competing against nemesis Holly.

The two waste no time in trying to one-up each other, with Naomi donating a large sum of money to the competition's fashion show so that her fashions can be showcased in the most flattering way. When she reveals she'll have the ab-man himself Liam, modeling her designs, Holly goes behind her back and books him through his modeling agency. But that's not all she steals; the night of the fashion show, Naomi discovers that Holly's ripped off her designs and the two end up in a full-blown fight backstage.

Though neither gal wins the competition, Naomi gets an internship offer from a Hollywood event planner, and the two dueling divas decide to call a truce. Holly also wanted the internship with the influential planner, who just happens to be her mother.

In O Holly Night, Naomi tries to earn her stripes as an intern, at the expense of her friendship with Holly and relationship with Austin, ultimately. Naomi tries to pull double duty both working and playing at Holly's birthday bash, though she is pretty quickly outed as the person who "stole" the internship at her mom's party planning firm. Her relationship with Austin has ended after Austin allegedly cheated on her with Holly.

Austin says Holly snuck in and attacked him right after he came out of the shower but Naomi refuses to listen to him. During the ball, Naomi has rebound sex with a stranger in order to get over Austin.

After Naomi has been caught in front of the entire party, Rachel fires her. However, Naomi tells her that Rachel's daughter cheated with her boyfriend. Rachel has sympathy and lets it slide but advises Naomi that she has to be a strong woman and deal with her problems. Rachel briefs Naomi about the impending award season. She entrusts Naomi with a very important assignment.

Naomi suggests to her boss that maybe Holly can help too. Naomi tries to make amends with Holly, by entrusting her with the very important assignment of getting Mitchell Nash from the hotel to the event.

At the event, Rachel is really happy with the way Naomi has organized things, while she is waiting intently for Holly to arrive with Mitchell Nash. The boss blasts Naomi for entrusting such an important responsibility to Holly, who according to her has always been irresponsible.

Holly and Naomi, haul in a completely drunk Nash to the event. He pukes on the red carpet, with the reporters having a field day. Later Holly and her mother are at it, with Holly trying to defend her position in all that transpired.

Naomi again tries defending Holly in front of her mother. The whole thing proves counterproductive, with Naomi getting fired. Later, Holly thanks Naomi for all that she did for her and they both decide to become friends. In Trust, Truth and Traffic, Naomi has embarked on her career as a freelance event planner, and she has even managed to spot her probable new client. Naomi is trying her best to convince her possible new client.

She is also faced with a problem when TA, Naomi's physics class partner, informs her that she has to pass his physics class, if she wants to pass the sophomore year. It turns out the TA is hurt, as Naomi has never invited him to any of the parties she has thrown in the past year.

At the party, Naomi tells TA that she would rather work hard to get good marks on her project, than him favoring her in any way.

In No Good Deed, Naomi decides to plan Mitchell Nash's daughters sweet sixteen birthday party, after a previous client told her she would not hire her without her having any professional experiences. In the fifth season opener, Max proposes to Naomi after leaving his bride-to-be standing at the altar.

They elope and get married. When they return to Naomi's place to celebrate, Alec, Max's business partner tells Naomi that her and Max's relationship is a mistake.

He tries multiple times to sabotage their relationship, but ultimately fails. Fed up of always fighting with Alec, Naomi asks Max to choose between her and Alec. While Max chooses her, which forces him to fire Alec from his company, their relationship becomes strained. Max and Naomi search for a replacement to Alec and when she sees the resume of Bryce Woodbridge, she tells Max to meet him as he seems to be the best candidate. However, after she discovers that Bryce is actually a woman, Naomi says she will do the job.

After an unsuccessful attempt at the job, she asks Bryce to reconsider their offer. Bryce accepts the position but manages to fire Max, which was set up by Alec. He later admits to Naomi that he is in love with Max, who in the meantime has left for a gamer conference in Iceland. Naomi finds out that he had been hiding at his parents' house. The couple seeks the help of a marriage counselor. Max explains he didn't want Naomi to run his life and the counselor says that Naomi lost herself.

The pair later agrees to divorce and Max decides to go back to MIT. Naomi finds her and Annie's half brother, Mark Holland Charlie Weber , a chef who owns a gourmet food truck.

Naomi 90210 dating

After he doesn't want anything to do with her, Naomi decides to host a band and food truck contest at CU and sabotages it to let Mark win.

Mark is initially upset with Naomi but agrees afterwards to open a restaurant with her after Annie talked to him. In its biographical page on McCord, Yahoo! The article also declared that Naomi appeared to be the most complex of the younger characters early on, labeling her a "popular but vulnerable but snotty but misunderstood but vindictive high-school queen. Shortly after the premiere of Season 2, Tanner Stransky of Entertainment Weekly stated that the series "is getting better and better this season as it deliciously morphs into The AnnaLynne McCord Show ".

Online stated, "AnnaLynne McCord, we're looking at you". In regards to the humorous aspects of the character, Emily Exton of Entertainment Weekly stated that McCord had "honed her comedic timing" in the second season. While reviewing the third season, Andy Swift of HollywoodLife.

AnnaLynne McCord is the best part of And last night, she proved it again by giving us a glimpse of all the colors of the Naomi rainbow—bitchy, scared, confident, relieved, and more. In addition to her popularity, Naomi has been the subject of criticism.

While discussing the story in which Naomi makes false accusations of sexual harassment, Entertainment Weekly 's Archana Ram likened the character to her villainous sister Jen. At a later point in the season, Lisa Todorovich of Zap2it chastised Naomi for being "all about herself" while failing to support Liam during a series of troubles.

Also, I think it makes sense that someone like Liam would think he would want to be with someone like Naomi, and then be pretty disillusioned by the reality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

AnnaLynne McCord

So it's really not judging the character, age, background, etc. Everything she does is what she believes she must do in order to survive in the environment that she's in.

90210 - Naomi ruins Max's wedding and wins him back

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