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Lee min ho dating a filipina opinion, the

Lee Min Ho obsessed with a girl from Boracay, Philippines is NOT TRUE!

It's no secret that Lee Min Ho worked on a couple of campaigns with Bench, but according to a report, during the Legend of the Blue Sea actor's stay in the Philippines last , a Filipina caught his eye and even caused his insomnia! In fact, Lee Min Ho was supposed to go to El Nido Palawan for a commercial shoot, but he chose to stay in Boracay instead just to see the girl. I have personal business to do there as well. I just want to see her and check what she's been doing. You know I always have scary thoughts and I'm jealous for nothing. I think I'm possessed.

In other Selena Gomez news, thank the music gods because Sel is finally back with a new song! Listen to her new song below, but don't say we didn't warn you because her new track is dangerously addictive.

It's been quite some time now since One Direction broke our hearts when they announced their split. Since then, the boys have released their solo albums and it looks like Harry Styles is about to follow suit, too! We're close," he added. We totally are, too.

There's no doubt that Liza Soberano is one of the prettiest actresses in show biz right now. So when the My Ex And Whys actress spilled that she doesn't feel pretty, a lot of fans didn't know how to react to her statement.

The young actress revealed that she was a victim of bullying when she was still living in the US. I never knew why pero minsan ugly duckling ang tawag sa akin. I only had a few friends, hindi ako popular or anything sa school ko ," she said. That's why "I really always felt so ugly. I really never felt confident," she added.

Aww, Liza, you'll always be the prettiest to us! The Rebecca Bloomwood of Manila. I spend half of my time obsessing about the latest fashion craze, and the other half overthinking and over-analyzing just about anything under the sun. Before the season 2 premiere of Stranger Things, we got to hang with some of the old gang and a pair of brand new strangers making their debut soon. Read all about it here! Natatakot Din Naman Ako. He has a laid back, comfortable charisma that is so impressive.

Who is your favourite sports star? It was my dream in elementary school to become a professional soccer player. If I continued to play soccer, I hope to be a player like Cristiano Ronaldo now.

I have a secret roasting process. Beef, pork or chicken, I use the same recipe. What is your 1 karaoke song? The song you sing all the time at karaokes. What do you always carry in your bag? I always like to smell nice. What is your favourite drink? Three cups of soju is my limit. I like hard liquor.

Lee Min Ho admits being obsessed with female Boracay employer

Do you have a jinx or habit? I have to be extra careful. What three things would you bring to a desert island? A bed, lighter and my mobile phone. Having a nice bed to sleep on would be good yes! On a deserted island, your food should be cooked - hence the lighter.

I could cook fish.

I would be so bored on a deserted island that I would play with all the games I downloaded to my mobile phone. What do you envy of your F4 members? As for the whole package, I am actually the best. Who do you want to meet most in the world? Of course Seo Taiji. When i was a child, I listened to a variety of foreign music and I liked the rock genre. I have a lot of respect for Seo Taiji. I played bass guitar in a band when I was in high school. I can play it quite well.

I enjoy expressing it by playing guitar when I get a musical idea. I would spend whole day to search for rare guitars when I was visiting Japan.

I love the guitar. Do you have any places you want to travel to? I want to travel to space with them and challenge the limit of our lives.

Does that sound like nonsense? Who is number one on your mobile phone speed dial? An extra pair of contact lens, eye drops and a shaver. Also an extra pair of underwear and socks just in case we end up shooting all night. Which actress would you like to work with? Before I made a debut as a singer, she was my dream girl.

Hyori is my senior and gave me lots of valuable advice. She is such an inspiration to me. You only have one chance in life, live hard and earn fame.

Help the poor and be respected.

The age range of people who recognise me became various. Have you ever posted any opinion under Internet news articles about youself? I try not to read bad posts about me. I would read what people write about me on my fan page and write my opinions as well.

Sometimes I write really harsh reports on myself to push myself. I visit Daum the most. Do you have a bad habit or jinx? When I am stressed, I like to go on fishing trips or listen to music. I will try to persuade my parents, that I am responsible enough to make the decision. Where and with whom do you like to drink with? I drink a lot.

Anywhere the place is not important. I drink with my band mates and friends. A simple stall by the street is good enough. I like my soju with pork and kimchi. We took 5 hours to climb up the mountain and 2 hours to get down.

I ran down for 2 hours without a break. Finally, when we reached the bottom and it was time for an interview at the hotel, I had no energy left and fainted. Do you have any skin care secrets? My dermatologist takes care of my skin very well. I will always try to clean my skin properly.

What is your sleeping habit? I sleep in only my underwear. I like the feeling of the blanket next to my skin and only wear my underwear to bed. When did you last date and how old were you? We split up just before I made my debut in SS What would you call your girlfriend if you have one? I would just call her name. I wish my girlfriend was someone just like a friend, who I would feel comfortable with. What do you want to receive from your girlfriend? Actually, I would be more comfortable giving than receiving.

I would give anything from me to the most precious one. What is the best fortune of your life so far? If you have a completely free day, what would you do? I just want to sleep all day. Who manages your income? Since I was a child and started off with part-time jobs, I have been managing my own income. My parents trust me. I actually like him here with his boyish appeal and natural persona.

He did not have to act elegantly nor be conscious about his appearance. But I know that he is very much concern of his hairstyle even when he was still young: I knew about it about a month prior to his arrival and I was equal parts nervous and excited the whole time. Now that the press conference and fan meet are over, I just find myself having fun and feeling kinda sad that it will be over soon.

I feel very honored and priveleged to be part of it. May you give us your two cents on why this is so? After hosting two of his events and interpreting for him in two interviews, I have an inkling he understands and speaks English more than we think. But then again, someone might be helping him with the tweets. The events so far have been orchestrated in such a way that it will start as he is coming out of his holding area or coming down from his hotel room.

The closest thing to down time I had with him was between one-on-one interviews. Is there a fun and wacky side his fans have yet so see? I find him to be nice, sincere and even child-like at times. Like during the fan meet, there was a portion where he had to take part in a staring contest with a fan first one to blink or look away loses and he won. He was so happy, like a little kid! He also laughs easily. Bear in mind that this was my first encounter with him and was very nervous but having him laugh like that broke the ice for me.

I felt much more at ease with him since. I was also pleasantly surprised with how he was during the fan meet. None of this was in the program, it was all him. During the fan meet, he was asked what Filipino food he would like to try and he asked the question back to the fans asking what he should try. He handpicked a fan from the audience and she suggested he try adobo. He went to a Filipino restaurant that night and had adobo. He tweeted a photo and everything!

What can you tell his fans about him? Physically, I was struck by how tall and lean he was. Most importantly, I really felt that he sincerely wants to make his fans happy and in this process I have become a fan myself. Oh was the host for this event. In a few days, Lee Min Ho will again be breathing the same air as his Pinoy admirers.

Cue high-pitched shrieks of delight. The handsome hallyu superstar, who just turned 26 last weekend, was in town in late as the new Bench endorser, where he got up close and personal with thousands of swooning Minoz at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Due to insistent public demand, he returns to Manila to serenade—yes, he sings, too—his Filipino fans in his first-ever concert on July 6 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Initially recorded as a token for his fans to commemorate his seventh year in show biz, the album became such a huge hit that it even topped the Oricon charts in Japan soon after its release, making him the first South Korean actor to land that distinction.

25 questions for Korean superstar Lee Min Ho

What were your most memorable moments from your first trip to the Philippines? I was very surprised at how fans in the Philippines welcomed me with a great amount of love when I visited for the Bench promotion. The love that fans gave me always motivates me and made me think how much I want to visit the Philippines again. Some of the memorable things are the smiles and kindness of all the fans and staff while I was in the Philippines.

I heard you ate adobo and loved it. How about places to visit? The reception from fans was amazing and they keep sending me messages to encourage me.

Lee min ho dating a filipina

After all, I am very happy to be able to talk to fans with all my heart. I was so surprised. I felt like I should keep doing my best not to disappoint my fans who send love and encouragement.

As I saw more fans while touring the world, I thought releasing an album was a great idea. I am very touched.

Which song on the album is closest to your heart and why? You have a new TV project coming up. I star as a character named Kim Tan. What sort of character will you be playing this time? This time, I also go back to the past and will be acting as a high school student. I worked with her for a TV commercial a few years ago.

This is my first time to do [a TV show] with her. You lead a pretty hectic life. What do you do to unwind or de-stress? I sleep a lot to de-stress. It makes me feel better … 10 minutes is OK. And I like playing [video] games, as you guys know. Which ones are your favorites? Maybe I can win after having enough time to practice. Lastly, any messages to your Filipino fans? How have you all been doing?

I am visiting Manila again to have an amazing time with you all. I will be seeing you on July 6 as a part of the global tour. I am so excited to see you all soon.

Please take care till the day I get to see you! Tickets are available at SM Tickets via or www. The drama, aired in 19 countries, launched the young actor into megacelebrity status, and while, of course, fans and even a good majority of Korea knew his real name, it took a carefully planned career in the following years for Lee Min-ho to become Lee Min-ho. All photos courtesy of Starhaus. After the drama wrapped, he traveled to Manila in the Philippines for four days to meet with fans, who swarmed his few public events by the thousands.

Korean television actors rarely travel worldwide for press events, but Lee has a reputation for going abroad to greet his fans, who incidentally even have a name: He took the No.

The actor even stars in mini-YouTube dramas that strategically feature the Camry. He said he likes that this type of media gives him a more direct way to connect with his fans. For Korean celebrities, maintaining a strong fan base is almost more important than actual talent. Even when asked about how he deals with the more overzealous ones, he responds diplomatically.

His caution is understandable, given that Korean celebrities have to deal with the wrath of netizens online citizens who seem to yield an alarming amount of influence in the country, which is the most wired nation in the world. Tablo became the victim of an online witch-hunt that questioned his Stanford University credentials, of all things. The relationship ended only a few months later, but it was still notable that the two high-profile celebrities were able to admit to their relationship.

Faith , for example, was in the works for three years, with networks and actors including Lee passing on it, until Lee picked up the script again and decided to sign on as the lead. For now, though, when asked about his goals for , his answer is overly general, perhaps reflecting the wide open future of a rising star his age.

Lee Min Ho said that he really loves eating Filipino staple dish-- Adobo. He also wants to be able to visit Boracay. And to be able to jam with the Filipino-American grammy award winner, Bruno Mars. At the concert, he said that he will be showing his butt dance performance which he prepared. I'm a year-old young man, and as many others out there, I like sports, I like going out to eat something yummy.

I'm very normal," he said. The South Korean actor's statement came only hours after his arrival in the Philippines caused a stir at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport NAIA late Thursday, with hundreds of screaming fans welcoming him for a second time in the country. Having first visited Manila in November last year for a "meet-and-greet" with his Filipino fans, Lee, this time, is set to perform in his own concert as part of his "My Everything" tour.

On Friday, Lee sat down with ABS-CBN News' Gretchen Fullido and "Bandila" anchor Boy Abunda in separate interviews to relate his experience in the Philippines so far, and why, precisely, he decided to venture into a recording career despite admittedly not being a singer. Lee, who was last seen on ABS-CBN as the lead star of the action series "City Hunter," also discussed what his fans can expect at his concert, and what's still ahead from him as an actor.

How does it feel to be back in the Philippines? Lee, through an interpreter: Last time I was here, I was very, very touched by the fans, so immediately I thought, I wanted to come back. I'm very happy to be back. It hasn't even been a year, but I'm very happy to be back. What is it about your Filipino fans that you love the most? I feel that my Filipino fans are very innocent, very passionate at the same time.

When I was here the last time, I saw that, and I really wanted to come back to see that again. This is your second time in the Philippines. Have you ever tried any Filipino food?

When I was here last time, I tried adobo. That's the most memorable one. I tried a lot of Filipino food, but I can't really remember except adobo. So this time, I plan to take my time, enjoy the Filipino dishes and try many other different food as well. Have you been anywhere else in the Philippines? I've heard so many good things about the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

Last time I was here, people were telling me about Boracay, but not only Boracay. I hear that there are many other beautiful islands, so I plan to go island-hopping very soon. Why did you decide to pursue a career in music? I first became popular when I was doing "Boys Over Flowers" about four years ago. Since then, I've been doing a lot of fan meets. In occasions like this, I would sing once in a while to entertain the fans, and I wanted to This is really more of a gift I wanted to give to the fans.

I wanted to sing my own songs and give that as a gift to my fans, and that is what this album is about. Which song from your album are you dedicating to your Filipino fans?

My song called "Love Motion. What can we expect from your concert on Saturday? I will be performing seven songs, four of them are ballads, and three, more upbeat dance tracks.

That's what the fans can expect. So far, what has been the craziest experience you've had on tour? The first time see my fans stood up during a show, because there's a song in the album called "Love Motion," it's a very exciting track. I've never seen the fans stand as I perform. So I felt, "Oh my gosh, I actually have the power to make people stand up! If you can sing a duet with another singer, who would it be? My singing isn't at the level of a singer, so I feel that the professional singers wouldn't want to have a duet with me!

Maybe not with professional singers first. I'll have to practice, and what I would like to do is pull a fan on the spot during a concert and do a duet with a fan. How about a Hollywood or Filipino star you'd want to work with? First of all, I feel there is so much I have to improve as an artist. It doesn't really matter to me what the nationality of the star is.

It's hard for me to choose, because there are so many talented people out there, and I want to wok with so many of them. But if I had to choose, one that comes to mind, and one that I'm personally a fan of is the part-Filipino singer, Bruno Mars.

As an actor, what is the role that is closest to your heart?

Every project that I do, there is a certain affection that I feel with ever y character. But if I had to pick one, it would be the character that I played in "City Hunter.

That scene is very close to my heart.


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